Withered Hand

Mike Connell

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They came together, and the Bible says: they planned how they could kill Jesus. Isn't that extraordinary, that people who would say that they loved God, and come to worship Him; actually would be antagonistic, and to the point of wanting to kill the one who demonstrated what God was like. That's the nature of this thing that Jesus came to flush out.

If Jesus was to stand here today, He would have the same feelings of anger, when we overlook the needs of those who desperately need the touch of God, and the reality of the spirit of God,, and we're rather in favour of - we criticise and judge; and want position and influence among men. See Jesus was totally against that. He has a heart for people in need.

I tell you, Jesus is here tonight, and He is the same Jesus, as is spoken in that passage there. I'll tell you what, Jesus wants to touch you tonight and help you; so perhaps as you see that story, you can imagine the dramatic change in the man's life. He can go out and he can earn an income, he's not dependent on anyone, he's not longer got any shame. Finally he's out there. This whole thing, everyone can see. He is healed and had a miracle.

Tonight I wonder if there are people here, and your life, a part of it is withered up. Perhaps you're not connected to God at all, and something is definitely not right. You are not fulfilling your purpose from God. You could make a decision tonight to receive Jesus Christ; and enter the kingdom of God; and start on a journey, walking with Jesus, learning how to bring heaven to earth. What a great journey that would be. Perhaps there's something has withered your life; disappointment, a setback, a failure, words that have been spoken, judgements made against you. Perhaps there's been some traumatic situation; perhaps it's just some pattern of sin, and you know you are not functioning right. Tonight would be a good night to come, to stand up and come and stand where Jesus is moving and then stretch and believe that God's with you.