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Healing from Abortion, Miscarriage & Adoption

Mike Connell

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Healing from Abortion, Miscarriage & Adoption

1. Personal Testimony: Adopted Daughters Wedding
It was a love story that seemed to go wrong at every possible turn. Like Romeo and Juliet, they were two young lovers forced apart by their family backgrounds. To make matters worse, they brought a baby into this world; a baby they decided not to keep. But unlike other stories, this one has a happy ending, because God intervened and turned tragedy into triumph.

2. Healing from Abortion/Miscarriage
The heart of God is full of compassion to heal and restore damaged lives. Abortion is a doorway for grief and bondage, which is largely hidden under secrecy and denial. When the truth is faced that the life of a child has been taken the pain is immense. The reality dawns, there is a son or daughter in heaven who we will meet one day!

Personal Testimony - Adopted Daughters Wedding
Mike and Joy Connell, together with their daughter Josephine, share their story of reconciliation—testifying of how God can turn situations around when we obey Him.
It was a love story that seemed to go wrong at every possible turn. Like Romeo and Juliet, they were two young lovers forced apart by their family backgrounds. To make matters worse, they brought a baby into this world; a baby they decided not to keep. But unlike other stories, this one has a happy ending, because God intervened and turned tragedy into triumph.



Healing from Abortion/Miscarriage
The heart of God is full of compassion to heal and restore damaged lives. Abortion is a doorway for grief and bondage, which is largely hidden under secrecy and denial. When the truth is faced that the life of a child has been taken the pain is immense. The reality dawns, there is a son or daughter in heaven who we will meet one day!
Discover how to bring meaningful healing to families who have lost a child in the womb, and set them free from bondage and torment. Jesus did not come to condemn - He came to save, heal, deliver, restore.


探索如何把有意义的愈合谁失去了一个孩子在子宫内的家庭,使他们免受奴役和折磨。耶稣来不是要谴责 - 他要拯救,医治,拯救,恢复。


探索如何把有意義的癒合誰失去了一個孩子在子宮內的家庭,使他們免受奴役和折磨。耶穌來不是要譴責 - 他要拯救,醫治,拯救,恢復。

Healing From Abortion (1 of 4)

Healing From Abortion (2 of 4)

Healing From Abortion (3 of 4)

Healing From Abortion (4 of 4)

The Silent Scream (Bernard Nathanson)
Dr. Bernard Nathanson's classic video that shocked the world. He explains the procedure of a suction abortion, followed by an actual first trimester abortion as seen through ultrasound. The viewer can see the child's pathetic attempts to escape the suction curette as her heart rate doubles, and a "silent scream" as her body is torn apart.
A great tool to help people see why abortion is murder. The most important video on abortion ever made. This video changed opinion on abortion to many people.
Introduction by Dr. Bernard Nathanson, host. Describes the technology of ultrasound and how, for the first time ever, we can actually see inside the womb. Dr. Nathanson further describes the ultrasound technique and shows examples of babies in the womb. Three-dimensional depiction of the developing fetus, from 4 weeks through 28 weeks. Display and usage of the abortionists' tools, plus video of an abortionist performing a suction abortion.
Dr. Nathanson discusses the abortionist who agreed to allow this abortion to be filmed with ultrasound. The abortionist was quite skilled, having performed more than 10,000 abortions. We discover that the resulting ultrasound of his abortion so appalled him that he never again performed another abortion.
The clip begins with an ultrasound of the fetus (girl) who is about to be aborted. The girl is moving in the womb; displays a heartbeat of 140 per minute; and is at times sucking her thumb. As the abortionist's suction tip begins to invade the womb, the child rears and moves violently in an attempt to avoid the instrument. Her mouth is visibly open in a "silent scream." The child's heart rate speeds up dramatically (to 200 beats per minute) as she senses aggression. She moves violently away in a pathetic attempt to escape the instrument. The abortionist's suction tip begins to rip the baby's limbs from its body, ultimately leaving only her head in the uterus (too large to be pulled from the uterus in one piece). The abortionist attempts to crush her head with his forceps, allowing it to be removed.
In an effort to "dehumanize" the procedure, the abortionist and anesthesiologist refer to the baby's head as "number 1." The abortionist crushes "number 1" with the forceps and removes it from the uterus. Abortion statistics are revealed, as well as who benefits from the enormously lucrative industry that has developed. Clinics are now franchised, and there is ample evidence that many are controlled by organized crime.
Women are victims, too. They haven't been told about the true nature of the unborn child or the facts about abortion procedures. Their wombs have been perforated, infected, destroyed, and sterilized. All as a result of an operation about which they they have had no true knowledge.
Films like this must be made part of "informed consent." NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League) and Planned Parenthood are accused of a conspiracy of silence, of keeping women in the dark about the reality of abortion.
Finally, Dr. Nathanson discusses his credentials. He is a former abortionist, having been the director of the largest clinic in the Western world.





Personal Testimony - Adopted Daughters Wedding  

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Mike and Joy Connell, together with their daughter Josephine, share their story of reconciliation—testifying of how God can turn situations around when we obey Him.

It was a love story that seemed to go wrong at every possible turn. Like Romeo and Juliet, they were two young lovers forced apart by their family backgrounds. To make matters worse, they brought a baby into this world; a baby they decided not to keep. But unlike other stories, this one has a happy ending, because God intervened and turned tragedy into triumph.

Personal Testimony - Adopted Daughters Wedding

I want to share with you two principles; then we're going to share a testimony about the goodness of God, the tremendous goodness of God in our lives - how God has just brought blessing. It's almost like fairytale stuff, you can hardly imagine that it could happen like this.

We want to share with you our testimony; and to highlight what we did that activated these principles - because God just doesn't move. God is always good, but His goodness is released as we position ourselves for things to happen. You actually have to make decisions to position yourself for God's blessing to come.

Positioning means: you take on an attitude; or you say words; or you do the right things; that make room for God to come and to touch your life.

The Bible says very clearly: we must believe that God is a good God; and we must believe that He will come and touch our lives.

We're going to share about is from our background, from our lives. Where we came from, an what happened to get us here; but we want to talk specifically about how God wonderfully came on a wedding that we took, the weekend before last.

The wedding that I took, was that of a daughter we adopted out before we were married; and for me to be able to take the wedding, to shape how the whole wedding service went, how the reception went - is absolutely unbelievable. To have even been there was a miracle; but to have had the ability and the privilege of being able to shape how it went, and make room for God to come, was even greater.

I want to first of all highlight the two principles; and then talk about how we activated these principles at various points in our life; and how God has been so faithful, and has given us a testimony that's just unbelievable.

With children being adopted out, the stories don't usually end as good as this one. This is just one out of the box, but it demonstrates that God is always good, so no matter how the story ends, God's goodness never changes.

For some people, finding their adoptive parents is very painful; and often it increases the pain that they experience. In our situation, it was exactly the opposite, and we want to share some of the background.

So here are the two principles:

1) James 4:6 – “God gives Grace to the Humble.

When the Bible talks about humility, it's talking about a ‘positioning of your heart’ - an attitude you take; and humility is not sort of grovelling stuff.

Humility means: I come up-front and agree with God about life; I agree with Him about my mistakes and failures; and don't try and cover them up or be defensive. It's really important.

Humility enables me to look at my life as God sees it - both the negatives; and the potential.

The Bible tells us: God will give an empowerment to those who humble themselves; so it means positioning yourself to come into agreement with God: 1) about your mistakes and failures - so you're open about them; 2) about what God says about you, and your life (if He says: “you're forgiven”, then you're forgiven). Humility means: I believe it and stand on it; and 3), it's about your positioning - what God has called you to do, and to be.

Humility can manifest itself by boldly and strongly standing up. To some people it looks like pride, but it isn't. It's actually I'm in agreement with God about who I am, and what I'm called to be, and do. So that's humility.

2) The second principle is: the Principle of Honour.

The Bible puts it negatively in Romans 1:21 – “When they knew God, they did not glorify Him, or give Him honour for who He is. Neither were they grateful to Him; then their minds become futile and darkened, and they moved away from God”

Principle: Whatever you respect and appreciate, will come towards you; whatever you disrespect, will move away from you.

Respect and honour and value will attract people into your life. Disrespect will cause them to pull away from you.

If you don't place value on money, it will soon depart from you. When you treat it with respect, and handle it well, it will come towards you. Life operates this way.

To ‘honour someone’ means: to give them appropriate recognition and place and value. It can be in: an attitude to them; our words; what we do. When we honour people, we place value on them, and we position ourselves so they are lifted up.

It's very important, if we're going to walk successfully and enjoy God's blessing, that we learn: the Principle of Humility; and the Principle of Honour.

There's three grounds upon which you honour people:

1) You Honour them because of: what they have done. If someone does something notable, you should honour it, and value it, and appreciate it.

2) You honour a person's character - the kind of person they are. If someone is courageous, they may never stand out from the crowd, but in a moment of pressure they were courageous. You honour that.

3) We're called to recognise the Position and Rank that people have in our life; to value and esteem them, just because they have their position. That's why the Bible says: “Honour your parents - that it may go well with you”. You say: you don't know what my parents were like... It doesn't matter; you honour them because: that's the positioning that God has given them in your life; and if you do it, you'll come into blessing.

Two principles: Humility - coming into agreement with God about life, and what He says about us, and standing up and believing that what He says is true; and Honour - being willing to give value, and appropriate respect, for people. You'll find it will always release the grace of God.

Having said that; we want to talk and share about how these principles were applied in our life - in relationship to: what happened before we were married; and then how God has worked this out in our lives since then.

[Joy Connell] There's a verse I'd like to share, that the Lord drew to my attention this week. It talked about “preparing the way for the Lord, make straight in the desert”. It was a very ‘desert’ place for many years - a highway for our God - because God wants to come in to desert places.

It said: “Every Valley shall be exalted”. It was certainly a very ‘valley’ time for me - having a child in secret, and releasing it for adoption - a very, very low place. But it said: “Every valley shall be Exalted”. To be there on her wedding was a very high place - amazing.

It said: “Every mountain shall be brought down low”. It was a huge mountain for me, to face my parents at the time of pregnancy. It was just a mountain I couldn't cross. To have all my family there last Saturday, standing with us, was huge.

It said: “The crooked places will be made straight, rough places will be made smooth, and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed”. We saw the glory of the Lord revealed.

“and all flesh shall see it together”. Everybody there in wedding place saw the glory of the Lord. They didn't know it was the glory of the Lord, but it was.

He said: “The mouth of the Lord has spoken”; because God gave us promises. What He decrees and declares - it does take place.

I believe it's a time for prophetic decrees over many of your mountains. I know many of you are facing mountains, but God can bring them down - and when He does it it's just absolutely amazing.

If you go right back to the beginning of the Bible, when Adam sinned – “through fear he hid himself”. At the time after we'd been dating for about seven years and there was just huge conflicts. The fear - I just took the same response that Adam and Eve did. They just hid themselves with secrecy; and think: this is a way of coping.

I also had inner vows - things you've told yourself in the past, which have become very binding; then, when you face a crisis, you operate out of these things that have been programmed inside you. Even though they're not the best way, it's the way that you do, because of things you've told yourself that you will do.

I was never going to “trap anybody into marrying me”, or go through the shame of the pregnancies and marriages I saw, in the church I was in.

These inner vows I'd made just said: “there’s no way I'm going to go there”; but what happens is: they're strong controls, and they actually build walls around your heart; but that was in place at that time in my life.

Also, my own way of coping with a crisis... Mike was saying humility is “acknowledging God's way”; but if you don't turn to God, you have all sorts of ‘great ways’ of coping with life.

The enemy will also put a few good ideas in too, but when you listen to those, and make your own way of coping - basically there's immediate short-term relief. You protect yourself, but all these ways lead to great isolation and pain, further damage, and huge bondage. But that was what it was like, way back in 1969.

[Mike Connell] Prior to us getting married, I wasn't a Christian, and did not know the Lord. When Joy got pregnant, we made a decision that we'd adopt our girl out - a very bad choice, very bad decision. It was just made in the pressure of: inability to stand up and be courageous.

Having made one mistake, we then coupled it up with a second mistake. When you cover things over, you never, ever prosper (the Bible says); and so for years, we endured tremendous grief and pain.

There wasn't a year went by, that we didn't remember our daughter, and didn't pray for her, and wonder what was happening to her. You just can't get over these things; they're just part of your life.

But the day that we got married, I made a decision to receive Jesus Christ into my life; and asked the Lord to become part of our lives. Then I went before Him and totally repented, and came into agreement with what He said, about what I had done: the failure to be responsible; the failure to actually stand up and be courageous for Joy's sake; the rejection of a child, and all that would come upon her as a result of that.

I made a vow before the Lord that day, coming out of repentance (some vows are very good to make).

I said: “No matter where we are in our lives, I know there is a day that You will bring this daughter back to us, because of who You are. It's got nothing to do with our rights, because we gave our rights up; but because God is good, You will bring her back”.

And I knew in my heart, I had a faith, that she would be restored; so when I repented, I said to the Lord then: “the day You bring her back, no matter what position, what standing I have in life - I will be open and transparent about who she is, and her place in our lives. We will give her the acceptance, and love, and welcome that we withheld from her, when we sinned.

That's what humility looks like. You actually turn around completely, and come into agreement with God about what needs to happen.

