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Speaking in Tongues

Mike Connell

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So we can teach you a course on spirit life, and great, I've done the course! Give me the certificate! Look - I got a certificate! But a certificate is no use if you remain a spiritual midget. You're a spiritual midget with a certificate.

God wants some spiritual giants! To be a giant, you have to edify yourself, build yourself up, build yourself up; so when you get up in the morning... how many had breakfast this morning? Guess there'll be a few people had breakfast, you want to keep your body going don't you.

How many got praying in tongues? [Prays in tongues] Get your spirit going? First thing, when you get out of bed - leap out of bed, [Prays in tongues] start your spirit going. You can get the breakfast afterwards - get your spirit building, build your spirit man.

You know when you're speaking in tongues, then the words of God are going into your spirit. Your spirit man starts to become stronger, it grows; you grow in strength, you grow in capacity, you grow in sensitivity, the more you pray in tongues.

If you only pray once in a while, how are you ever going to tune in to God? Get in the flow, so the flow's happening; then you start to develop sensitivity, start to feel God working in you, become more sensitive; and then you become a spirit giant! You may be a little person in your physical stature, but the presence of God fills the place around you.

Think about this: the Holy Ghost is dwelling in your spirit; but God wants for the Holy Spirit's influence to invade the physical world around you; and the only way He can invade the physical world around you, is if you shift in your soul and body, and the spirit of God first of all fills your spirit, then begins to start to govern your soul, then flows out into the territory around you.

So wherever you go, people feel the presence of God is with you. See again, there's a bit of a problem if you're waiting for revival. This actually gives you something to do right now, to shift the level of spiritual vitality you have, the life and manifestation of God in you, and then around you.

Revival is like the icing on the cake. It is absolutely fantastic. I just love almond icing, love those - but you've got to bake the cake, and so we need to make the cake. You need to build your life with God - and finally, the last thing is the Holy Ghost - we can speak in tongues, get filled with the Holy Ghost, you start to get filled with the spirit.

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