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The Apostolic Mandate (1 of 6)

Mike Connell

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Now there are about three significant churches in Taiwan that are having an influence, and between them they have something between 200 and 250 celebrities covering the pop area, the high class quality entertainment area, and then various areas of media and television. I have prayed for them, in fact I had the privilege of praying for and prophesying over the leading actor and singer in Asia, the one who's the most famous of them all, who when he turns out the crowds just come screaming. These people are responding; the gospel is going into these areas, and we need to arise and believe it's possible to do that. So the whole church has got a commission, a mandate, not just to go and win souls, but actually get them aligned and start to shift the whole culture. It's a most exciting possibility, and so we saw how the original commission was given to Adam and Adam lost it, Jesus came to restore it. He commissioned the 12, He commissioned the 70, and then He's commissioned the whole church, and then before they started He said, Acts 1:8, wait until you receive the power of the Holy Ghost to do the work. You have to be anointed and filled with the spirit to be able to do this kind of work.

You can't engage in the realm of the spirit significantly unless you're baptised in the Holy Ghost, and released in the Holy Ghost. Jesus promised that we'd be anointed with the Holy Ghost, and this was necessary for the completion of our assignment. That's why just giftings are not enough, talent is not enough, we need to be filled with the Holy Ghost, need to be filled with the spirit of God. He told us go fulfil the assignment, make Christ known, make disciples, heal the sick, cast out demons, bring the presence of God wherever you go - and we want to help you in these next sessions to understand your assignment, and then how to arise and begin to assert authority. Amen.