Some years later we came here. The Lord was speaking to us about issues in our life, and we ran a wedding renewal or a marriage renewal service.

[Joy Connell] The church was still quite small, but when we got married, the only neutral place we could get married was the nurse's chapel! We had: a Catholic priest; and an Anglican minister (who was married to a Brethren, and understood my side of things). It was just amazing. God came through.

It just seemed totally impossible to get a marriage which both families would accept; but Mike was flatting with some guys who had left the seminary training to be Catholic priests. One of them broke his leg, and was in Wellington Hospital, and fell in love with a Presbyterian nurse - and he created a precedent for us. He got special permission from the bishop (or whoever it was) - and he was able to get married.

So we just followed in his wake, and God made a way, which just seemed totally impossible. But we realised that a lot of things had changed from when we got married. We were very broken, barely saved, finding a way back to God; and we realised that there's others in the church at that time that were like us. They'd come to the Lord, things had totally changed for them; and they were ready to make a fresh renewal of their marriage vows, so we got about 12 couples... We met for about three weeks, and we talked about the foundation of our marriage; and prepared ourselves to go through this ceremony again - which was for me the very first time I actually lifted the cover off my big secret.

I hadn't even told my parents about this daughter; but with this small group, we talked about our background, and we decided: this is the time to bring out our baggage. Maybe we should at that time write to welfare and see if we could reconnect with our daughter we lost?

You know how good God is? Our daughter's mother Carol decided it was our daughter's right to know her heritage, and she wrote, and those letters had landed the same day at welfare. As a result of interest on both sides, they gave us information, and we started to make contact.

For me it was incredibly difficult; when you've covered something, and lived with denial; to face the reality - I couldn't cope with even a photograph of her.

I meant to have something shut away, and behind a big stone; and God says: “roll away the stone” - you don't want to go there. I mean its death there. It's ugly there. It's painful there; but when you actually roll it away, and look at a photograph, and think: actually this is a person.

Her name was Josephine. I thought: that's kind of a bit of a religious name; and the Lord reminded me about how Joseph was: separated from all his brethren; and came back and had a reunion.

It was quite a big thing to actually face reality, when you've been living in denial for 18 years; but we had to really roll away the stone, remove the covering. Then you feel incredibly vulnerable and fragile, and dependent on God.

That's actually just what He wants us to do, when we let go whatever we hid behind. They had fig leaves in Genesis; but they had to actually take those fig leaves off, to receive the covering of skin; and the provision of what Jesus Christ had done on the cross. For me that was quite a vulnerable stage too.

[Mike Connell] So again the issue of humility came in. We had to face the issues in our personal life. We put matters right with one another, and realised that all our lives there'd been this deep hurt. To come and actually admit it... the Lord spoke to me, and clearly He said: you need to put this matter right.

I had to put it right with Joy; I had to go to her father, and put it right with her father. We had to actually come clean about what we had done, which was wrong; and when you do that, when you position yourself the way God says - He provides blessing for you. He provides grace.

[Joy Connell] Yeah, I remember my parents - I invited them up. I said: “there's something I want to talk to you about...” I took the two of them out to the Old Flame, which is the best restaurant I could think of, and sat them down.

I just had to deeply apologise for my secrecy, what I'd hidden from them; and asked their forgiveness for what we had covered at that time, because...

[Mike Connell] That's actually honouring them, by putting right what was wrong. Where there'd been dishonour, there had to be honour restored - and that made such a difference.

[Joy Connell] Then we wrote to Josephine, and we apologised to her. We both apologised for the rejection, and the effect it had on her life; and asked her forgiveness.

Then we decided to make her very welcome. We invited her to come and stay - and that again was a miracle. She was half way through dentistry school. She's a Dentist in Whakatane, and at that stage, she was half way through dentistry training in Dunedin, and she was going back to do a summer school paper; so we invited her to stay after that paper.

Of course, when you pastor a church, and you've got six children that look a bit like you, you can't just turn up with another one the next Sunday...

[Mike Connell] Looks like you...

[Joy Connell] ...without saying something to the church. But this church is amazing. We stood up, the Sunday before she arrived to stay, and shared our testimony. Some of you I know are still here - I remember some of your faces. At the end of the service, God was so good then, He just - I think everybody's closets were opened, and all the skeletons came out. God just moved, and brought quite a wave of tremendous healing. But also as a church family, you were tremendously responsive to us, and we invited her to arrive. She arrived right on Mike's 44th birthday.

[Mike Connell] What are the chances of that?

[Joy Connell] That was the day she said she was going to arrive.

[Mike Connell] She had no idea when my birthday was; but the day she chose to come was my birthday!

That week we had just an unbelievable time; and over the years since then, she's connected to us, come to know and love us. She cries every time she comes home, and has become quite bonded and connected to our family.

It was just amazing when, the young man that's asked her to marry him came, and he honoured me by asking me for permission. I had no right. You understand that when you give a child up for adoption - there are no rights; and in those days, there was also no contact - no way to make contact. It was closed.

When we gave the child up, and God spoke to me - I knew in my heart she was going to come back; but there was no possible way it could happen, because you never had any contact with them.

You couldn't get the contact; and then the law changed, and made this possible. She came back, and we were able to reconnect; and he asked me for permission to marry her - which was a great honour to me.

She also honoured me, and asked me to help with the service. She'd come to the weddings of our family - and had just got blown away; and she said: I don't know what it is - but what you've got I want.

I was in a position then (this is what's so amazing) - to shape a service, in a way that God could come into the service. I was in a position to help shape the reception; so that the things that needed to happen there, for God to come, were in place. We taught her about how to honour her parents, how to actually address them and speak to them - and the things she needed to say, as she exited from their care, and came in to start a new family.

[Joy Connell] That time, even though Mike had a chance to prepare her, for the wedding, and coach her how to honour her parents - which of course, immediately met with a burst of tears. Mike wasn’t as emotionally connected to them; but he listed all the ways in which they had come through for her - and how to honour them.

In the meantime, I was flying to Taiwan, and I was watching a movie on the plane about an adoption story, and I felt quite stirred after watching this movie; so I decided to write Josephine a letter.

It was coming up to her wedding, and I honoured her (in a letter) for her courage; and for the steps she was making; for the choice that I regretted, but the choices that I've made since, which were great choices, like: marrying Mike; giving our hearts to the Lord; building our lives on Him - and just encouraging her in those responses.

But I forgot to post this letter; so when I was in Taiwan, at the hotel, I got some hotel paper, and posted the letter - stuck it in the counter at the hotel.

That letter arrived the day of our women's conference - when she was having a pamper day (ahead of the wedding). She'd invited me to join her for a pamper day, but I couldn't make it (because we had our women's conference), but as she was leaving to go on that pamper day, my letter was in the mail. She felt I was with her.

[Mike Connell] We went to the wedding. The wedding practice was very, very difficult. You have to come to face things.

One of the things about walking with the Lord, is that He never spares us from the consequences of bad choices.

One of the things about growing up, you have to learn that bad choices have bad consequences; and although God will forgive us, there's a ‘walking’ out of those consequences.

Of course for me, one of the biggest challenges was to on the day of the wedding - to have another man walk my daughter down the aisle. That was very, very hard. You'll see it - I'm going to show you a couple of pictures of it just in a moment. [See video attachment]

The night before, I was very distressed. We did the wedding practice, and went to have time with them - but there was no presence of God there! It was very awkward - just so uncomfortable, that after the practice, I just went to the beach - and just wept before the Lord.

I said: God, You've got to come and help us. This is just so difficult!

It looked like there was going to be no real Value and Honour. You know what Kiwis get like - that funny humour, that's kind of a putdown sort of a humour?

I so wanted God's value, and presence, to come into the place; but it just seemed like it was impossible for that to happen - so I went home. I was quite upset, the night we'd met with the family, and did the wedding practice; and I went home saying: God, You've got to help. You've got to show me how I can actually make a difference in this service tomorrow - and so we talked about it.

I would’ve spent probably a couple of hours, just waiting on God, to get something that was appropriate for that situation. It was an incredibly unusual feeling - we'll show photos through as we go, then you'll kind of catch the feel of it, as we do this.

It’s a most unusual feeling to have some ‘other man’ bringing my daughter down the aisle. It was quite challenging to deal with the emotions that went with that; but I had to face the consequences of choices I made years ago.

I knew that the Lord would provide grace; and what He did was: He showed me to speak on honour - to actually demonstrate honour; and to use honour to unlock that service.

So we had Kate and Andrew (our son-in-law, and daughter-in-law) put a song together - and as they began to sing - the atmosphere just began to change. It wasn't even a song they chose; but nevertheless, because of what's in their lives, the atmosphere began to shift and change - and the presence of God came into the place. You could feel the change; and of course everyone's looking at me: what's he going to say? What do you say? How much do you say?

We felt for her parents. Originally we had felt: perhaps just a couple of members of our family come; but Jo wanted everyone there, so we were kind of ‘very sensitive’ about this. But the Lord showed me exactly what to say.

[Joy Connell] The little boy ‘Alex’ is Josephine's little son.

[Mike Connell] That's her father and mother; and that's them giving our daughter in marriage to Steve.

I felt the Lord show me to actually honour the parents - because they would be feeling uncomfortable. And humility is ‘knowing your position’, and adopting the ‘right position’. Sometimes we can be in charge; but sometimes you actually have to be the servant.

You've got to see how God has positioned you; and choose to position yourself in that way. I actually spent time, and honoured them; spoke directly to them, honoured them.

It was a very difficult choice for them, to take home a baby that had...

[Joy Connell] Congenital hip.

Amazing surprise; this mother claimed to be an atheist, but she looked at our baby, and said: I just ‘knew’ she was going to be alright - and at 10 months, she got up and walked!

[Mike Connell] No one wanted her, in the hospital - which we had no idea about.

Her own (adoptive) mother was resistant to her having this baby, because she thought she might be a cripple; but she felt in her heart that she should have the baby. So I honoured her for choosing to welcome Josephine into their lives.

We honoured them for the education, and family life they'd made. We honoured them for encouraging her to seek us out - knowing that this would be quite a difficult thing for them. And we honoured them then for...

[Joy Connell] Opening their home to us.

[Mike Connell] ...welcoming us into their home to meet with them and have time with them.

[Joy Connell] It's funny, the first time they met us (soon after we met Josephine), we went right to the bottom of the South Island; two sets of parents, and Josephine, having a meal together - it was big of them to invite us into their home. But what amused me: half way through the meal, the mother was just pouring out her heart, and her feelings, and emotions... and she suddenly said: hey, but you're complete strangers! I don't know why I'm doing this!

[Mike Connell] So what I did was honour them; honoured her brothers, our own family for coming and being with us, and supporting us. The whole family - everyone turned up - there wasn't anyone left out.

Everyone turned up; and then I honoured Steve, for the way he had conducted himself in approaching me; and Josephine, for her courage in actually being willing to seek us out; and then to make us welcome in her life and heart.

I indicated very clearly: it was not ‘by right’ we were there; it was by privilege - and by her choice, the goodness of her choice.

I shared a message for them that “wisdom builds the house”. By wisdom you build a marriage; by wisdom you build in various ways - you can build relationships; business; and ministries.

But wisdom is making choices from God's perspective - and I acknowledged that we'd made a bad choice. We'd lived to regret it; but now we were glad that God had made a way for this day to happen. It was like a miracle that we could be there, involved like that, on that day.

[Joy Connell] Its one thing, when God restores things - He's got such a big heart; there's just one other thing...

On the journey, before we had the wedding day, Mike and I went to Nigeria to celebrate - I think it was our 25 year wedding anniversary. But the prophet in Nigeria put his bony finger in my face - and read my mail!

One thing he brought out was: in God's eyes, Josephine had been like an orphan. I mean, if I could have selected her home... the home she was great. We were both teachers; they were both teachers. She was brought up in the country - had her own pet lambs and calves, and had a wonderful upbringing!

The only thing missing was the God element. She was totally foreign from the things of God; so in God's eyes she was an ‘orphan’ to His family. I thought: wow - God, You have a heart for people that are orphaned from Your things. It's better to have nothing in the natural, but to have Jesus, who is everything; than to have everything - and not have Jesus.

So that incident really made me feel deeply, and agree with God about orphans, and His heart for orphans - and our own passion for orphans was really birthed out of that. I'm just so excited that many people here support orphans - because God is on their side!

And He was grieved, that she was orphaned from the things of God.

[Mike Connell] When it came time for the reception, we wondered how that would go. When we went in - we noticed that Jo had done an interesting thing.

She sat at the main table; and she'd positioned the table with the two parents right in front of her - so they were given equal positioning. Quite amazing! I mean you can't make that happen. Then she stood up, and honoured her natural family (her adoptive family); and then when she'd honoured them, and appreciated them - she honoured us.

It was incredibly heart-touching; but when you honour people, it unlocks something. Look at a couple more pictures there, very happy couple.

What happened then was, her mother had said: she was ‘not going to say anything’; and then suddenly she said: “I want to say something.”

Understand that honour: opens the way for people to come near; and also brings God near. When you honour people, God's presence somehow, sometimes... it just seems to come in. So she stood up and what she said just stunned us.

[Joy Connell] Yes. The night before it was so awkward! I mean, she didn't kind of even want to look at me, or acknowledge me - she just got busy, busy, busy, busy...

