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Foundations for Fruit Bearing

Mike Connell

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You see, the love they had showed through the act. You couldn't hide it. We couldn't do anything but feel it. There was absolutely no selfish gain in it. There was no way that they wanted to draw attention to themselves. It was just a genuine, authentic act of love; of making a meal, and it changed our lives. See, it's not in the big ministry things that the most powerful impact is made. It's in the simple acts of love, coming out of a character that's aligned with 2 Peter 1: acts of kindness; out of a motive just to honour Jesus Christ.

That day I can tell you this; I'm thankful to the people, but God will reward them. I'm mostly thankful to the Lord, who showed such kindness through these people. I was left impressed with what God had done for us, not with what they had done, and that shows that flowing through it was the spirit of love. That's why we need to grow in love, so that whatever we do, and however we express the life of God, through whatever gifts and whatever acts of kindness; and they're limited only to your creativity what you could do; that in them, the love of God touches lives.

Father, we just honour you and thank you. We thank you for your presence here today. We are feeling so challenged in our hearts that our lives would count; they would count for eternity, and they would count now. I'm asking Lord, that there be a stirring within the whole spirit of Bay City, to begin to start to consider how our lives can be adjusted, and grow to enjoy your love in a greater level, and to express it; love is around us. I'm asking for release of creativity of ideas, and how to bring the love of God to people. I'm asking Lord for an increase of your anointing, that through simple acts of kindness and love, that people's hearts will be transformed. I'm asking Lord that you change Bay City, that you shift us into all the new things you have for us, and that the community be blessed because we are here. Father, we give you all the honour and all the glory.

There may be someone here who doesn't know Jesus. It'd be a great day to receive Him as your saviour. If you would just like to make your way to the front, I'd love to pray with you to receive Jesus, become a Christian who'd respond to Jesus. Believe He died on the cross for you, and to actually actually open your life to partnership with Him, to walk with Him by faith, a great journey, a wonderful journey.

If anyone here is at that place right now, just raise your hand. I'd love to pray with you, love to bless you and help you in your journey spiritually. The others here perhaps today, and God is really speaking to your heart about actually giving yourself to the work of the Lord. God is not unrighteous, to forget your work of love; and that you minister to his people, and continually minister to the people you meet. God wants you to do these things. If God spoke with you today in some way, would you like to just raise your hand so help God speak? God bless, God bless, God bless.

What is in your hand, take it and use it to make Jesus known to people, even if it's just a simple of kindness in some way. Use it to make manifest the reality of God's love. Lets just finish up, we just won't have a big song or anything. Just there's a great atmosphere here. Why not just pray with the person next to you, that God will give great opportunities in this week, to express the love of God in a very practical way.