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Dealing with Put-Downs (4 of 12)

Mike Connell

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So here's what happens. When you begin to agree with the put downs, so suppose you're in a family, and there's abusive put down, often it's like men putting down women; sometimes it's women putting down men, sometimes it's parents putting down kids. It goes in all of these forms, but you feel it. You feel the spirit of put down, something sharp goes in and wounds you. Now here's what happens if you come into agreement with it. You will start to interpret all of life as putting you down. You'll misinterpret everything in life, and you'll begin to interpret life's things, that people are putting you down. You come into a church, you think people are putting you down, you think people don't accept you. No matter where you go, you'll have this thing working in your life, you'll interpret life that way. If someone tries to correct you and adjust you, you'll take it as a put down. It's not a put down, it's words spoken in love, to change your life, and help you fulfil your potential.

So when we get into that zone, man we're really in bad shape ,and we can't receive any help, we can't receive any ability to go ahead, so what we need to do is, we need to actually repent. We've actually got to realise, I've been agreeing with the put downs about who I am. I need to repent of it, I need to break the power of those words, I need to forgive the people who have put me down, and start to bless them, and I need to renew my mind, so I agree with what God says, see? He says I'm a child of God! He says I'm forgiven! He says I'm something beautiful, created in His image and likeness! He says I'm an ambassador. He says I'm a gift to this world. He says I have something to do that can change life. God says these things about me! I'm agreeing with what God says about me! I don't care what you say about me. I'm believing what God says about me.

See, unless you start to agree with what God's saying, you'll agree with the put downs. See God is a builder upper, but the devil is a putter downer. You agree with the put downs, you allow the spirits from hell to dominate you, and soon you'll join the ranks of people putting people down - so we have two options; one, we could receive it, in which case if you've received these things and come into agreement with them, you've got to cancel that power, break those agreements, change the meditation of your heart to agree with God. See, and the other thing is that when people do try and put you down, you've got to do something. Jesus walked away from it. Joseph walked away from it. Nehemiah told him, you'll not have any part to do with me. I will not be part of a mocking, jeering, ridiculing, putting down environment, because it breeds a spirit of murder, and that's not what I want to create around me. So the only way to stop that, is to do something about it, got to stand up, and speak out, and stop it.

So if you're in that situation, begin to start to speak God's words, remove yourself from an environment if it's at all possible, where it's negative and putting down, or confront it if it's possible, or if not, trust God to help you walk through it until that season is over, and use it as an opportunity to grow character and excellence in your life. The pursuit of excellence, is the pursuit of God's dream, that we would rise to our greatest potential, and ahead of us, between us and that dream, there's a culture of people that want to put you down. You've got to decide, I WILL NOT be in agreement with the putter downers. I will not be in agreement with that spirit of murder. I will not manifest that spirit of murder, but I will speak words that build. Philemon, Verse 6 says this. The communication or imparting of faith, is effectual when you acknowledge every good thing in you, in Christ. We have to learn to acknowledge the good, acknowledge the things God's put in us, acknowledge what God's put in others, speak words that impart grace and build and empower and lift, and not be part of a culture that's a put down culture.