[Mike Connell] It was obviously painful.

[Joy Connell] After she'd been honoured at the service, it just kind of disarms people. After Josephine had honoured her, the mother stood and she - this person who wasn't going to speak, she was so beautiful.

She spoke from her heart; and I don't think Josephine had ever heard her speak from her heart; but she honoured each of her children. Three of them are adopted; and they have one of their own - how precious each of them was.

She honoured Josephine, for the tremendous joy she'd brought into their life, and all the wonderful experiences they had. Then what blew me away... (weeping)

[Mike Connell] She said that each year, when they had Christmas, and had her birthday; that they remembered the family that had lost her, and were deeply grateful that: our loss was their gain.

Of course that's very - you can imagine how we felt about that; because every year we'd remembered: we'd lost a daughter. It was quite heart-touching, for both of us, for her to say that. We both stood and shared; and I just shared that: there hadn't been a year go by that we hadn't thought of our daughter, and prayed for her - and that it was a great loss.

We just appreciated Josephine for her willingness to allow us to come back into her life; so it was quite - it was unbelievably heart-touching. You could hear sobs down the back. I didn't even dare look around to see who's - there are tears everywhere! I didn't even dare look around, and see who's sobbing down the back; because we realised that right through the whole of the group, there were broken marriages. There were adopted people, there were people who'd lost children, there were blended families, there were all kinds of things there; and when people are in the presence of honour, it unlocks their heart.

[Joy Connell] It makes way for the Lord to come in and...

[Mike Connell] It makes way for God to do things.

[Joy Connell] ...it's a powerful thing to experience: that honour does make way for the Lord to come.

Josephine didn't want us to say too much at the reception, if her parents didn't say too much, so we were kind of positioning ourselves. But when both her mother and father spoke quite well, and quite long, she gave us an opportunity to speak; and again, we wouldn't want to say too much, but just wanted to honour her - for how beautiful she looked; and what she'd done to open her heart for our family.

Steve - the most amazing thing about her fiancée; well two things. First of all, the very first time she visited us in our church, she went back to her flat. While she was away, one of her flatmates got baptised in the Holy Ghost. She said: I know what you're on about - I've been to my birth dad's church - and I know what you're on about!

The second thing was, she had a few other relationships... and then when Steve came on the scene, she's like: I knew you'd like this one - because one day, Steve was prayed for by somebody like Mike - planted down on the ground for 20 minutes with a back injury, and came up totally healed! So he had a real awareness of the power of God. She said: I knew you’d like this one!

But the week before the wedding - the Saturday before the wedding - he was 28 metres below the sea, and out of air. He had to shoot up to the surface; he got the bends, and was flown in a decompression unit - and got released two days before the wedding!

I'm just so grateful for Steve - that he was with us, that God had kept him. I wonder if it was a demonic assignment actually, when things like that are so difficult. God's got a great purpose and destiny for people's lives and I believe that's still being unfolded.

But I honoured him for what he'd done; and again said: it was not by rights - it was a significant event to be a part of, but we really had no rights; just that God is so incredibly good, the grace of God, and the goodness of God. So we both just had a chance again just to acknowledge God, and acknowledge and honour which again was part of the process.

[Mike Connell] We'll just finish with a couple of things, but what was amazing was the impact on people. There were lots of things I won't disclose, because they were just very, very precious; I just feel it wouldn't be appropriate to share them.

But there was a couple of things that were really thrilling.... One was that Jo has a son called Alex, who's seven years old; and prior to the wedding, he had been talking to Steven. Steven asked him: “Do you want me to be your step dad?” He said: “No - I've got a dad - I don't need a step dad. I'll just call you Steve”.

But when we'd had this time, and the presence of God was touching people, he said: “why are people crying?” Jo said: when people say words from their heart - they feel something; and he said: “I want to say something”.

So he took the microphone - this is a seven year old - and then he honoured his mother for being so beautiful, and so good for him. Then he honoured Steve; and he said: Steve, I'd like you to be my step-dad. I'd like you to have that place in my life. Well...

[Joy Connell] He sat down and burst into tears.

[Mike Connell] He sat down and burst into tears; and we're thinking (sob) you know - so there were many things that happened like that.

There was one other thing that was notable for me. Although it had been so awkward prior to the wedding; after the wedding, her mother came up and said: thank you for coaching her in how to put on such a great event. I just thanked her for acknowledging it, and so on; but really, what we had done: we'd coached her in the principle of honour.

As she did it, all the way through, the presence of God came, and made this even just an extraordinary event. We are deeply grateful to the Lord - it's something we could never do.

We believed that He would bring her back. We believed that we'd be part of her life; but we never would have guessed that God does is more than enough, that God gave us more than we expected.

I want to encourage you all to consider those issues of: Humility; and Honour - they can unlock so much in our lives.

Closing Prayer

I know some of you will have been really deeply touched. Perhaps it's really touched your heart; and you're not a Christian, you don't know Jesus Christ; you haven't experienced for yourself yet the personal love of God for you.

Jesus said: to everyone who received Him, to everyone who personally invited Christ into their life, He gave them power to become a child of God; to have their sins forgiven, to have a new relationship with God, His Father; and to walk as part of a God family.

What a great thing for you to make that decision today. We made it - I had so many things wrong with my life before I came to Jesus Christ.

The goodness of the Lord is before us. Why don't you make that decision yourself?

If you're here today, and you don't know Jesus Christ; why not become a Christian? Receive the love of God, into your life. It's a personal choice to connect with God.

Perhaps you're disconnected from God. You've once had a relationship with the Lord; but because of disappointments, things not going like you thought - you've drawn back; and today you need to renew your relationship with the Lord. Just be honest, be humble.

Humility is: admitting my condition. You say: God, I need to come back to you today.


Related Article written by: Dawn Seow (www.citynews.sg - 16 June 2012)

It was a love story that seemed to go wrong at every possible turn. Like Romeo and Juliet, they were two young lovers forced apart by their family backgrounds. To make matters worse, they brought a baby into this world; a baby they decided not to keep. But unlike other stories, this one has a happy ending, because God intervened and turned tragedy into triumph.

In 1962, Mike and Joy Connell were freshmen at a university when they met in school and fell in love. But because Connell was from a Catholic family and Joy from a strict Brethren background, their families were against their relationship.

“We were both the eldest in the family and we faced a lot of pressure from our families,” Joy recounted. “There was tremendous resistance between the Protestants and Catholics at that time, which caused strong religious opposition in both our families; so we kept breaking up and coming back.”

Six years later, they made a mistake and Joy found herself pregnant.

“I was in shock, fear and shame, thinking to myself: what do I do? We made a silly decision and that was to hide in secrecy and not tell our family. We were living away from home and so I managed to give birth to the baby without anyone knowing,” she said.

While Joy made a decision to bring the baby into the world, she decided not to keep her. “We gave her up for adoption. At that time in New Zealand, the law was such that if we gave up our baby (for adoption), we will never be able to see her again. The law restricted all access between the two families.”

Thankfully, God made a way for the young couple to eventually get married, as their parents felt they had been together for so long. Even though Joy felt like a backslidden Christian, there were people who knew about their problems and were praying for them. “And one day I did feel the Lord said he (Connell) has a heart after God and it was okay to marry,” Joy said. “I felt a release.”

To pacify both families, the couple decided on a joint service by a Catholic priest and an Anglican minister. “On the day I got married I gave my life to Jesus; I realized that we will never make our lives work unless Jesus was there. So I made a commitment to Christ at the service just before we got married,” said Connell.

This is the love story of Mike and Joy Connell, now the senior pastors of Bay City Outreach Center in Hastings, New Zealand. Their names are not unfamiliar at City Harvest Church. Connell is an internationally recognized teacher of the Word who moves powerfully in the prophetic, deliverance and inner healing gifts. His ministry has brought great healing to the hurt and broken-hearted.

While he was at CHC to minister over the weekend of Jun. 2 and 3, his family shared with City News the story of how he and Joy came to reconcile with the firstborn they gave up for adoption.

Reconciliation Begins with Healing

“After coming to the Lord, I realized how wrong I was (to give the baby up for adoption). I believed in my heart that the Lord will make a way for her (the baby girl) to come back, even though the law said otherwise. So I came into deep repentance, and made a commitment that when she came back in our lives, whatever I was doing, I would make it public and be completely open with everyone, because the sin was in the hiding, and repentance meant doing the exact opposite.

Eight years after they were married, the Connells were called to start a Christian school in the same year they started pastoring a church. As life moved on, they never talked about how the trauma of what happened affected both of them.

“We were working with a few married couples at one time and decided to have a marriage renewal service, looking at the foundations and helping these couples make a fresh commitment towards each other,” Joy shared. “And that was the first time we look at the foundations of our own lives and we realized how much damage had been done in terms of the grief and pain because of what happened. We resolved our hurts and shortly after, the laws (that restricts parents from meeting their children after giving them up for adoption) changed! God knew that the laws were changing and He got us ready for the change.”

The Connells wrote a letter to the social welfare. Interestingly, the mother who adopted their baby wrote them a letter as well, almost at the same time, to ask for information.

Josephine Brown, Connell’s daughter, was already 18 at that time, and was finishing her first year at university. Normally, the welfare services would not let them make contact until the child was 21 years old, but because there was interest on both sides, they allowed contact to be made.

“When I was born, I had a splint and had to be in bed for 10 weeks,” Josephine shared. “When my parents came to adopt me, the doctors couldn’t tell if I would develop some kind of disability. When they told their parents they wanted to adopt me, their parents were quite resistant.”

Unlike other adopted children, Josephine had always known that she was adopted. “It was not good or bad, just facts I knew. But as a child I always wondered who I was. In New Zealand, there are people who came from so many backgrounds, it’s like people have traveled here from England, Ireland or Wales so people always discussed if they are Irish-half or English-half and I never knew who I was.”

When Josephine found out that her mother had received a letter from the social welfare that her biological parents have six more children, questions started reeling in her mind: who were they? What do they looked like? Do they look like me? “It’s insane, when you don’t have information, you just fill in with your imagination.”

Eventually, Josephine flew up to meet the Connells after her exams that year. She arrived in town on Connell’s birthday.

“The week before she came, we openly told the church our story and everything came to light. After that, many of those who had problems sharing their past brought their secrets into the light as well,” said Joy.

As Connell came clean with his family’s past, God brought a lesson to his mind. “This was what the Lord asked me after we told the church, ‘You know what would happen if you had not shared with your church?’ I said, ‘No, I haven’t thought about that,’ to which God said, ‘If you had kept this in secret, it would have been a betrayal of trust for all under your leadership once they found out the truth.’”

Humility and Giving Honor

Over the years, the Connell family maintained contact with Josephine. She did not grow up in a Christian family but whenever she visited them, she would go to church with them.

While she felt moved by the presence of God at church, becoming a Christian was a struggle with the issue of loyalty for Josephine. “I grew up always wanting to please my parents, and I didn’t want the decision (to believe in God) to please other people; I wanted it to be for myself. So it took a long time to come to that point of not worrying about what my parents thought as well as what Mike and Joy thought.”

The change came when Josephine met her future husband Steve Brown, who shared his testimony with her about being healed at a church service. “I thought to myself, this is a guy who can help me grow spiritually. It was so important to me because if I got together with the wrong guy, it would be harder (to become a Christian).”

Their wedding in October 2008 was the first time Josephine’s biological and adopted family met. “I wanted my dad to walk me down the aisle and Mike to take the service.”

But things did not turn out as well as everyone hoped. Connell could still remember the tension he felt in the air at the initial meeting. “I said to God, ‘Help! You have to help me solve this!’ And I didn’t actually get an answer until the morning of the wedding day itself. The Lord showed me how to approach it with the principle of honor.

“There was the uncertainty of her siblings and her parents, and everyone was thinking: what’s he going to say, and I’m thinking: what am I going to say?

So the Lord showed me to start by placing honor on Josephine and her parents, because when you humble yourself and honor people, their hearts will be softened. I spoke words of value to her parents, her brothers, and to Josephine and Steve. The presence of God came and I felt the tension just lift. Hearts were softened and you could feel the love in the place. It was what I asked God for: all the walls were broke down and people just cried. It was so good.

At the reception, her mother stood up to speak and people just started to weep. She had faced her own conflicts because of her mother’s objection to her adopting Josephine, but deep down in her heart, she knew that this baby would be ok.”

Josephine and Steve were baptized by Connell at their home on Easter Sunday last year. “We are now putting down our roots and learning how to pray and walk with God,” Josephine said with a smile.

It is inevitable that people make mistakes, but as this story has shown, God is always there to turn mourning into dancing and sorrows into joy.

Healing from Abortion/Miscarriage  

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The heart of God is full of compassion to heal and restore damaged lives. Abortion is a doorway for grief and bondage, which is largely hidden under secrecy and denial. When the truth is faced that the life of a child has been taken the pain is immense. The reality dawns, there is a son or daughter in heaven who we will meet one day!

Discover how to bring meaningful healing to families who have lost a child in the womb, and set them free from bondage and torment. Jesus did not come to condemn - He came to save, heal, deliver, restore.

Healing from Abortion/Miscarriage

The church needs to have a message of hope. The gospel is a message of hope to people. It's about God's love for us, and his willingness to help us. And so as Christians, no matter what is happening around us, we need to understand we have a message to help people. That Jesus Christ came to help people.

