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Desire, Dreams & Destiny (1 of 7)

Mike Connell

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Here's one of the things you'll learn with God, although He has the big design for you, and He knows the details of it, and foresees the details, He gives to you responsibility for initiative. What is called initiative is faith; I actually get to do something, and make decisions, and make choices, and make plans, and commit my plans to God, and outwork my plans. So you notice - we'll just finish with this quote - in Luke, Chapter 19, when the king went to the far land to return with his kingdom, there's a picture of Jesus Christ coming again, He gave something to all of the servants, and notice what He said to them to do. Occupy, be productive, take initiative until I come, so if the master says take initiative, why do you have to ask Him to tell you what to do all the time? Only young believers have that issue, because they're having to learn to obey. As you walk with God more and more, you are in touch with what's in your heart and in the heart of God, and you delight yourself in the Lord, and the desires in your heart He begins to give you. That's how it all works together.

Father, we just thank You and that You have designed us for greatness. Some of it is in this life, and most of it is going to be in the ages which are to come, but today is a great day for every one of us, an opportunity to connect with the living God, to discover what you put in our heart, to develop those things and to find a way to fulfil that call. Father, I ask that every person in this congregation today would feel the stir and challenge of Your spirit, to awaken and listen to the desires of the heart, to begin to awaken to the dreams, the possibilities that you will put into us. We open ourselves Lord to break out of limitations, religious limitations, theological limitations, cultural limitations, background limitations, world view limitations. We open ourselves to break out of all of those things. We want You to expand our vision and dream, and lift us to a whole new dimension. Father, I just pray that you would in this next few weeks begin to stir a fire that would burn for people to draw near to you, and to begin to discover and search what is in the heart.

Just while our eyes are closed and heads are bowed, the first journey to destiny is to recognise that God has put eternity in your heart, and to make a decision to receive Jesus Christ. You may watch it on television, you may be sitting here today, but today is a day for you to make a decision to receive Jesus Christ. When you receive Jesus Christ you are forgiven, you are connected to heaven, the spirit of God is within you. The kingdom of God has begun like a seed in your life, to be nurtured and to be grown until there's a manifestation in a great way, of the life and kingdom of God through you. What a day to make that decision right now. I'd like you to follow me in a very simple prayer. This prayer is the sinner's prayer, and this prayer would help you to make the first step in a change to walk into your destiny. You've already taken some steps but didn't know it, but today you could make the most important step to begin partnering with God who designed your destiny. I wish someone could tell you what you're made for and what you're called to do, but only the one who made you can really do that. Why don't you join with Him today?

Let's just pray the sinner's prayer together. Father in heaven, I come to You in Jesus' name. I thank You for loving me, for sending Jesus to die on the cross for my sins, for preparing a destiny for me. I turn away from sin, a life without You. I turn to You, the living God. Jesus, I receive You as my Saviour. I receive forgiveness for all my sins. I receive Your spirit into my heart and I give You my life today. Before heaven and earth I declare Jesus Christ is my Saviour and Lord and my friend forever. Amen.