Itinerary for Mike Connell


January 28th - 31st: Central Christian, Baltimore, USA - Larry and Terry Kirk

February 3rd - 5th: attending Supernatural Fivefold Ministry School, Miami USA
February 22nd - 29th: Durban Christian Centre - John Torrens

March 1st - 6th: Capetown SA, John Torrens
March 19th - 20th: Invercargil, NZ - Invercargil Christian Centre - Ian Wright
March 30th - 31st: Hastings, NZ - Bay City Church -Deliverance Training - Dave Connell

April 1st - 2nd: Hastings NZ - Bay City Church - Freedom Seminar - Dave Connell
April 6th - 7th: Taiwan - Good TV
April 9th - 9th: Taiwan FGB Retreat
April 10th - 13th: Taiwan - Gordon Huang
April 14th - 17th: Bandung, ID - ECC - Ps Nala
April 29th - 30th: Mt Annan, C3 Church - Pastors and Leaders, Andrew Gray

May 1st - 4th: Mt Annan, C3 Church - Andrew Gray
May 14th - 16th: Auckland, NZ - C3 - Dean Rush
May 18th - 21st: Queenstown NZ - Pastors Conference
May 23rd - 5th June: Taiwan, Taipei New Life Church - Abraham Ku

June 9th - 12th: Penang, City Harvest Church - Saras Bany
June 13th - 17th: Kuala Lumpur, School of Acts - Raymond Mooi
June 23rd - 24th: Kuala Lumpur, Vietnamese Conference
June 25th - 26th: Kuala Lumpur, City Harvest Church, - Kevin Loo
June 27th - 1st July: Singapore, City Harvest Church Bible School

July 15th - 17th: Melbourne AU, City Life - Mark Connor
July 22nd - 24th: Singapore, Living Sanctuary Brethren Church - Lawrence Chua
July 25th - 29th: Taiwan, Taipei - Bible School, Wayne Chang

August 3rd - 7th: San Jose, USA

September 9th - 11th: Hastings NZ, Bay City Church - Freedeom Seminar - Dave Connell
September 17th - 20th: Hong Kong, FGB Conference
September 21st - 25th; Melbourne AU, FaithLife Church - Ted Fabiyanic
September 29th -1st October: San Diego, C3 - Cherish Conference -

October 2nd - 5th: San Diego, C3 - Jurgen & Leanne
October 6th - 9th: Houston, Vietnamese Church
October 15th - 16th: Coolum AU, C3 Church Kawana Waters

November 1st - 6th: Taiwan, Taipei - Gordon Huang
November 10th - 13th: Bandung, ID, Inspire Community Centre - Chandra Sundjaja
November 14th - 16th: Bandung, Elshaddai Creative Community
November 20th: London, Salvation for the Nations International Churches