I'm reminded of an important scripture where it says: Jesus did not come to condemn people, but to save them; to rescue people out of the problems created by sin. So Jesus loves people, and he has no condemnation for us. No matter what has happened in your life, the heart of God is to reach into you, and love you, and restore you.

And so as believers, we should not be afraid of the issues in our nation, but should learn and understand them, and learn how to minister to people. We should not have areas we can't talk about. Rather, we should be able to talk about any issue; and come with a spirit of love, a spirit of hope, and with comfort for people.

I want to do this today – I want to share with you something that will be very deeply touching for many people. I haven't shared this message before, but God has spoken into my heart recently about this, and I wrestled somewhat last night and this morning. I really wanted to preach something else! But, I always feel that if you listen to God, he has something in mind for us. And this message may directly affect you, or it may indirectly affect you. And I just hope you will have an open heart and a loving spirit. Because we have prayed for people, and seen God bring tremendous breakthroughs.

Let's just have a look at Psalm 127:3. We've come here many times, and we've shared our story, most of you would know we have a big family with 7 children, and 21 grandchildren, and we've learnt a lot of things on the way. We also have 2 other children, but they're in heaven. So I want to talk today about abortion and miscarriage.

I want to offer hope for you. We want people here who don't know Jesus, to realize God loves you, and desires to help you; wants to break the power of sin in your life. After that I'd like to pray for 3 groups of people together. We'll pray for you together, because we don't want to embarrass you. We just want there to be a spirit of love, and the power of God to help you. I want to pray for people who've had an abortion, or perhaps you've been connected to someone who has. For people who've had a miscarriage; or for people who are barren, and are hoping for a child. We're not going to ask you at all what the nature of your problem is. We just want you to feel free to come and believe that God will help you.

So in Psalm 127:3, it says: “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, and the fruit of the womb is his reward”. So children are a heritage. It's an inheritance, something God gives to us. There's a part of every person that is a spirit being. The spirit comes from God. The Bible says: God is a Spirit. So when human beings come together, and create a life, they are partnering with God; and God puts a spirit into the child. The child becomes a living being, with an eternal destiny. God's desire is that the child shares his destiny with him. God's desire is for many children. This is the heart of God - many children. So God plans to reach out into this earth to help people - that's God's heart.

So when we're born into this world, we're born separate from God, because of sin. God's desire is to come to us, forgive our sins, put the Spirit in our lives, and give us an eternal destiny with him. This starts by responding to Christ.

I read in the paper just 3 days ago, it's a news story from China. It took place in a province called Weifang city, and there was a young couple. They went to bed one evening, they had one child, and they were expecting a second child. In the early hours of one morning, the police burst into their home. They held down the husband, and they dragged the wife out of the home, and took her to a hospital.

The panic-stricken husband tried every way to find out where his wife had gone. But the authorities refused to tell him. It took him 6 hours to find out where his wife was. They had threatened the wife, because she already 6 months pregnant - threatened to put her husband in prison. Then they injected her, and when he got to his wife, she was in the process of miscarrying.

What touched me very deeply was that both of them suffered great grief. They were grieving over the loss of their child, and there's no one to comfort them. My heart goes out to them, and I'll tell you why in a moment. I feel quite deeply touched by that story. I'll share to you a couple of personal testimonies, and then we'll open up the word of God. I want to offer hope to people today.

Some years ago, my wife went through two miscarriages. As a man, I didn't understand at that time what it meant to a woman, to miscarry. We were involved in ministry; we had many pressures on us - we already had 5 other children. When the two miscarriages came, my wife never complained. She had the miscarriages, went to hospital, and then we carried on with our life, and I didn't think about it much at all.

We had another two children - Peter and Sarah. Some years later, I was in another church ministry, and I was praying for a lady, and asked her: what is the problem? She'd had a miscarriage, and as I prayed, she began to weep; and I felt this incredible grief - I began to cry with her. I thought: that's very strange - I must be feeling the love of God.

Then on the same day, I went to another church; and the second time, the same thing happened. I prayed for a woman who'd suffered a miscarriage, and I had this incredible grief. When you feel something, you need to ask yourself: what am I feeling; and why do I feel it? So I went home and began to pray, and the Lord spoke to me. He said: you are grieving not because of her, but because of your own loss. He said: you've lost two children – a boy and a girl, and you've never stopped to grieve. You've never even admitted you've lost a child.

So I began to grieve, and the Lord showed me what to do. I went home to my wife, and I said to her: God's been speaking to me about our two miscarriages. Joy said: “Well God's been speaking to me too - I've been journaling about this. We had a boy and a girl; and I've given them names: Timothy and Catherine.”

I said: the Lord has shown me something we need to do for our family. So we had a family meal, like we always do, and Joy put two beautiful orchids on the table. Then we had our meal, and we shared with the children. I said: “You know that we have seven children in our family. Well actually, there are nine - there are another two in heaven”.

An interesting thing happened - the two children who came after the miscarriages, both began to weep, and they were really deep sobs. I realised that they had picked up a grief in their spirit; even though in their mind, they did not know we had lost two children. There was grief that my wife carried; and they knew in their spirit that they had lost a brother and a sister, and there was a grief in their heart. The spirit of grief had come around them.

So the grief my wife carried over her loss, was transferred to the next two children. So we laid our hands on them and prayed for them. For the other children, this wasn't an issue at all - it was just the two following the miscarriage. This opened our eyes, that a child in the womb can feel the feelings and the grief of the mother. That when a child is miscarried, and the mother feels the grief - if the grief isn't resolved, then the next children pick up the grief. That was quite a revelation to us.

We did get a tremendous insight: that when you've lost children to a miscarriage, it's important to identify who they are. Not just some ‘thing' we've lost. For me, it was like my wife lost something - like a tooth. Painful; but it's just something that happens. I didn't get a hold in my heart that I've lost a child; that as a father, one of my children had been taken away.

So I realised that when there are miscarriages, and also when there are abortions - there's a real grief left. One of the ways of processing the grief, I'll tell you a bit more about it later, is to identify what each child is; and to give them a name; and to release them to the Lord. Then it's not just some “thing” that happened, some “thing” I lost - some piece of tissue. It's actually a real living spirit being, whose body never developed, whose house did not last, and they had to leave. My wife put it this way, so beautifully: “It's a rose that budded, but never bloomed”. So over the years, we've prayed for many people, and helped them in this area.

Now, here's the second part of the testimony: earlier on this year I was in Singapore, and as I was in Singapore, I was teaching about encounters with God. We had a worship team, and we were ministering just to the worship team, to help them have encounters with God.

Now previously to this, the two children we had who had suffered grief, one day after church, said this to us - each independently. They said: we saw into heaven today in the meeting. We saw our brother and sister - and each of them saw that. It's like God opened heaven for them, and they saw the brother and sister they'd lost. Each of them saw the exact same thing, independently of each other; and they were really excited, and were able to describe them!

I must admit - I was a bit jealous; but this year, I was teaching on how to have encounters with God. So I taught people how to focus on Jesus, allow your imagination to see him as the word of God describes him, and begin to reach out in your heart to him. In other words, I was meditating on Jesus. All these other young people were having encounters with God; and I just felt that instead of leading the meeting, I should press in myself.

So I began to meditate on Jesus - I wasn't thinking about anything else. Suddenly, I became in the Spirit; and instead of seeing Jesus, the Holy Spirit revealed to me two people: a young man, and a young woman. It was a shock to me - I didn't expect to see that. They both spoke to me, and said: “Hello Dad”. I was just shocked! They said: “We've got so many things to tell you, about what happens in heaven”. Then I became aware of Jesus standing next to me - He was carrying a little baby in his arms. I realised that child was the grandchild we miscarried in December. Then suddenly I saw another little child, and he said: “hello Granddad”. I could recognise the facial features, and knew which of my children had lost this child.

My attention came around to my son and daughter, and I began to look at them; Jesus was right next to me. They began to talk to me, and said: we want to show you something. Suddenly my eyes opened up. I could see this huge immense vast area - full of children. They were all of different ages; from babies to a little bit older. There were so many that I couldn't count them – vast numbers. They said: these are children that have been miscarried or aborted; there's a special place in heaven for each of them, where angels look after them, and they're educated and grow up.

I realised then, that the size of my grandchild was about the proper age for the one I'd lost. I realised the age of my children were about the right age for when we lost them. As I looked around, at all of these children who had been miscarried or aborted; I realised that God was showing me something else. The ones He was showing me were all Chinese. I was quite shocked!

Then Jesus spoke to me, He had absolutely no condemnation towards anyone at all, I could just feel His love. This is what He said: “Every one of them has a mother, who is grieving over their child, and I want to bring healing to those mothers.” He didn't say anything about what they'd done. He just said: “I love them, and want to help them, because they're grieving”. He said: I want you to begin to study and prepare in this area. I want you to put some materials on DVD, and speak in China. My heart was deeply touched, not just from seeing all the children, but feeling the grief of the mothers. I could feel the heart of Jesus - His immense grief.

Recently we were up in China, and someone came to me privately. I couldn't believe it - they said they'd had an abortion. “Can you help me”, they said. God dramatically ministered and brought healing to this couple. It was like each place I went to after that, there would always be someone who'd come and ask us if we could pray for them.

So I felt I'd share some things about this here – have to start somewhere. I want to share some things from scripture - some basic keys we've learnt that could help. I want to establish that from God's point of view, a child is a living person, with a destiny - even if they're still in the womb. Sometimes people think that, because the child is in the womb: 1) it doesn't understand anything; and 2) that it's not a person - it's just a ‘thing', and often inconvenient.

I want to show you several scriptures quickly, to show you God's point of view. In Judges 13, you'll find something about Samson. Here is the common thread: that before a child is conceived, God already knows them and their characteristics, and has a destiny for their life. So no matter what stage the child is at in the womb, from God's point of view, it is a living person, with a destiny - a person He knows.

Judges 13:2-5 says: There was a certain man of Zorah, of the family of the Danites, whose name was Manoah; and his wife was barren and had borne no children. Then the angel of the LORD appeared to the woman, saying: “Behold now, you are barren and have borne no children, but you shall conceive and give birth to a son. “Now therefore, be careful not to drink wine or strong drink, nor eat any unclean thing. “For behold, you shall conceive and give birth to a son, and no razor shall come upon his head, for the boy shall be a Nazirite to God from the womb; and he shall begin to deliver Israel from the hands of the Philistines.”

Notice these things: before the child is conceived, God already knows it's a son. Secondly, God has a plan that this son will deliver Israel. Thirdly, it's very important how the mother conducted herself while she's pregnant. In other words, God is concerned about negative influences coming in to the unborn child. So you see, in this passage, that before a child is even conceived, God knows the child, and knows its destiny.

1 Kings 13:1-2 says – By the word of the Lord a man of God came from Judah to Bethel, as Jeroboam was standing by the altar to make an offering. By the word of the Lord he cried out against the altar: “Altar, altar! This is what the Lord says: ‘A son named Josiah will be born to the house of David. On you he will sacrifice the priests of the high places who make offerings here, and human bones will be burned on you.'”

The nation is corrupt and full of idolatry. God sends a prophet to warn them. This is what He said: “I am going to bring a child into this world. His name will be called Josiah, and he is going to be a major mover in bringing restoration to the nation”. Do you know how long after that prophecy was given until Josiah came? 360 years! In other words, 360 years before this man appeared, before he was conceived, before he was born - God named him even! God had a name for him, and had a destiny for him.

360 years later, when these parents had this child, they wouldn't have remembered that prophecy. All they did was have a thought come to them: “Let's name this child Josiah”. They didn't even realise, as they named him Josiah, that they were fulfilling something that God had already planned. God had a destiny for that child. 360 years ago, the parents weren't even alive. God could look through time, and say: in 360 years time, there's going to be a couple. The father would be a very corrupt man, but in spite of that fact - that he's a Satan worshipper - I will bring into that family, a child who will change the nation. His name will be called Josiah. You notice again, God has names for children; has destinies for them; and knows them before they're even conceived.

Let's look at another one in Jeremiah 1:4 The word of the Lord came to me, saying, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” How amazing! God says: He forms the child in the womb. He said: before the embryo or foetus was formed, I knew who was going to be in there. In other words - you're a spirit being, and even though the house you're going to live in isn't formed, I know who you are. I know all about you, and I've already set you apart. I already have a destiny for you. Even before you have formed enough that your mother knows anything, I have formed my spirit into you, and you will be a prophet to the nations.

You notice again that even before the child is properly formed, God knows the child, and has a destiny for them. Isn't this amazing? Isaiah 49:1 tells us the same thing. Isaiah was also known to the Lord before he was formed in the womb.

In Psalm 139:16, David says: “Your eyes saw my substance being yet unformed; and in your book were written all the days that were fashioned for me, when yet there are none.” What David is saying is this: when I was a tiniest embryo, just conceived, and I wasn't even formed -You saw me. Not only that, it says: ‘in your book, were written all the days of my life, when I hadn't even begun one of them yet'. In other words, what he's saying is that God saw him as a human being, as a spirit being, as a person with a destiny, and ascribed a course for him, before he was even born.

So these scriptures seem to indicate very strongly that before we're even conceived, God knows we're coming; and at the moment we're conceived, the Spirit of God goes into the child. Even though it's unformed, God loves that child. God has a destiny for that child, even if the child's born into difficult family circumstances.

