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Dealing with Put-Downs (5 of 12)

Mike Connell

Now let me just give you some simple steps. I won't develop them. There's some things which you can do right now, and there's other things you can't. You've got to make it a part of your life, so let me give you quickly the things you can do, that will help you get out of the put down place, out of the echo within. If you don't silence that echo within, you will stay below your potential in Christ. But if you can silence the echo so that whatever people say, or whatever they do, I don't care about that. I know what God's put in me. I've got a dream. I know what I'm going to do. I'm going to do just what God told me to do. You can't do that they say. Oh, you watch me. Yeah, just watch me! See, Nehemiah said come on down, talk and reason with us. He said no, I've got a big dream in here, I'm going to fulfil my dream. I'm much too busy to come down and reason and talk and argue with unbelievers and scoffers. I'm focussed on a vision and a dream that God has given me! There's no way I'm being diverted and distracted. See, you've got to think that way.

Okay then, so what are we going to do with the things that are inside us? Well there's a few things you've got to do. The first thing is I believe you've got to come to a source. If you don't come to Christ, the source of life, you can hardly ever get over your put downs. What you can do is read a lot of motivational books, and get some good positive motivational messages, and they will help, but they won't deal with the core issue, which is sin. They won't deal with the thing you do need, which is to be grafted into the king of kings and Lord of Lords, a royal family and become a royal person! That's what you need - become a royal person, a royal person, royalty! Something of heaven inside me, I'm grafted into the winner. Man, the devil threw everything at Jesus, and he won it all - and He's in me! Oh, I'm a winner! I've got to be a winner, with that kind of spirit in me, see?

So first, I've got to be joined and grafted to Him, so I've got to choose to believe that God is good, and get connected to Him. That'd be the beginning, because if you don't have a source of something to lift you up, God is always lifting us up. God is always building us up. God is always - and even if He puts His finger on something in your life, it's so He can get rid of the junk, cut the rust out so you can be built up and become strong again. So every now and then you've got to turn up to the Holy Ghost panel beaters, you know? We've had a few accidents. We've had a few funny old cars in our time, and some of them had rust in them. I had one car there, and everyone in the family had dented one of the panels. There were dents in every panel, and once a year we'd take it into the panel beater. The Little Brown Poo they used to call it. [Laughter] It was a brown Mitsubishi Mirage, and it had dents all over it, front, back, left, right. Even the boarder borrowed it one night, and he was driving down the road, a dog ran in front of him, and he dented the front of it. It just seemed to have sort of something about that car you know? I remember shifting it one time, and it seemed to be in the way and I shifted it, and I forgot I'd shifted it. I hopped into my car and I drove back and ran into it, and I dented it as well, so everyone dented it. I tried not to tell anyone. When I came home the kids had all talked. They all asked who dented the car? They came to the conclusion there was only one person possible. I walked in and they all pointed the finger. [Laughter] It was ME!

So we get it in the panel beaters once a year, they knock out all the panels, cut out the rust, put in the good stuff, it's ready to go again. And that's sometimes what we've got to do, to get with the Holy Ghost; let Him knock out the dents, and get Him to cut the rust out. It's not very nice to cut the rust out, but let Him cut the rust out. If you've got some bad stuff going around in your mind, let the Holy Ghost cut it out. Let me give you the keys to it now. Come on, you've got to recognise your stinking thinking. You've got to recognise how you see yourself. You've got to recognise those thoughts. What is it you're saying or echoing inside?