The Making of a King (3 of 5)

The Making of a King (3 of 5)

Sun 24 Feb 2008 PM

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The Making of a King (3 of 5) Mike Connell 24.02.2008 pm

Okay, let's open our Bibles in Acts 13. This morning I began a series called Unashamed. Going to be following that through on Sunday mornings for a little bit, but I'd love you just to believe that God will help you and open your eyes to see where shame has locked around you and actually restricted or limited your capacity to express who you are, and to give forth the life of Christ. I'm going to show you some keys on it over a few days, but at night time now we're doing a series on The Making of a King. I've just been enjoying that so much because right here the Bible calls us when we come to Christ priests and kings. In other words when you come to Jesus Christ your identity radically changes, and what happens is most of us don't actually come up with the new person we are. We're still living out of the old that we used to be, and we need to come up - God calls us a number of things. He calls us a priest.

That means a person who is called, it's your purpose to come near to God to minister to Him, to access Him, to listen to Him, receive from Him and have something to give. You're also called to be a king. A king is a person who extends dominion, who rules over something. So every one of us has a realm or an area where God calls us to bring His influence to extend His kingdom, so there are places you go and you walk and you meet people and interact I will never go. You are called to advance the work of God in that place. The trouble is so many Christians have been happy and content to come to meetings and consider that that's fulfilling their call of God. No, that isn't fulfilling your call of God. That's positioning yourself to be inspired, be encouraged, but then you fulfil your call when you go out those doors there, and we need to be connected to that call of God.

So what we're doing is we're looking at the life of King David and we saw in King David's life several things. But let's go and pick these verses up because they're very, very good ones, in Acts 13:22. I have found David, the son of Jess, a man after My own heart, who will do all of My will, verse 22. Now pick it up in verse 36; for David, after he had served his own generation by the will of God, fell asleep - or he died in other words. So we discover in this two things about David that God says about him. See, now it's alright to have people say stuff about you. It's another thing when God's saying things about you. You need to value what God is saying about you, see? And what heaven is saying about you. So the first thing tonight is you know, if you've never received Jesus Christ, never given your life to Jesus Christ, what God is saying is you don't belong in His family.

But when you respond to Jesus Christ, when you receive Jesus Christ, begin to trust Him and commit your life to Him, when you recognise I've lived a life apart from God and you begin to connect with Him, God writes your name in His book and He says some different things about you. He says this is My son, this is My daughter, I love them. So we can divide the world up into two groups of people: those who are in God's family and those who potentially are in God's family, and the way that changes is that the people who are in God's family make Him known. So we saw two things here. Now let me just touch on these. Each week we've just reinforced them. The first thing is David was a man after the heart of God. Now we often read this statement and don't have an idea what it means. What it means is this. It means David passionately desired to know what God is like. Now you can have your own ideas of God and they will limit how you can walk with God.

But David made it a personal pursuit to actually discover what God was like. Now what happened was in the season, in his first season in his life when no one saw him, he learned how to worship God and access the presence of God and listen to the voice of God, and he discovered things that God liked. In fact - and often we don't realise this, but in the day - because we've got all the Bible there you see, but when he was living only a part of it had been written. We can look back and we know so much now; he didn't know that much. But what he did was he's so connected with the heart of God, he looked at all of the religious order, the way things were done, the way God had set it up and he was able to - and how Moses had set it up. Moses, the mighty man of God who delivered Israel; Moses, the great giant in Israel's history. He had set up all these ways of worshipping God according to how God had directed him, and you know what David found? He found actually that's not really what God is after.