Josiah was born into a family where the father was a Satanist, but God still had a destiny for him. How amazing that God would see an unborn child like this; see the child in the womb as a living being – with a name, with a destiny, with a life planned out. This is truly amazing.

Over and over in the Bible, we find God speaking about children before they're born. Zachariah and Elizabeth – Elizabeth was barren, and God spoke to Zachariah and said: “You know your wife is barren, she can't have any children”. He said: “I know that”. God said: “You're going to have children. You're going to have a child.” He said: “She's too old for that – how is this going to happen?” He argued with God, but God said “No more arguing. You'll have a child – he is going to be a prophet, and will prepare the way of the Lord”. The Bible is very clear – that God sees people before they're conceived and born, and He has a plan for their life, long before they come out of the womb.

Matthew 1:21 – “She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.” Same thing again - before the child is even conceived, God knows the child, knows the name, has a destiny for that child.

How about you? Have a look in Ephesians 2:10, I want you to notice something – “Now you are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for a purpose, for good works, that God prepared beforehand, that we would walk in them”. So what it tells us is that each person is a unique work of God. Each of us is a unique manufacture of God. There's no one like you - your fingerprints are unique, your DNA is unique, everything about you is unique. Before you were born, God had a path for you to walk. It says: you were created for something - for good works. Before you were begun, God had a plan, that you'd do something useful in your life. Amen.

Have a look at the second thing, in Luke 1:39-44. The first thing we need to look at, is that God knows us before we're born. He knows our name; knows what we will be like; and He's interested in us while we're in the womb; and has a purpose for our life.

Let's have a look at the child in the womb. I was reading a secular book recently, and they have done a lot of research more recently with ultrasonic scans of infants in the womb. Prior to this, for about 100 years, people believed that the identity was in the brain – personality, understanding, awareness. But they found an interesting thing, once they started to do these experiments. If the personality and identity and feelings are in the brain, the conclusion that they came to, is that if the brain is not developed, then it is not really a person, so you can get rid of it.

But in the Bible, it's quite different. Recent research shows quite clearly, that it's the heart that develops before the brain. The Bible tells us, that out of your heart is where life flows. Also recent research has shown that the child in the womb is very aware of what's happening around it, even before the mind is developed. This was a secular book, and the conclusion he came to after lots of research, was that an unborn child in the womb is totally aware of what's happening around them, even if the brain isn't fully formed.

In other words - it's a person. The guy came to the conclusion, that there must be some sixth sense that enables the child to know things, when their brain isn't developed enough, and neither was their hearing. He was talking about their spirit - that the spirit of the child recognises what is happening around them. He discovers they could recognise the voice of the father and the mother; recognise conflict; and could understand what was happening around them. This is partly the reason for the Hebrew culture, that once the woman is pregnant, she would go into hiding for quite some months in a peaceful location, so the child could be at peace and rest during the formation stages in the womb. So this is modern research.

Now let's read what the Bible says. In Luke 1:39, it says: “At that time Mary got ready and hurried to a town in the hill country of Judea, where she entered Zechariah's home and greeted Elizabeth.” Now Elizabeth is six months pregnant, and the baby is not yet fully formed. Now look at this - it said: “When Elizabeth heard Mary's greeting, the baby leaped in her womb; and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit.” Who says the baby in the womb doesn't know what's going on? See, Elizabeth was very pregnant; door opens up and Mary was there; and Mary begins to prophesise and flow with the Holy Spirit. Elizabeth is listening to all the words, and the baby is picking up the prophetic flow! The baby goes: “yay!” and kicks, huge kick - full of joy, because this is his destiny – to be a prophet for the Messiah. This is his destiny - right from in the womb. He knows there's something for him, and as soon as he feels the Holy Ghost, he leaps; massive kicks.

So this is something they've only discovered, recently: that the child in the womb is aware of spiritual influences; but it's written in the Bible 2000 years ago. So children in the womb are aware of the environment around them. They're aware of the presence of God; they're aware of the mother and what she feels; they're aware of the father; they're aware of the environment.

Now the reason I've taken a bit of time to share these things, is because I want to talk about the impact when an abortion takes place. The Bible's very clear, when we look from one end to the other, that the devil is hostile to children. From the book of Genesis (Genesis 3:15) it says the devil is hostile to children, because of a promise God made: that through children being born out of women, a saviour would be born.

So when we look right through Bible history, we find demonic attacks on the child - either in the womb, or just born. In the days of Exodus, just before there was a great deliverance, all the male children under two were killed. In the days after King David, Athaliah killed all the royal children but one. In the days of Jesus, the spirit of murder came through Herod, and murdered all the children under two.

The devil has constantly been against children. The womb is an area of conflict. When miscarriages take place, something God intended for good is suddenly stopped. When abortion takes place, the life of a child is taken. Something wrong has happened, and there is a huge impact. I want to talk a little bit about the impact, because as we've prayed for people, we have realised that many people are suffering, but they cannot understand why they were suffering.

The Bible describes a number of reasons why miscarriages take place. But it does lay out this – that God's plan is no miscarriages and that the womb would be fruitful. So when we look at scriptures, we find that miscarriages came because of idolatry. Sometimes they came because of a curse in the family line. Sometimes it was because of incest in the family. Sometimes it was because people were involved in evil spirits.

I won't go into all the scriptures regarding that, but the Bible is very clear that God's intention is that we be productive. So when miscarriages happen, there can be a spiritual cause, or there can be just a natural, physical cause. When we enquired about the last miscarriage, one of my daughters got a word from God that the brain had not formed properly, and that my daughter and her husband had been spared years of grief. Sometimes there's a physical problem, because we live in a fallen world. Sometimes there's a spiritual problem; and sometimes it can be because the mother has made inner vows never to have a child.

Whatever the cause, the result is grief. When a mother carries a child in her womb, and loses the child, there is a deep grief and sense of loss. Men can't easily understand it - that a woman's life is wrapped up with the child, who is drawing life from her body. So when there's a loss, there's a great grief.

I want to focus on the impact of an abortion. Sometimes when we're counselling people, if you don't get to the root of the problem, you can never solve the problem. As I researched this area, I began to find that everywhere, they came up with the same conclusions – in order for a woman to have an abortion, she must somehow distance herself that this is a real person. Either the doctor informs her: it's nothing, and it's just a medical procedure; or because of fear, or difficulties in the physical situation, she just doesn't want to acknowledge what's happening.

One of the core issues is the denial this is a human being. Once the mother has denied that it is a human being, then it's just a physical operation like having your tooth pulled. However, that is not the truth.

Here are some of the things that are commonly attributed now, to someone having an abortion. These are widely-known symptoms, known as post-abortion trauma syndrome. Let me list them for you; and then we'll show how people can be set free. Surveys done on people indicated these kind of issues. I'll just list them without explaining them too much.

1) Shame – they'll feel shame and secrecy coupled with low personal-esteem.

2) Deep feelings of guilt – just guilt that would not go away.

3) Depression – often bouts of depression, sadness and crying, but no apparent reason. Because remember, if you've concealed the truth with a lie; if you've refused to accept this was a life that was taken; then you won't understand why you're so sad. If it wasn't anything - how could I be sad about it?

4) Suicidal thinking and attempts.

5) Issues with self-hate.

6) Issues with sleep disorders.

7) Flashbacks - the woman suddenly remembers the trauma, and goes back into shock and grief.

8) A strong desire for replacement babies; unconsciously wanting a baby, to make up for the baby that was lost. What's called “anniversary syndrome” - on the date of the abortion or the date the child was to be born, the mother begins to become depressed and weep, but usually doesn't know why.

9) Another thing is trying to atone, by spoiling the other children.

10) Alcohol or drug problems.

11) Self-punishing behaviour – I deserve to be punished, which could be self-harm (cutting), abusive relationships, or promiscuity.

12) It can be physical problems – constant bleeding, or constant miscarriages.

13) Often there's a deep guilt – I survived, but at the cost of my child. These are terrible feelings that people have.

I had a woman come to me for prayer recently, and I said to her: “What is your problem?” She said: “I have been bleeding for about 12 years. We desperately want children but cannot have any”. I said: “Have you ever had an abortion?” She said: “Yes. I had 4”. I said to the lady, in the spirit of love, “You actually have a family of 4 children, but they're all in heaven - and your actions have brought this about. When they told you this was a simple procedure - they lied. Actually, it's caused you this problem you now have. You and your husband are without a child to hold, because the ones you could've held, you've now lost”.

She just began to weep and weep. We shared with her that God loved her, and would forgive her; so she was restored to the Lord, and her heart was healed. I'll show you exactly how, shortly. My prayer is that the next time I'm there, she'll have a baby. I was at City Harvest this year, and a lady came up with a husband and a little baby. She said: “You must see our little baby - it's a miracle baby. It was 12 months since you were last here. We had a very bad first child, very difficult pregnancy, and I made an inner vow that I'd never have another child. So, every time I get pregnant, I lose the child through miscarriage. I realised when I went through your teaching, that I made an inner vow. I renounced the inner vow, and asked God to bless my womb - 3 months later I'm pregnant, and here's our little baby.” Actually it was short of 3 months, it was around 1 month.

So you see again, the spiritual connection to problems in the life. So, one of the issues that we have found, is that many problems women suffer with - they can't trace it back to the abortion, because they've pretended that nothing really happened. I want to share very quickly the path to get free.

Jeremiah 31:15 says: “Rachel, weeping for her children, unable to be comforted, because they are no more.” So how can we get free? For someone who is in this situation, the first step is to turn to Jesus Christ. John 3:16 says “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.” So whatever you're suffering from, Jesus is able to save and heal you.

So we see then, the consequences of abortion are far bigger than we realise. They affect the mother; spirits are imparted to the womb that affect the next children; the family are affected; the man who was the father has lost his child; the grandparents have lost a grandchild; and siblings born after that are affected by the trauma.

I remember one lady brought her child to me. I said: “What's the problem?” She said: “My child will not bond and breast feed. In fact, as soon as I put him on the breast, he begins to scream. What can we do?” I said, “You didn't by any chance, try and abort this child did you?” She said: “Yes.” I said: “Is it surprising that the child is afraid of you? It senses the spirit of murder - it's not going to bond to someone who tried to destroy it”. She was shocked! She asked Jesus to forgive her, I prayed for the mother and child, and the child bonded. As soon as the child was delivered from the spirit of fear and murder, immediately it started to bond - it was a huge impact.

So let's have a look at how to get free. There are three areas: spiritual issues; emotional issues; and relationship issues. The answer is incredibly simple - it's very easy for you to move out of the place of death to life.

1) We need to face the spiritual issues. So the first thing is to face the truth: this is what I did - I took the life of my child. Most mothers only do it because they're under such pressure and stress - pressure from the boyfriend or husband; pressure from the family; pressure from circumstances; but nevertheless - they must take responsibility.

The first key to being set free is to break the lie. Isaiah 28 it tells us that when we cover ourselves up with a lie, we are in covenant with death and hell. So the first step is to face the truth: I had a child, and I've taken the life of my child. Just facing the truth hugely breaks open this problem.

2) You need to repent and confess it to the Lord. You need to actually come with words to the Lord. 1 John 1:9 says: “If we confess our sins, he is faithful to forgive us and cleanse us”. So God has already forgiven us - all you need to do, is position yourself to receive it.

3) The third area is forgiveness. Firstly the person must receive forgiveness - I am forgiven by God; secondly, they must forgive themselves; and thirdly, they must forgive other people. Often, the woman may be very angry at the man; very angry at the father; or very angry at the parents; or very angry at the people who did the procedures; angry at the friends who encouraged her to do it. There can be a lot of anger and grief - and that needs to be faced, and let go of - by forgiveness. Forgiveness is the way we resolve those things; and then deliverance from the demonic spirits.

Confession; release forgiveness; and deliverance from those spirits. And in a moment we'll pray for people to be set free. There's another area that's also needed. This is what we found to be extremely helpful. I have seen people break and weep when we've just taken this step: Ask the Lord - what is this child? Jesus knows, God knows your child - Is this a boy or a girl? Listen to your heart, and God will tell you; just like that.

The next thing to do is to give it a name and an identity. So we're breaking the lie by giving it an identity. We'll ask them, could you name your child. You know how hard it is to name children. You spend days working out a name for a child; but I found that in this kind of process, I've come to the conclusion that God's already named them - I just need to listen to the name. So ask the Lord: what is the name of my child I've lost? Or just rise up and give your child a name.

This lady that had the four abortions, I said: ask the Lord to show you what they were. And she said quite quickly “girl, boy, boy, girl”. I said: now let's give them names. All were named within the space of a couple of minutes. Now, she began to grieve - she started to be aware of her children.

I said, “Now the next step is to release your children to the Lord. See Jesus standing there, and pass your children to Him. Here's what you know: one day you'll see your children again.” So sometimes we pray a little prayer: Jesus, I release my child to You. I release her into your arms. Please tell her I'm so sorry for what I did, and I'm looking forward to meeting her again - a very simple prayer.

But you notice, all it has done is removed all the lie, and bring it down to the truth. Often there's a lot of grief, pain and emotions. Sometimes there are other broken relationships to repair. The path to freedom is very simple.

