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Shaping Your Own World (11 of 12)

Mike Connell

I've given you the keys to it today. All you've got to do is begin to start to put them into practice, and you can begin to shift whatever it is in your life at this point needs to shift. For some, it may be a poverty mindset. Poverty mindset goes like this; there's not enough, there's not enough. A person can be very young, and be deeply wounded by not having enough. They go to school, they haven't got the clothes everyone else has got, everything is second hand. They get deeply wounded, deeply hurt, begin to think there's not enough, not enough, so they begin to decide I know what I'll do. I'll really make sure I'm never in that position. So they grow, and they work, and they train, and they do very well, and they're really doing well; they've got a heap of money, but you know what their prevailing mentality is? There's not enough! I've seen people with heaps of money, and you know what they're saying to themselves? There's not enough! How much is enough? But the message inside is not enough! They've got a message of poverty, even though they've got all this money around them. Now they need to shift on the inside, change on the inside, and then all their outer world will change. You can shape your world within by the word of God.

Father in heaven, we just thank You right now for Your love and care and kindness to us. Thank you for your goodness to us. Thank You for all that You do, and continue to do. Thank You for the keys on how to change, how to shift on the inside. Just while our eyes are closed and heads are bowed, there may be someone here today, you've been thinking about spiritual things maybe for a long time, and one of the first keys to a significant change in your inward life is to have a relationship with God, through a personal faith in Jesus Christ. The Bible says, people are born into this world without God. We live our life without Him. We try the best we can, do what we can, but the Bible calls it sin, living a life apart from our creator. Jesus came to give us that life, and the Bible says this; whoever received Him, whoever put their trust in Him, He gave the power to become a child of God. So there's something required of us, not just to acknowledge Jesus was a historical figure, but to acknowledge He died on the cross for my sins. He rose from the dead, I have to put my trust in Him. To everyone who received Him, to everyone who made Him welcome in their life, to everyone who put their trust in Him, He gave power to be a child of God.