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Wilderness Wisdom (3 of 4)

Mike Connell

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So of course when you face yourself in a situation that's really hard, really difficult, first thing to do is to look up to God, to get His perspective on it, to look to the love and the goodness of God; and then resolve your issues, resolve your stuff. Do you know what comes up when you're going through a hard time? Bitterness and anger and judgement, all kinds of things. Well just resolve them, repent of them, bring them to the Lord. Let them go. Forgive, let it go, release it, let it go. Then what He did was, He took what was available and He spoke blessing over it. He blessed it. He didn't speak critically, He spoke well. He spoke life! He spoke into it: increase, provision, enlargement. He echoed what He saw in heaven, and He saw something come as a result of it, and He acted in faith. God's miracle came, and the whole crowd were fed, an amazing miracle of God.

See now what do we do? Well we're just like the Israelites so often; something goes wrong, we get upset and angry and frustrated and flustered, get all kinds of things in our heart, and we're going to make judgements, then try to control the world around us, control everyone. Hey, abandon that! When something's going on, look up: oh God, this is the situation. Show me it from Your point of view. Show me how You want me to respond. Show me heaven's provision, and Lord, by the way, I got a bit negative there on the way. I was saying some dumb stuff. Lord, I repent of that right now. What is in my heart? Take it out of my heart. Let my heart be healed, renewed of the bitterness, and those things that are in there. Lord, I'm going to speak Your word over my situation. I'll speak Your word over that person. I'll speak blessing over them. I'll speak increase over them. I'll speak the love of God over them. I will bring heaven to earth. I will bring Your heart into this earth. It's a choice.

We're called to follow Jesus, and this is the example He set. Isn't it interesting, it said - now what happened in the wilderness was an example for us to learn from. All of those people who continually got bitter and judged and complained, not one of them who did that entered the provision of God. They never transitioned to the provision that God had. I want to transition fully into the new things God has for me. It'll take courage. You do too, I know you do, but why don't you just in your heart say: God, what has been coming up in my life? What has been flushing up out of my heart? As I face difficulties, what's come to the surface? Lord, I'm turning to You. I'm turning to Your love and Your grace, Your absolute wonderful goodness. Lord, forgive me for getting my eyes on people, and trying to figure them out and judge them all. Lord, just let me get my heart back in line with You, and Lord, into a place of grace, so my words I speak are full of grace, full of life, full of blessing.