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Sonship & The Supernatural (1 of 3)

Mike Connell

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Sonship & The Supernatural (1 of 3)

I want to share a message called: Sonship and the Supernatural. Then I want to talk in the next session on: Sonship and Heart Transformation; and then tonight I want to speak on: Sonship and our warfare - what our warfare is about, where the warfare is, and then the nature of what comes against us.

If you want to move in the supernatural, you will be involved in spiritual warfare. If you don't know what you're up against, and how to fight, you will become defeated in that; so we want to pray and minister to people, and also impart to people. Tomorrow I have some other messages. Tomorrow night I'll speak in the spirit of might. I want to particularly impart to people that you start to carry the deliverance and anointing and the power of the spirit around your life, and you begin to nurture that anointing and grow and explore, breaking into new territory. Amen.

Main Message

Our theme scripture is Romans 8:19 - "The whole of creation is eagerly awaiting". Now if you ask most people what they're waiting for, they're waiting for Jesus to come back again, but the Bible doesn't say that. It says: the earnest expectation of the creation is the manifestation, or the unveiling, of what God has been doing over thousands of years of history. The highlight of what He is doing will be the revealing and unveiling of what He's doing in us - the revelation, not just of the Son of God, but of a family of sons and daughters. So when we use the word 'son', it's a non-gender term, as far as we're concerned. Men and women are 'sons', just as men and women are 'the bride'. It is a language used to describe a certain kind of relationship; and I want to explain just what that is, as we look at it, so we don't get sort of "ooh, that's not about me", or "I'm being excluded", or something.

I want to just talk a little bit about God's design - the way God has designed things to work. We see the pattern through the Bible is one of a father/son relationship. In Numbers 14:21, when God has brought Israel out of Egypt, He's wanting to bring them into the land, and they all fell short of the promise. It was a generation that never entered into what God had prepared for them; and even though they failed, God said this: "they will not enter the land, but nevertheless, nevertheless as truly as I live all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord". So the exit of the people from Egypt, their journey through the wilderness of preparation, and their entry into the Promised Land, is a prophetic picture of God's work in the church, and of us entering into a great supernatural legacy that Jesus purchased for us.

He said: "even though that generation failed, nevertheless the earth..." So it's not just about the land - it's the whole earth - "...shall be filled with the glory of the Lord". In Habakkuk 2, he says: "the whole earth shall be filled with knowledge of the glory of the Lord". We're living in an electronic age, where now it can be known. The church needs to start to rise, and step up into it. So when it says: "the glory of the Lord", what does it mean? The glory of the Lord is very simply: the goodness of God, His nature and virtue - manifested in a tangible way. Every time you saw the glory manifest in the Bible, it was manifested in something that could be seen, or felt, or experienced. The glory of God... Moses said: "show me Your glory", and God said: "I will make all My goodness pass before you" - and then He describes what that looks like...