The Rest of Faith (3 of 4)

Mike Connell

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It's so easy for it to happen; but imagine if you were to live your life saying: I want to live my life so I'm sensitive to the Holy Spirit at all times; so I'm aware of His presence, and people are aware His presence is with me - what a great way to live!

The ‘plus’ is: peace and joy in the Holy Ghost - wonderful peace, wonderful joy in the Holy Ghost. How great to have the Holy Ghost surround our life.

He is a person. You can learn how to work in the gifts of the spirit; but never build a love relationship, where you are empowered to win in your life. God wants us to win our life, and it only comes by the power of the Holy Ghost working in us.

Closing Prayer

What it is, that God is speaking about to you today?

What did God touch your heart on today?

What needs to shift in your life?

Are there some things that God wants you to do, in terms of: this is the thing you should start, to cultivate your relationship with the Holy Spirit?

Are there some things that you need to put out of your life? What are those things?

Last question: What are you going to do about it?

What steps will you take; so the glorious spirit of God, who's come in to live in you, and abide in you - but still has room to rise and fill you, to empower you - what will you do tomorrow, to allow that to happen?

I've been working for quite some time on my life, to become sensitised to the Holy Spirit; and become aware of the things that desensitise me.

Perhaps there's someone here today doesn't even know Jesus Christ. You're separate from God, but today could be your greatest change, when God gives you His spirit. His own spirit comes and lives joined to your spirit, you become born again and alive.

One of the greatest delights I would have, would be you would experience His spirit in a greater measure, experience Him in a greater measure, to experience Him.

Why don't we just stand together, with raised hands, saying: “Holy Spirit I need You; Holy Spirit, come”.

Let's ask Him, talk to Him - pray in the spirit. Pray. Open your heart to Him right now. This is time for a fresh movement of the spirit of God

One of the great things in moving in ‘Child-like Faith’ is just: letting go control, allowing life to flow with the spirit of God; rather than trying to make people and circumstance yield to us.