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Shame is an Identity Thief. It steals away who we are. Sin disconnects us from God, and puts shame around our life; but God wants us to be connected, so I can be myself, I don't have to wear a mask. I can actually just be true and authentic and genuine, but I have to learn the skills of building good relationships as well.

Unashamed (1 of 6)
God created man in his image and likeness: strong, loving, relational connections; confident in his goodness and identity; and very creative. He was clothed with God's glory. When man sinned, we lost the glory - shame and fear came in, as a thief stealing our identity and intimacy, by changing how we think. We are still a child of God, but damaged and needing repair. It is time to break the power of shame, address the root problem, and life life again, according to God's original design.

Unmasking Shame (2 of 6)
The message of shame is: I am damaged, I am different, and I am in danger. In Genesis we see man's response to this message, still acted out today: cover (wear a mask); hide (maintain distance); blame (transfer shame to others). Examining a detailed list of the fruits of shame will help us recognise the root. Owning the truth is the first step to freedom. What is worse - falling over, or refusing to believe God wants to get you up again? Whoever believes on Him, shall not be ashamed.

Sources of Shame (3 of 6)
Shame has 3 main sources: Our own sin; Satan 'the accuser'; and the shaming actions of others. Shame is internalised, creating an ungodly belief. Looking at examples of life situations will help us recognise the shame message we have agreed with. These are powerful keys for breaking free. The first is coming to Christ, who bore our shame, and understand our suffering.

Breaking Free of Shame (4 of 6)
A second key in breaking free is to identify our own type of covering, by checking out a range of common 'false identities'. Only when the mask is removed, can we become honest with ourselves, and how we were affected. What was my experience of shame? How did I feel? What message did it give about myself? How did I cover myself? As long as I stay covered, I am open to demonic spirits; but the truth sets us free, through Christ we can break all agreements, attachments, intimacy to shame.

Changing what you Believe (5 of 6)
Entrance of shame into the world came through believing a lie. If we doubt that God is good, we can't really trust Him, and our relationship is lost. Reconnecting with God involves removing our own covering, and putting on God's covering. God's provision for shame is to clothe us with righteousness, and put His spirit/glory back within us. Freedom comes by embracing the truth, from the heart.

Changing Your Behaviour (6 of 6)
We are not powerless or victims. Our lives are the consequence of our beliefs and choices. You decide how you think and react in relationship, and opt in or out. Discover 6 practical keys to change your pattern, and follow the examples of Jesus.