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Break Through (2 of 2)

Mike Connell

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Soon they just poured out of the trees wherever they were hiding, came up behind them and wiped them out again and this time just made mincemeat of them and what a great victory. And here's the interesting thing is if you have a look at the end of - we'll start at the end then want to bring out two things in this story. Notice here it says David did as the Lord commanded, in Verse 25, and he drove the Philistines from Geba as far back as Gezer. Now I want you to see this; firstly David was anointed to be king. He was anointed to actually gain back the territories that belonged to the people of God, just like you and I have an anointing of the Holy Ghost and it's a kingly anointing just like his anointing is a kingly anointing. You have got things to conquer this year. You have got some challenges to take on. You've got some things to break through. All of us are called to advance the kingdom of God, see souls saved, people's lives changed, a community touched because if our witness, but for most people you've got to get over yourself first of all. You've got to break through the things that stop you being effective, so for some of you you're just so wrapped up in yourself you'll be thinking I've really got to break out, got to become a friendly person. I've got to become a person who's grateful, a person who's honouring, a person who connects with unsaved people and begins to start to share the gospel with them.

Now I want to show you two things about David in this story and two things that you and I need to put on because it's great to hear he got the breakthrough; I want to hear how I can get a breakthrough [laughs] and you want to hear how you can get your breakthrough this year. The first thing I want you to notice is when the Philistines came up against him, the Philistines came up against him the moment he was anointed king. In other words the spirit world knows when you are carrying anointing and you have faith in your heart and you're determined to do something for God. If you're not determined to do anything for God you're not going to be a bother for the devils. You're already out of the action, but when you make a decision I'm breaking through this year in my life, I'm breaking through this bondage, I'm breaking through this fear, I'm breaking through financially and you begin to pray, prepare your heart, get faith in your heart and a plan together and start to work the plan - you will cause the enemy to worry.

We'll teach on deliverance and on healing principles and how to flow in the power of God through this year and as we teach that if you determine not just to come to a seminar or some teaching but I'm going to flow in these things, I'm going to begin to look for a way that I can minister the life of God to others, I tell you what, you're picking a fight. So this is the thing that we often overlook. There is a very real spirit world. You can come to a meeting, get stirred up but you've got to turn your being stirred up into some actions the next day so that you begin to start to put your faith so it can be practically seen. Think about it. How could your life be different? What is limiting you right now? Is it shyness? Is it fear? Is it inferiority? Is it bitterness? Is it disappointment? Is it inadequacy? What is it? What has got your name on it, it's your giant, it's just a memory because Jesus defeated at the cross but it is holding you back in your life? Wouldn't it be great if you could take it on?

I remember when I went into a meeting, one of the first meetings with Clark Taylor and he preached a message; he just asked this question. He said if you knew that this thing that has been holding you down, holding you back, that if you just persevered and broke through in it your life would change, wouldn't it be worth the battle no matter what it was? I said yes, it would be and I went home and I changed my whole prayer pattern and I worked on myself until I got a breakthrough in that area. That breakthrough has carried me all the rest of my life. The area you break through will bring benefit for others, so David was appointed to win a war. Now here's the interesting thing, when we saw at the start of the story you notice they heard he's king and now they're coming to kill him. At the end of the story he takes over everything that they occupied, so when the devil sets out to try and knock you back, pressure you, defeat you, intimidate you or whatever, here's the thing - God has set him up for a failure so you can enlarge.