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Eternal Judgment (7 of 7)

Mike Connell

Summary Notes

1. Introduction
Heb.6:1-3 “Let us go on to perfection, not laying again the foundation …”
Eternal Judgement is a key foundation in the life of believer.
Judge = to separate, to distinguish, to see through.
Current Judgements – these occur in time:
(i) Principle of Sowing and Reaping – Gal.6:7-9
(ii) God brings discipline to our life – Heb.:2:5-11
(iii) God’s direct intervention in History e.g.
Sodom and Gomorrah
Anananas and Sophirra
Eternal Judgement – judgement awaiting every person in eternity.
- Heb:9:27 It is appointed for men to die once and after this the judgement.
- Eph.2:10 created in Christ unto good works.

2. Accountability for our Actions is Foundational to the Kingdom of God
(i) All of us shall give account of our Lives
Rom.14:10 “We shall all stand before the judgement seat of Christ … each of us shall
give account of himself to God”.
No person is exempt - all of us shall give account.
Judgement Seat = “Bema” = rostrum, place a person was sent for trial and called to account.
Place of judgement used by Roman Empire – Acts 25:10

(ii) What will be judged in our works
2 Cor.5:9-10 “We must all appear before the judgement seat of Christ that each one may receive the things done in the body according to what he has done whether good or bad”.
The issue to be judged is how we have behaved.
Every act good and bad is brought to the light.
Every act has some value or influence.
Bad = 5337 = phantos = worthless, no value.

(iii) The Purpose of this Judgement is Reward
2 Cor 5:10 “…each one may receive the things done”
The Judgement Seat is to determine what we receive.
The believer in Christ will not be condemned.
- Jn3:18 “He that believe in my …not condemned”
- Jn 5:24 “He that hears and believes – shall not come into judgement”
The believer in Christ is judged for purpose of Reward.

(iv) Believers will be Rewarded or Suffer Loss
1 Cor.3:8 Each one will receive his own reward according to his own labour”
v14 work endures judgement – receive reward.
v15 Work not endure judgement – suffer loss but saved.
The Bible repeatedly teaches that salvation is free but that Servants of God are rewarded for the works they have done – their service for Christ.

(v) Eternal Judgement is a Key Foundation
Since all of us will give an account of our lives we are motivated to:
- Centre our life on eternal values.
- Be productive and fruitful in serving Christ
- Remember our life on earth is a preparation for eternity.
- Continue to grow in our relationship with Christ.
- Love people in every situation.

3. How Will we be Judged?
There are several principles that God will use to evaluate our lives. Jesus message was about the Kingdom of God and entering that Kingdom.

(i) Quality – What sort of work?
1 Cor.3:9-15 “…test each ones work, what sort it is”
2 categories of works described.
Our works are tested by fire to discover the nature of them.
To discover the value of our works
- What was the motivation behind actions - Motives
- Did we listen to and obey the Word of God - Obedience
- Were they done in our own strength and ability - Power

(ii) Potential – did we fulfil our potential?
Mt.25:14-30 Parable of the talents – 1 talent – 15 years wages
Each was given according to ability – potential.
Each had opportunity to serve and be productive.
The 2x talent and 5x talent servant both were 100% productive.
They received the same commendation and reward.
Faithfulness is not assessed by what we have but how we use it – how productive.

(iii) Productivity – what quantity did we produce?
Lk.19:11-27 Parable of the Pounds – 3x months wages
Each was given the same amount to work with.
Each had opportunity to serve and be productive.
The King wanted to know how much every man gained by trade.
Each possessed equal ability.
Each was different in their faithfulness.
Faithful = productive.
The more productive servant received greater reward.
Rewards for serving Christ = extended opportunity in Kingdom.
Failure to make active use of talent/pound entrusted is considered : wicked.
Wicked = 4190 = having a negative, hurtful influence.
By God’s standard of wickedness is not just doing evil but failure to do good.
Mal.3:18 “He will discern between righteous and wicked, the one who serves God and the one who does not serve Him”
Outer Darkness = outside, outside the door
= Shade, shadow
Placed for a season of time outside the door in a shadow e.g.
- Mt.22:11-14 Wedding Feast
- Mt.25:1-13 Parable of Virgins – 5 wise entered supper.

(iv) Opportunity – How much opportunity did you have?
Mt.20-1-16 Labourers in the vineyard.
Labourers were employed to serve in the vineyard.
Each agreed to a reward for their labour.
The ones employed later in the day had less opportunity (time).
They received the same reward as the others.
God takes into account how much opportunity.

4. The Great White Throne Judgement
Rev.20:11-15 “They were judged, each one according to works”
A record of our life is recorded in a book – a scroll. It is written in detail; thoughts, motives, actions. Not just your actions but everything concerned with them:
- emotions, thoughts, motives, all displayed.
- The impact or ripple effect of your actions on others.

Book of Life – those who have received Christ.
- Not in book = eternal punishment

Books – your personal life story in detail.
- every sin repented of is blotted out, erased.
- Every aspect of a believers life is judged.

Kingdom – Levels of reward and levels of punishment.
Ps.139:23 “Search me oh God and know my heart today”
Titus 3:8-14.