Of course, if the person's had a miscarriage, there's no sin to confess usually; unless there's some generational cause. But I have found it helpful, every time, to close your eyes and open your heart to the Lord. Ask Him to show you what the child was, and tell you the name. Now, it's not a thing - it's a person; and you'll see your child again. That is the hope of the gospel – the child is in heaven.

So whenever you speak to Jesus, you're speaking to someone who is speaking to your child. Leave your child is Jesus' hands, because one day you'll see them again. I have seen so many people set free, so many broken hearts healed. What a relief to have the secrecy, shame, and lies broken, and a broken heart healed, by faith in Jesus Christ.

A very simple thing to do, and I believe God wants to touch many. Let's close our eyes. I want you to know how much God loves you. Jesus came into this earth, God in the flesh. He showed us what heaven is like, He showed us the kingdom of God, and he invited us to connect with Him. We're all born in sin, separated from God, we can't even find God's way; but Jesus died on the cross for our sins. He rose again from the dead; broke the power of sin. Jesus said these words: to everyone who received Him, made Him welcome, believed in Him, He gave power to become a child of God.

Healing From Abortion (1 of 4)  

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Healing From Abortion (2 of 4)  

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Healing From Abortion (3 of 4)  

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Healing From Abortion (4 of 4)  

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The Silent Scream (Bernard Nathanson)  

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Dr. Bernard Nathanson's classic video that shocked the world. He explains the procedure of a suction abortion, followed by an actual first trimester abortion as seen through ultrasound. The viewer can see the child's pathetic attempts to escape the suction curette as her heart rate doubles, and a "silent scream" as her body is torn apart.

A great tool to help people see why abortion is murder. The most important video on abortion ever made. This video changed opinion on abortion to many people.

Introduction by Dr. Bernard Nathanson, host. Describes the technology of ultrasound and how, for the first time ever, we can actually see inside the womb. Dr. Nathanson further describes the ultrasound technique and shows examples of babies in the womb. Three-dimensional depiction of the developing fetus, from 4 weeks through 28 weeks. Display and usage of the abortionists' tools, plus video of an abortionist performing a suction abortion.

Dr. Nathanson discusses the abortionist who agreed to allow this abortion to be filmed with ultrasound. The abortionist was quite skilled, having performed more than 10,000 abortions. We discover that the resulting ultrasound of his abortion so appalled him that he never again performed another abortion.

The clip begins with an ultrasound of the fetus (girl) who is about to be aborted. The girl is moving in the womb; displays a heartbeat of 140 per minute; and is at times sucking her thumb. As the abortionist's suction tip begins to invade the womb, the child rears and moves violently in an attempt to avoid the instrument. Her mouth is visibly open in a "silent scream." The child's heart rate speeds up dramatically (to 200 beats per minute) as she senses aggression. She moves violently away in a pathetic attempt to escape the instrument. The abortionist's suction tip begins to rip the baby's limbs from its body, ultimately leaving only her head in the uterus (too large to be pulled from the uterus in one piece). The abortionist attempts to crush her head with his forceps, allowing it to be removed.

In an effort to "dehumanize" the procedure, the abortionist and anesthesiologist refer to the baby's head as "number 1." The abortionist crushes "number 1" with the forceps and removes it from the uterus. Abortion statistics are revealed, as well as who benefits from the enormously lucrative industry that has developed. Clinics are now franchised, and there is ample evidence that many are controlled by organized crime.

Women are victims, too. They haven't been told about the true nature of the unborn child or the facts about abortion procedures. Their wombs have been perforated, infected, destroyed, and sterilized. All as a result of an operation about which they they have had no true knowledge.

Films like this must be made part of "informed consent." NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League) and Planned Parenthood are accused of a conspiracy of silence, of keeping women in the dark about the reality of abortion.

Finally, Dr. Nathanson discusses his credentials. He is a former abortionist, having been the director of the largest clinic in the Western world.


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迈克Mike和乔伊康奈尔Joy Connell与他们的女儿约瑟芬分享他们重归于好的故事;见证当我们顺服神时,神是怎样把境况完全转变过来的。



定位的意思是:你呈现的状态,或你说的话,或你做的事, 给神留出空间,让神来触摸你的生命。





把孩子送给别人收养的故事,通常并没有这么好的结局,这只是其中的一个;但它展示了神总是好的,因此,不管故事的结局是 什么,神的良善永不改变。



1. 雅各书 4:6 “神赐恩给谦卑的人。” 当圣经讲到谦卑,它是指你“心里的状态”,你的态度;谦卑并不是奴颜婢膝。谦卑的意思是:你坦率地面对神,承认生命中的错误和失败,不试图掩盖或辩解;这非常重要。谦卑让 我们既看到我们生命中负面的东西,也看到潜能,就像神看到的。圣经告诉我们:神将授权给谦卑的人,就是你要定位自己,在以下方面与神达成一致: A.你的错误和失败;对此持开放的态度。 B. 神是怎样说你和你的生命;(如果他说:“你被赦免了”;那你就被赦免了)。谦卑指的是:我相信;我坚持。C.这是你的定位,是神呼召你去做的。谦卑能通过大胆而坚强地经受考验显明自己。对一些人来说,它看起来像是骄傲,但它不是;它实际上是:我与神就我是谁,我受呼召去做什么, 与神达成一致;这就是谦卑。

2. 第二个原则是:尊敬的原则;圣经上对它的描述是负面的,罗马书1:21 说:“因为他们虽然知道神,却不当作神荣耀他,也不感谢他。他们的思念变为虚妄,无知的心就昏暗了”。原则是:你尊敬和感激的将走向你;你不敬的将远离你。尊敬,荣誉和价值将吸引人进入你的生命;而不敬将让人离开。如果你不重视金钱,它很快就远离你;当你尊重它,处理得当,它就会走向你;生命就是这样。“尊敬某人”的意思是:给予他们恰当的承认,位置和价值;它可以表现在对待他们的态度,或言语,或行为。当我们尊敬人,我们重视他们,我们把自己放在低微的位置,从而使他们被举起。如果我们要圆满地与神同行,享受神的祝福,我们要学习:谦卑的原则和尊敬的原则。


1. 我们尊敬他们,因为:他们所做的事;如果有人 做了什么著名的事,你应该尊敬他,重视他,感激他。

2. 你应该尊敬一个人的品德,就是他是什么样的人。如果某人勇敢,他们可能从没有站出来,但只要有一刻他们在压力下表现出勇敢,你尊敬他。

3. 我们要认同我们生命中其他人的地位和等级;重视他们,尊敬他们,只因为他们的地位。这就是为什么圣经上说:尊敬你的父母;你可能做的很好;但你也可能说:我不知道我父母是怎样的人;其实没有关系,你尊敬他们,因为:这是在你的生命中,神给他们的地位;如果你尊敬他们,你就会得到祝福。

两个原则:谦卑的原则;就是在生命上,在神怎样说我们上,与神达成一致,坚信神说的 是真实的。尊敬的原则;就是愿意给人价值和适当的尊敬。你会发现这总能释放出神的恩典。


[Joy Connell说] 我要和大家分享一段经文,这是主这一周让我注意到的。“在旷野预备耶和华的路,在沙漠地修平我们神的道”。它许多年都是一个沙漠,也是神的道,因为神要来到沙漠。经上还说“一切山洼都要填满”;那对我来说确实是一段非常低谷的时期:小孩被秘密的送给人收养;那真是一个非常低的低谷。

但经上说:“一切山洼都要填满”。而参加她的婚礼是一个非常高的位置,真奇妙。经上说:“大小山冈都要削平”;对我来说,在怀孕的时候面对父母, 那曾经是一座大山,是我无法翻越的大山。上周六,我所有的家庭成员都在那里,与我们站在一起,人很多。经上还说:“弯弯曲曲的地方要改为正直;高高低低的道路要改为平坦”!“耶和华的荣耀必然显现”;我们看到神荣耀的显现。“凡有血气的必一同看见”;是的,婚礼上所有的人都看到了神的荣耀;他们不知道那是神的荣耀,但那确实是。“因为这是耶和华亲口说的”;因为神给了我们应许,他所判定和宣称的,就会实现。







[Mike Connell说] 在我们结婚前,我还不是基督徒,并不认识神。当Joy怀孕后,我们决定把这女孩送给别人收养;这是个非常坏的选择,非常错误的决定;它是在压力下做出的决定,因为没有能力去勇敢地承受。因此,在犯了一个错误后,我们紧接着又犯了第二个错误。圣经上说,如果你想掩盖事情,你绝不会成功;所以,此后的许多年我们忍受了极大的伤心和痛苦。






[Joy Connell说] 教堂仍然很小;当我们结婚时,只能在护士的小礼拜堂;我们有:一个天主教的神父,圣公会的牧师(与一个兄弟会的结了婚,对我这方面的事情很理解)。很奇妙,神的同在就临到了。









[Mike Connell说] 所以,谦卑的问题再一次出现;我们必须面对我们个人生活中的问题,把各样事情理顺,并认识到我们的生命受到深深的伤害;然后来到主的面前,承认这些; 主清楚的告诉我:你要理顺这些。


[Joy Connell说] 是的,我记得我把父母请来,我说:“我要和你们说一些事,…”;我把他们带到我知道的最好的餐馆 Old Flame,让他们坐下。我告诉他们我向他们隐藏的事情,并为此向他们深深的道歉,请求他们原谅。

[Mike Connell说] 我们改正错误,这实际上是尊敬他们;哪里有不尊敬的地方,就要在那里恢复尊敬;这有很大的不同。

[Joy Connell说] 然后我们写信给Josephine,向她道歉;我们两个都为对她的拒绝,以及因此给她的生活造成的影响,表示了谦意,并请求她原谅。然后,我们决定要欢迎她。我们邀请她来家里住;这也是一个奇迹。她当时正在学牙医,现在已经是Whakatane的一个牙医了。她当时在奥塔哥学牙医正学了一半,她正在学一个假期课程,我们邀请她在假期课程结束后到家里来。

当然,当你正牧养着一个教会,当你已经有了六个孩子,你不可能对教会什么也不说就在下星期天又带一个孩子来。但这个教会非常了不起;在她来之前的周日,我们在教会站起来,分享了我们的见证。当时的一些人今天还在这里,我记得你们的样子。在当天的崇拜结束时,神真是太好了,所有人的密室都打开了,所有人的丑事都揭开了;神感动了大家,带给大家极大的医治;作为一个教会大家庭,你们很好地回应了我们。我们邀请她来到家里,来的那天刚好是Mike 44 岁的生日。

[Mike Connell说] 怎么这么巧?

[Joy Connell说] 那是她说好要来的日子。

[Mike Connell说] 她不知道我的生日,但来的那天刚好是我的生日。






[Joy Connell说] 那时,尽管Mike有机会帮她准备婚礼,教她怎样尊敬她的养父母,当然那会立刻带来眼泪;Mike与他们并没有感情上的联系,但他列出了他们为她做出的许多事,以及怎样尊崇感谢他们。





[Mike Connell说] 我们去到婚礼;婚礼的排练非常的困难,你必须面对问题。

我们与主同行时, 如果我们做出了不好的决定和选择,他不会让我们免于承担后果;而你如果要成长,你就必须知道,做了坏的决定和选择,就会有坏的后果;尽管神会赦免我们,但我们仍需承担由此产生的后果。









因此,我们让Kate 和 Andrew (我们的女婿和媳妇)一起唱了一首歌;在他们开始唱的时候,气氛开始改变;不是因为他们选的歌,而是因为他们内在的生命,气氛开始改变,神的同在临到那里;你能感到气氛的改变,当然,每个人都看着我:他会说什么呢? “你会说什么呢?你会说多少呢?”


