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The Signs of the End Times

Mike Connell

The Signs of the End Times

The Signs of the End Times

In Matthew 24, Jesus reveals clearly the signs of the End Times, and of His Second Coming.

We see many of these signs being manifested in the earth today. We are to recognise the signs, and prepare ourselves for Jesus coming

Signs of the Coming of Jesus (1 of 3)
How many know that there are global shifts are taking place? Something is changing in the nations of the world. People felt they lived in peace and security; but now there was the realisation that sudden change can take place.
We want to be anchored to the word of God, in this time. God is in total control, and nothing can stop His purpose being outworked. God knows the end. He's got the plan - so get connected and listen to the plan!

The Signs of the End Times (2 of 3)
Of all the people, Christians should be the most positive. Man, we're supposed to be filled with hope! Hope has to do with a great, amazing future ahead of us. We have an insight into what's coming. We just need to search the word of God and find it. We're not to be ignorant of the signs, nor to be afraid of them.

Signs of the End Times (3 of 3)
12 Signs (from Matthew 24)
1) Widespread upheaval - wars and natural disasters across the world
2) Widespread persecution of Christians
3) Widespread offences
4) Many false prophets
5) Widespread lawlessness
6) Widespread corruption and violence
7) The coming of the Lord will be unexpected
8) Restoration of the nation of Israel
9) Narcissistic, self-obsessed people.
10) Cosmic upheaval, and global fear.
11) Increase in knowledge
12) Gospel of the kingdom preached globally.