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The Making of a King (5 of 5)

Mike Connell

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The Making of a King (5 of 5)
The Making of a King (5 of 5) Mike Connell 16.03.2008 pm

Great, I want you to open your Bible at Acts 13. I want to finish tonight what I've started. Sorry I wasn't here last week. I was with a group of Indians. We had a great time, some good miracles and people getting filled with the Holy Ghost. It was great - so we've been sharing a series on the Making of a King, the Making of a King. And the Bible tells us that we are kings; that we have an area God wants us to have dominion over and you saw coming up for some of you that area of dominion will be your money. If you can't get dominion over your money forget about the world. [Laughs] It ain't going to happen. So we're called to be kings, to have dominion. You're designed for that. You're designed for dominion. You're designed to actually express the love of God and to bring the values, the life and the victory of heaven into the earth, to take dominion.

There's no place in the kingdom of God for people who are passive, who are victims in their thinking or waiting for something to happen. God calls you to connect with him, arise and begin to advance his interests in the earth. We've been looking at the life of David and let's just pick up a couple of verses about him in the New Testament; then we'll go back and finish our story with him in the Old. Acts 13:22, it says when He had removed Saul, He raised up David as a king, He raised up for them David as a king, to whom He gave this testimony, saying I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after My own heart, who will do all My will. So we see the first thing about David was he was raised up by God. He said he's a man after My own heart. He was a man with a passion to know God, a passionate desire to know what God is like. A lot of people know about God - different knowing about God to actually knowing Him personally. He can be known as you search the word of God.

If you were to read the Bible and begin to start to find and look up the word 'delight' and 'desire', and start to have a look around and find what the Lord delights in and what He desires, you'll be quite amazed what you can find out about Him. You know there's things He loves, things He hates. If you want to walk with the Lord begin to discover what He loves and love that; begin to hate what He hates, and you'll begin to start to find your fellowship with the Lord increases. You are starting to become more like Him in your thinking and the way you run your life. There are some things God really loves. He delights in mercy, He delights in justice, delights in things being done right, see? There are things He hates; a proud look, a lying tongue, someone who sows discord. Things that God loves, things He hates, and David had a heart to discover what God desired.

He had a passionate heart for God. Notice what it says that God said of him: I've raised him up for them, so David was raised up not just so he could be a great man, but he was raised up for a purpose. We see that a little bit down the line in one of the verses in Acts 13 where it says after David had served his generation - verse 36 - after David served his generation by the will of God. So we see then two things about David; number one, he had a passionate desire to know and to walk with God. That was the driving force behind his greatness. The second thing was he was committed to serve his generation. He was committed to do something with what he had. If you're going to walk with God it will always be He will raise you up for someone else. The call of God on your life is not for you. You are called to represent God, to touch the lives of people. So when God raises you up and gives you a role, a gifting or whatever, it's not for you.