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Burnt Stones (3 of 4)

Mike Connell

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When David faced his defeat - he remembered the Lord. Psalm 77, David's in defeat there - he remembered the Lord. All through the Bible, they just got focus back on God, and God lifted their faith, lifted their spirit, and they carried on in the job. Isn't that fantastic? They carried on in the job! They returned to the work. Listen, every opposition of the enemy is to stop you working to do the work of God. The enemy will do anything he can, to get you just to pull out of being involved in building the people of God, and the house of God. If he's got you to pull back, you're basically a stone who's burnt, and who's out of the wall and neutralised. And God's desire is to get you back up again, get you back in, get you into place. God's got a great way of doing that; He connects us in families, connects us together in small groups, puts us together, gets us refocused back on the Lord again, and then encourages us to make a stand, begin to rebuild again.

I want to show you just a simple little clip, we'll just finish with this, really quite inspiring actually and it's about Nehemiah.