[Joy Connell说] 小男孩Alex是Josephine的小儿子。

[Mike Connell说] 那是她的养父母;这是他们在婚礼上把我女儿交给新郎Steve。



[Joy Connell说] 她是先天性髋关节脱位。真是令人惊讶;这个妈妈声称是无神论者,但她看到我们这个孩子说:我知道她会没事的;10个月的时候,她站起来走路了。

[Mike Connell说] 在医院的时候,没有人要她,我们不知道为什么。



[Joy Connell说] 我们还尊崇了他们为我们开放了他们家。

[Mike Connell说] 并欢迎我们去他们家相聚,与他们共度时光。

[Joy Connell说] 我们与Josephine见面后没多久,就与他们第一次见面,当时感觉很奇怪;我们去到新西兰南岛的最顶端,两对父母,加上Josephine,一起吃饭。邀请我们来到他们家是一件大事;但让我觉得有趣的是:吃饭吃到一半,她的养母向我倾诉了她的心声,讲了她的感受,心情;然后突然她说:嗨,你完全是个陌生人,我不知道为什么跟你讲这些。

[Mike Connell说] 我做的就是尊崇他们;尊崇她的兄弟们,我们全部家庭成员都与我们同来,支持我们,没有一个漏掉。我尊崇了Steve,为他来找我征求允许的恰当举动;然后是Josephine,为她寻找我们的勇气和意愿,并欢迎我们进入她的生命中和心底里。




[Joy Connell说] 当神要恢复事情时,是轻而易举的;他有着宽广的胸怀。






[Mike Connell说] 到了接待的时候,我们不知道会怎样。当我们进去的时候,我们注意到Jo做了一件有趣的事。





[Joy Connell说] 是的,前一晚真的很尴尬,她根本都没有正面看我,她一直在忙啊,忙的。

[Mike Connell说] 显然很痛苦。

[Joy Connell说] 在婚礼上被敬重,使她消除了疑虑。在Josephine敬重她之后,她站起来说话,她本来没打算要说的,她看起来那么漂亮。



[Mike Connell说] 她说每年的圣诞节或者是Josephine的生日的时候,他们总想到失去她的那个家庭,他们非常感恩,我们的损失是他们的收获。



[Joy Connell说] 这样神就可以进来了。

[Mike Connell说] 神进来做工。

[Joy Connell说] 尊重人就可以让神降临,这是一个大能的经历。




婚礼前一个星期的礼拜六,Steve在水深28米的海里潜水,氧气用完了,他快速的上浮,然后就得了潜函病(深海潜水员因浮出水面太快而感到关节剧痛﹑ 呼吸困难的症状),被送进减压室直到结婚前两天才出来。



[Mike Connell说] 我们分享了一些故事,它对人们的影响是惊人的。还有很多事情我不便公开,它们是非常宝贵的经验。




[Joy Connell说] 他坐下来后就开始流眼泪。

[Mike Connell说] 是的,他坐下来哭起来了。还有很多这样的事情发生。













由Dawn Seow撰写的相关文章 (www.citynews.sg – 2012年6月16日)


1962年,Mike和Joy Connell刚刚进入大学,他们在学校相识并相爱。但是因为Connell来自天主教家庭,而Joy的家庭则是严格的兄弟会成员。两个家庭非常反对他们两人的关系。







这就是Mike和Joy Connell的爱情故事,他们现在是新西兰哈斯丁市海湾教会的主任牧师。他们的名字对于城市丰收教会并不陌生,Connell是国际知名的讲员,他在发预言,释放,以及内心医治方面有特别的恩赐和能力,他的服事大大的医治了那些受伤和破碎的心灵。







Josephine Brown,Connell家的女儿,当时已经十八岁了,正在大学一年级学习。通常情况下,社会福利机构是不会让他们在孩子年满二十一岁前与她接触的,但是因为是双方的意愿,他们被允许开始联系。










当Josephine遇见她未来的先生Steve Brown后,改变开始了。Steve与Josephine分享了他在一次教会崇拜中得医治的见证。“我想,这人可以帮助我灵命成长,这是很重要的。如果我跟错了一个人,可能就更难成为基督徒了。”









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探索如何把有意义的愈合谁失去了一个孩子在子宫内的家庭,使他们免受奴役和折磨。耶稣来不是要谴责 - 他要拯救,医治,拯救,恢复。








诗篇127篇3节说“儿女是耶和华所赐的产业。所怀的胎,是他所给的赏赐。” 。所以孩子是产业,是上帝赐给我们的,每个人里面都有这个灵,是从神而来。圣经说神是灵。人与人结合会创造生命。人与神同工,上帝把灵放在孩子身上,孩子成为有灵的活人。上帝渴望孩子分享他给的命定,上帝的渴望是有许多的子女,这是神的心。上帝的计划就是接触这地,帮助人,就是上帝的人。












第二个见证。今年初我在新加坡讲道,教导关于与神相遇。当时我正在服事我们的敬拜小组,帮助他们与神相遇。在这以前的一天,教会结束后,我们的两个很忧伤的孩子分别跟我们说,他们今天聚会时看到了他们失去的哥哥和姐姐在天堂,还能清楚的描述他们。我必须承认我有些嫉妒。而当今年我讲与神相遇时,教导人们如何专注耶稣,用你的想象力想像圣经中是如何描述他的,让你的心伸向他 ,默想耶稣。这些年青人也都与神相遇。我感到不应只带领聚会,我也要进去。








士师记十三章2至5节说“那时有一个琐拉人,是属但族的,名叫玛挪亚。他的妻不怀孕,不生育。耶和华的使者向那妇人显现,对他说,向来你不怀孕,不生育,如今你必怀孕生一个儿子。所以你当谨慎,清酒浓酒都不可喝,一切不洁之物也不可吃。 你必怀孕生一个儿子,不可用剃头刀剃他的头,因为这孩子一出胎就归 神作拿细耳人。他必起首拯救以色列人脱离非利士人的手。”







诗篇139篇16节,大卫说“我未成形的体质,你的眼早已看见了。你所定的日子,我尚未度一日,你都写在你的册上了。 ”大卫的意思是:当我还是小小的胚胎时,我还未成型前,你就看到我了。不仅如此,在你的书上,已经写下了我的一生,我甚至还没有过一天。 他的意思是,神已视他为一个人,一个灵,一个有命定的人。在他出生前,为他安排了一切。










圣经路加福音一章39至41节说“那时候马利亚起身急忙往山地里去,来到犹大的一座城。进了撒迦利亚的家、问以利沙伯安。” 以利沙伯怀孕六个月,婴儿还没有完全成型,“ 以利沙伯一听马利亚问安,所怀的胎就在腹里跳动,以利沙伯且被圣灵充满。”谁说腹中的婴儿不了解周遭发生的事情?你看,以利沙伯正怀孕,马利亚来探望她,圣灵通过她预言。以利沙伯听到了,婴儿也听到了,他大力的踢动,满有喜乐。因为这是他的命定,要成为弥赛亚的先知,还在母腹中,他就有了命定。他知道了这些安排,感受到了圣灵,他跳跃,大力地踢。





圣经中讲述了流产发生的几个来由。 重点是,神的计划不是流产,而是生养众多。我们查考经文,分现流产的发生是因为拜偶像,有时咒诅临到家中,发生流产。有时是因为家中有乱伦的事发生,有时是因为人们交鬼产生的。



我想强调堕胎 的影响,有时当我们辅导人时,如果没有挖到问题的根源,问题就永远不会解决。当我研究这个领域时,发现不管在任何地方,人们得出同样的结论。当女人堕胎时,她必须让自己相信这不是真实的人。可能是医生告诉她,这没什么,只是一次医疗手术;也可能是因为害怕,或者身体条件不好,她就是不肯承认发生的事情。



• 羞愧。他们会感到羞愧和隐秘,没有自信。

• 罪咎。不能脱离的罪咎感。

• 忧郁。时常忧郁,悲伤和痛哭,却没有明显的原因。请记住,如果你以谎言遮盖真相,拒绝接受一个生命被夺走,你不会明白为何会悲伤,如果他不是什么东西,我有什么好悲伤的呢?

• 自杀倾向。

• 自恨。

• 睡眠失调

• 各样回想的画面。女人会突然记起过去痛苦的经历,又回到震惊和悲伤中去。

• 强烈渴望拥有一个替代的孩子。下意识中希望有一个孩子可以弥补失去的孩子。这个被称为“周年现象”,在堕胎日或孩子的出生日,母亲时常开始忧伤哭泣,却不明白为什么。

• 宠爱,溺爱另一个孩子。

• 酒精和毒品的问题。

• 自我惩罚的行为。我应该被惩罚,可能自我伤害如割伤自己,虐待的关系,混乱的关系。

• 可能有身体的疾病。经常流血,或习惯性流产。

• 常常有很深的罪恶感。我活下来了,可孩子付上了代价。很可怕的感觉。








1. 我们需要面对属灵的问题。要面对真相,是我夺走了孩子的生命。大部分的母亲这样做是因为感到极大的压力。来自男朋友或丈夫的压力,家庭的压力,环境的压力,不管怎样,他们必须负责任。得释放的关键就是打破谎言。以赛亚书二十八章告诉我们,当我们以谎言遮盖自己,我们就与死亡和地狱立约。

2. 在神面前悔改,认罪。真实的来到神的话语前。约翰一书一章9节“我们若认自己的罪,神是信实的,是公义的,必要赦免我们的罪,洗净我们一切的不义。”神已经饶恕赦免了我们,我们要做的,就是领受他,

3. 饶恕。首先人们必须接受饶恕,接受神饶恕了我们。其次,饶恕自己。最后,饶恕别人。经常,女人会对孩子的父亲生气,对自己的父母生气,或对帮她做手术的人生气,对鼓励她这么做的朋友生气。有各样的怨恨和悲伤需要面对。放开饶恕他们是解决这一问题的方法。释放他离开邪灵。








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邁克Mike和喬伊康奈爾Joy Connell與他們的女兒約瑟芬分享他們重歸於好的故事﹔見証當我們順服神時,神是怎樣把境況完全轉變過來的。



定位的意思是:你呈現的狀態,或你說的話,或你做的事, 給神留出空間,讓神來觸摸你的生命。





把孩子送給別人收養的故事,通常並沒有這麼好的結局,這隻是其中的一個﹔但它展示了神總是好的,因此,不管故事的結局是 什麼,神的良善永不改變。



1. 雅各書 4:6 “神賜恩給謙卑的人。” 當聖經講到謙卑,它是指你“心裡的狀態”,你的態度﹔謙卑並不是奴顏婢膝。謙卑的意思是:你坦率地面對神,承認生命中的錯誤和失敗,不試圖掩蓋或辯解﹔這非常重要。謙卑讓 我們既看到我們生命中負面的東西,也看到潛能,就像神看到的。聖經告訴我們:神將授權給謙卑的人,就是你要定位自己,在以下方面與神達成一致: A.你的錯誤和失敗﹔對此持開放的態度。 B. 神是怎樣說你和你的生命﹔(如果他說:“你被赦免了”﹔那你就被赦免了)。謙卑指的是:我相信﹔我堅持。C.這是你的定位,是神呼召你去做的。謙卑能通過大膽而堅強地經受考驗顯明自己。對一些人來說,它看起來像是驕傲,但它不是﹔它實際上是:我與神就我是誰,我受呼召去做什麼, 與神達成一致﹔這就是謙卑。

2. 第二個原則是:尊敬的原則﹔聖經上對它的描述是負面的,羅馬書1:21 說:“因為他們雖然知道神,卻不當作神榮耀他,也不感謝他。他們的思念變為虛妄,無知的心就昏暗了”。原則是:你尊敬和感激的將走向你﹔你不敬的將遠離你。尊敬,榮譽和價值將吸引人進入你的生命﹔而不敬將讓人離開。如果你不重視金錢,它很快就遠離你﹔當你尊重它,處理得當,它就會走向你﹔生命就是這樣。“尊敬某人”的意思是:給予他們恰當的承認,位置和價值﹔它可以表現在對待他們的態度,或言語,或行為。當我們尊敬人,我們重視他們,我們把自己放在低微的位置,從而使他們被舉起。如果我們要圓滿地與神同行,享受神的祝福,我們要學習:謙卑的原則和尊敬的原則。


1. 我們尊敬他們,因為:他們所做的事﹔如果有人 做了什麼著名的事,你應該尊敬他,重視他,感激他。

2. 你應該尊敬一個人的品德,就是他是什麼樣的人。如果某人勇敢,他們可能從沒有站出來,但隻要有一刻他們在壓力下表現出勇敢,你尊敬他。

3. 我們要認同我們生命中其他人的地位和等級﹔重視他們,尊敬他們,隻因為他們的地位。這就是為什麼聖經上說:尊敬你的父母﹔你可能做的很好﹔但你也可能說:我不知道我父母是怎樣的人﹔其實沒有關系,你尊敬他們,因為:這是在你的生命中,神給他們的地位﹔如果你尊敬他們,你就會得到祝福。

兩個原則:謙卑的原則﹔就是在生命上,在神怎樣說我們上,與神達成一致,堅信神說的 是真實的。尊敬的原則﹔就是願意給人價值和適當的尊敬。你會發現這總能釋放出神的恩典。


[Joy Connell說] 我要和大家分享一段經文,這是主這一周讓我注意到的。“在曠野預備耶和華的路,在沙漠地修平我們神的道”。它許多年都是一個沙漠,也是神的道,因為神要來到沙漠。經上還說“一切山窪都要填滿”﹔那對我來說確實是一段非常低谷的時期:小孩被秘密的送給人收養﹔那真是一個非常低的低谷。

但經上說:“一切山窪都要填滿”。而參加她的婚禮是一個非常高的位置,真奇妙。經上說:“大小山岡都要削平”﹔對我來說,在懷孕的時候面對父母, 那曾經是一座大山,是我無法翻越的大山。上周六,我所有的家庭成員都在那裡,與我們站在一起,人很多。經上還說:“彎彎曲曲的地方要改為正直﹔高高低低的道路要改為平坦”!“耶和華的榮耀必然顯現”﹔我們看到神榮耀的顯現。“凡有血氣的必一同看見”﹔是的,婚禮上所有的人都看到了神的榮耀﹔他們不知道那是神的榮耀,但那確實是。“因為這是耶和華親口說的”﹔因為神給了我們應許,他所判定和宣稱的,就會實現。







[Mike Connell說] 在我們結婚前,我還不是基督徒,並不認識神。當Joy懷孕后,我們決定把這女孩送給別人收養﹔這是個非常壞的選擇,非常錯誤的決定﹔它是在壓力下做出的決定,因為沒有能力去勇敢地承受。因此,在犯了一個錯誤后,我們緊接著又犯了第二個錯誤。聖經上說,如果你想掩蓋事情,你絕不會成功﹔所以,此后的許多年我們忍受了極大的傷心和痛苦。






[Joy Connell說] 教堂仍然很小﹔當我們結婚時,隻能在護士的小禮拜堂﹔我們有:一個天主教的神父,聖公會的牧師(與一個兄弟會的結了婚,對我這方面的事情很理解)。很奇妙,神的同在就臨到了。









[Mike Connell說] 所以,謙卑的問題再一次出現﹔我們必須面對我們個人生活中的問題,把各樣事情理順,並認識到我們的生命受到深深的傷害﹔然后來到主的面前,承認這些﹔ 主清楚的告訴我:你要理順這些。


[Joy Connell說] 是的,我記得我把父母請來,我說:“我要和你們說一些事,…”﹔我把他們帶到我知道的最好的餐館 Old Flame,讓他們坐下。我告訴他們我向他們隱藏的事情,並為此向他們深深的道歉,請求他們原諒。

[Mike Connell說] 我們改正錯誤,這實際上是尊敬他們﹔哪裡有不尊敬的地方,就要在那裡恢復尊敬﹔這有很大的不同。

[Joy Connell說] 然后我們寫信給Josephine,向她道歉﹔我們兩個都為對她的拒絕,以及因此給她的生活造成的影響,表示了謙意,並請求她原諒。然后,我們決定要歡迎她。我們邀請她來家裡住﹔這也是一個奇跡。她當時正在學牙醫,現在已經是Whakatane的一個牙醫了。她當時在奧塔哥學牙醫正學了一半,她正在學一個假期課程,我們邀請她在假期課程結束后到家裡來。

當然,當你正牧養著一個教會,當你已經有了六個孩子,你不可能對教會什麼也不說就在下星期天又帶一個孩子來。但這個教會非常了不起﹔在她來之前的周日,我們在教會站起來,分享了我們的見証。當時的一些人今天還在這裡,我記得你們的樣子。在當天的崇拜結束時,神真是太好了,所有人的密室都打開了,所有人的丑事都揭開了﹔神感動了大家,帶給大家極大的醫治﹔作為一個教會大家庭,你們很好地回應了我們。我們邀請她來到家裡,來的那天剛好是Mike 44 歲的生日。

[Mike Connell說] 怎麼這麼巧?

