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Evidence of Your Discipleship (6 of 6)

Mike Connell

Summary Notes

1. Introduction
· Jesus calls each of us to follow Him.
· Mk.1:17-18 “Follow Me and I will make you become fishers of Men”.
· How could we know we are followers of Christ? His disciples?

2. Love: The Evidence of Our Discipleship
Jn.13:34-35 “By this all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”
· Jesus identifies clearly the evidence that we are followers of Christ.
· Note: Not anointing or authority Not Bible Study or prayer
Not position or title Not spiritual revelations or experiences
Not healings or miracles Not visions, dreams, angels
Not blessing or prosperity
· The Evidence: How we relate to and treat “one another”
· Love flows from humility of heart and is seen in practical acts of serving and kindness.
· “One Another” = fellow Christians – members of the same church body, wider church.
· Acts 9:4-5 Saul, Saul – why are you persecuting ‘Me’
Jesus identifies closely with His people – Do to them = do to Me!

3. Love is Practical – Love washes Feet

(a) Key Passage: Jn. 13:1-17 “He poured water into a basin and began to wash the disciples’ feet.”

(b) Love focuses on Serving not Position and Title
Jn 13:1-5 “He laid aside His garments, took a towel and girded himself.
· All the roads were dry and dirty where people walked.
· Feet were usually the dirtiest part of a person’s body.
· Foot washing was the lowest job in the household – kneeling to wash feet.
· Either water was offered and people washed self or a Gentile servant did the job.
· Jesus had revealed his anointing and authority – impressive miracles and power.
· Now he demonstrates the character and nature behind the power and authority.
· He again exposes the pride, positional thinking of His followers.
· He gave up heaven to come to earth – soon he will give up His ministry.
· vs1 He loved them till the end – Love washes feet!

(c) Love is Not Selective in Foot Washing
Jn.13:2,11 “He knew who would betray Him!” Also vs 25-26
· Position minded people are very selective in serving.
- Can you get me ahead? - Do you have influence I want?
- Can you benefit me personally? - Can I use this serving to impress you?
· Judas betrayal caused personal turmoil for Jesus vs21
· Can you serve a person - who harbours evil in their heart?
- who cannot be trusted with money or friendship?
- who is in communication with your enemies?
· Jesus washed Judas feet; Jesus dipped bread and gave it to him.
· Jesus washed the dirt off Judas feet and demonstrated friendship toward him.
· Love is Not Selective and partial – Love is a decision to serve the undeserving.

(d) Loving Service uncovers Pride
Jn 13:6-10 “Lord are you washing my feet? – “You shall never wash my feet!”
· Jesus knelt at Peter’s feet, exposed the dirt and began to wash his feet.
· Peter reacted and resisted Jesus serving him.
(i) Peter’s leadership paradigm shattered – Jesus the leader stooped to the lowest job.
(ii) He was unwilling to submit and receive – “You shall never wash my feet”.
· Jesus held his ground and refused to back down on foot washing.
· Pride wants recognition, position, wants to look good before men.
· Pride resists uncovering its dirty feet and receiving from another.

(e) Love is revealed by Foot Washing
· Love gets involved in the dirt in people’s lives and generously serves.
· Jesus revealed the nature of His Kingdom and its requirements.

(i) Will you let Jesus Wash Your Feet?
v8 “If I do not wash you – you have no part with me!”
· Not literal “foot washing”
· Will you let Jesus have access to the “dirt” in your life?
· Dirt – anything foul, filthy – mud, grime, dust, excrement.
· Dirt – grief’s, disappointments, hurts, offenses, attitudes, defiling words, bitterness and hardness of people, sexual uncleanness.
NB Will you open your life daily to expose to the Holy Spirit – repentance, confess
NB Will you open your life to Jesus in his people washing your feet?
- Speak into your life, correct, confront, hold you accountable.

(ii) Will You Wash the Feet of One Another?
Jn. 13:14-17 “You also ought to wash one another’s feet, for I have given you an example…”
· “I am Lord, I have washed feet – are you greater than Me? Paraphrased
· ‘Foot washing’ is part of being a servant, part of being sent.”
· How are you serving? How are you serving our local church?
· Are you selective? Serving only if it is “deserved” or an advantage personally?
· Have you “moved on from serving” and become self-important?
· Are you involved with the dirt in others’ lives – washing their feet through words and acts of kindness, speaking the truth?

Are You a Footwasher?