[Joy Connell說] 那是她說好要來的日子。

[Mike Connell說] 她不知道我的生日,但來的那天剛好是我的生日。






[Joy Connell說] 那時,盡管Mike有機會幫她准備婚禮,教她怎樣尊敬她的養父母,當然那會立刻帶來眼淚﹔Mike與他們並沒有感情上的聯系,但他列出了他們為她做出的許多事,以及怎樣尊崇感謝他們。





[Mike Connell說] 我們去到婚禮﹔婚禮的排練非常的困難,你必須面對問題。

我們與主同行時, 如果我們做出了不好的決定和選擇,他不會讓我們免於承擔后果﹔而你如果要成長,你就必須知道,做了壞的決定和選擇,就會有壞的后果﹔盡管神會赦免我們,但我們仍需承擔由此產生的后果。









因此,我們讓Kate 和 Andrew (我們的女婿和媳婦)一起唱了一首歌﹔在他們開始唱的時候,氣氛開始改變﹔不是因為他們選的歌,而是因為他們內在的生命,氣氛開始改變,神的同在臨到那裡﹔你能感到氣氛的改變,當然,每個人都看著我:他會說什麼呢? “你會說什麼呢?你會說多少呢?”


[Joy Connell說] 小男孩Alex是Josephine的小兒子。

[Mike Connell說] 那是她的養父母﹔這是他們在婚禮上把我女兒交給新郎Steve。



[Joy Connell說] 她是先天性髖關節脫位。真是令人驚訝﹔這個媽媽聲稱是無神論者,但她看到我們這個孩子說:我知道她會沒事的﹔10個月的時候,她站起來走路了。

[Mike Connell說] 在醫院的時候,沒有人要她,我們不知道為什麼。



[Joy Connell說] 我們還尊崇了他們為我們開放了他們家。

[Mike Connell說] 並歡迎我們去他們家相聚,與他們共度時光。

[Joy Connell說] 我們與Josephine見面后沒多久,就與他們第一次見面,當時感覺很奇怪﹔我們去到新西蘭南島的最頂端,兩對父母,加上Josephine,一起吃飯。邀請我們來到他們家是一件大事﹔但讓我覺得有趣的是:吃飯吃到一半,她的養母向我傾訴了她的心聲,講了她的感受,心情﹔然后突然她說:嗨,你完全是個陌生人,我不知道為什麼跟你講這些。

[Mike Connell說] 我做的就是尊崇他們﹔尊崇她的兄弟們,我們全部家庭成員都與我們同來,支持我們,沒有一個漏掉。我尊崇了Steve,為他來找我征求允許的恰當舉動﹔然后是Josephine,為她尋找我們的勇氣和意願,並歡迎我們進入她的生命中和心底裡。




[Joy Connell說] 當神要恢復事情時,是輕而易舉的﹔他有著寬廣的胸懷。






[Mike Connell說] 到了接待的時候,我們不知道會怎樣。當我們進去的時候,我們注意到Jo做了一件有趣的事。





[Joy Connell說] 是的,前一晚真的很尷尬,她根本都沒有正面看我,她一直在忙啊,忙的。

[Mike Connell說] 顯然很痛苦。

[Joy Connell說] 在婚禮上被敬重,使她消除了疑慮。在Josephine敬重她之后,她站起來說話,她本來沒打算要說的,她看起來那麼漂亮。



[Mike Connell說] 她說每年的聖誕節或者是Josephine的生日的時候,他們總想到失去她的那個家庭,他們非常感恩,我們的損失是他們的收獲。



[Joy Connell說] 這樣神就可以進來了。

[Mike Connell說] 神進來做工。

[Joy Connell說] 尊重人就可以讓神降臨,這是一個大能的經歷。




婚禮前一個星期的禮拜六,Steve在水深28米的海裡潛水,氧氣用完了,他快速的上浮,然后就得了潛函病(深海潛水員因浮出水面太快而感到關節劇痛﹑ 呼吸困難的症狀),被送進減壓室直到結婚前兩天才出來。



[Mike Connell說] 我們分享了一些故事,它對人們的影響是驚人的。還有很多事情我不便公開,它們是非常寶貴的經驗。




[Joy Connell說] 他坐下來后就開始流眼淚。

[Mike Connell說] 是的,他坐下來哭起來了。還有很多這樣的事情發生。













由Dawn Seow撰寫的相關文章 (www.citynews.sg – 2012年6月16日)


1962年,Mike和Joy Connell剛剛進入大學,他們在學校相識並相愛。但是因為Connell來自天主教家庭,而Joy的家庭則是嚴格的兄弟會成員。兩個家庭非常反對他們兩人的關系。







這就是Mike和Joy Connell的愛情故事,他們現在是新西蘭哈斯丁市海灣教會的主任牧師。他們的名字對於城市豐收教會並不陌生,Connell是國際知名的講員,他在發預言,釋放,以及內心醫治方面有特別的恩賜和能力,他的服事大大的醫治了那些受傷和破碎的心靈。







Josephine Brown,Connell家的女兒,當時已經十八歲了,正在大學一年級學習。通常情況下,社會福利機構是不會讓他們在孩子年滿二十一歲前與她接觸的,但是因為是雙方的意願,他們被允許開始聯系。










當Josephine遇見她未來的先生Steve Brown后,改變開始了。Steve與Josephine分享了他在一次教會崇拜中得醫治的見証。“我想,這人可以幫助我靈命成長,這是很重要的。如果我跟錯了一個人,可能就更難成為基督徒了。”









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探索如何把有意義的癒合誰失去了一個孩子在子宮內的家庭,使他們免受奴役和折磨。耶穌來不是要譴責 - 他要拯救,醫治,拯救,恢復。








詩篇127篇3節說“兒女是耶和華所賜的產業。所懷的胎,是他所給的賞賜。” 。所以孩子是產業,是上帝賜給我們的,每個人裡面都有這個靈,是從神而來。聖經說神是靈。人與人結合會創造生命。人與神同工,上帝把靈放在孩子身上,孩子成為有靈的活人。上帝渴望孩子分享他給的命定,上帝的渴望是有許多的子女,這是神的心。上帝的計劃就是接觸這地,幫助人,就是上帝的人。












第二個見証。今年初我在新加坡講道,教導關於與神相遇。當時我正在服事我們的敬拜小組,幫助他們與神相遇。在這以前的一天,教會結束后,我們的兩個很憂傷的孩子分別跟我們說,他們今天聚會時看到了他們失去的哥哥和姐姐在天堂,還能清楚的描述他們。我必須承認我有些嫉妒。而當今年我講與神相遇時,教導人們如何專注耶穌,用你的想象力想像聖經中是如何描述他的,讓你的心伸向他 ,默想耶穌。這些年青人也都與神相遇。我感到不應隻帶領聚會,我也要進去。








士師記十三章2至5節說“那時有一個瑣拉人,是屬但族的,名叫瑪挪亞。他的妻不懷孕,不生育。耶和華的使者向那婦人顯現,對他說,向來你不懷孕,不生育,如今你必懷孕生一個兒子。所以你當謹慎,清酒濃酒都不可喝,一切不潔之物也不可吃。 你必懷孕生一個兒子,不可用剃頭刀剃他的頭,因為這孩子一出胎就歸 神作拿細耳人。他必起首拯救以色列人脫離非利士人的手。”







詩篇139篇16節,大衛說“我未成形的體質,你的眼早已看見了。你所定的日子,我尚未度一日,你都寫在你的冊上了。 ”大衛的意思是:當我還是小小的胚胎時,我還未成型前,你就看到我了。不僅如此,在你的書上,已經寫下了我的一生,我甚至還沒有過一天。 他的意思是,神已視他為一個人,一個靈,一個有命定的人。在他出生前,為他安排了一切。










聖經路加福音一章39至41節說“那時候馬利亞起身急忙往山地裡去,來到猶大的一座城。進了撒迦利亞的家、問以利沙伯安。” 以利沙伯懷孕六個月,嬰兒還沒有完全成型,“ 以利沙伯一聽馬利亞問安,所懷的胎就在腹裡跳動,以利沙伯且被聖靈充滿。”誰說腹中的嬰兒不了解周遭發生的事情?你看,以利沙伯正懷孕,馬利亞來探望她,聖靈通過她預言。以利沙伯聽到了,嬰兒也聽到了,他大力的踢動,滿有喜樂。因為這是他的命定,要成為彌賽亞的先知,還在母腹中,他就有了命定。他知道了這些安排,感受到了聖靈,他跳躍,大力地踢。





聖經中講述了流產發生的幾個來由。 重點是,神的計劃不是流產,而是生養眾多。我們查考經文,分現流產的發生是因為拜偶像,有時咒詛臨到家中,發生流產。有時是因為家中有亂倫的事發生,有時是因為人們交鬼產生的。



我想強調墮胎 的影響,有時當我們輔導人時,如果沒有挖到問題的根源,問題就永遠不會解決。當我研究這個領域時,發現不管在任何地方,人們得出同樣的結論。當女人墮胎時,她必須讓自己相信這不是真實的人。可能是醫生告訴她,這沒什麼,隻是一次醫療手術﹔也可能是因為害怕,或者身體條件不好,她就是不肯承認發生的事情。



• 羞愧。他們會感到羞愧和隱秘,沒有自信。

• 罪咎。不能脫離的罪咎感。

• 憂郁。時常憂郁,悲傷和痛哭,卻沒有明顯的原因。請記住,如果你以謊言遮蓋真相,拒絕接受一個生命被奪走,你不會明白為何會悲傷,如果他不是什麼東西,我有什麼好悲傷的呢?

• 自殺傾向。

• 自恨。

• 睡眠失調

• 各樣回想的畫面。女人會突然記起過去痛苦的經歷,又回到震驚和悲傷中去。

• 強烈渴望擁有一個替代的孩子。下意識中希望有一個孩子可以彌補失去的孩子。這個被稱為“周年現象”,在墮胎日或孩子的出生日,母親時常開始憂傷哭泣,卻不明白為什麼。

• 寵愛,溺愛另一個孩子。

• 酒精和毒品的問題。

• 自我懲罰的行為。我應該被懲罰,可能自我傷害如割傷自己,虐待的關系,混亂的關系。

• 可能有身體的疾病。經常流血,或習慣性流產。

• 常常有很深的罪惡感。我活下來了,可孩子付上了代價。很可怕的感覺。








1. 我們需要面對屬靈的問題。要面對真相,是我奪走了孩子的生命。大部分的母親這樣做是因為感到極大的壓力。來自男朋友或丈夫的壓力,家庭的壓力,環境的壓力,不管怎樣,他們必須負責任。得釋放的關鍵就是打破謊言。以賽亞書二十八章告訴我們,當我們以謊言遮蓋自己,我們就與死亡和地獄立約。

2. 在神面前悔改,認罪。真實的來到神的話語前。約翰一書一章9節“我們若認自己的罪,神是信實的,是公義的,必要赦免我們的罪,洗淨我們一切的不義。”神已經饒恕赦免了我們,我們要做的,就是領受他,

3. 饒恕。首先人們必須接受饒恕,接受神饒恕了我們。其次,饒恕自己。最后,饒恕別人。經常,女人會對孩子的父親生氣,對自己的父母生氣,或對幫她做手術的人生氣,對鼓勵她這麼做的朋友生氣。有各樣的怨恨和悲傷需要面對。放開饒恕他們是解決這一問題的方法。釋放他離開邪靈。








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