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Pashat, Drash, Remez and Sod (1 of 4)

Shane Willard

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You've got to understand that European Christianity is filled with largely white men, who think they're smart enough to take a European English concept, and place it over a Jewish theological truth, then try to call it true. And these men, as big as God is, they write books called Systematic Theology, which means this; we have figured out a system that God always works in! Really? You've figured out God? Isn't that something! You're a real trooper!

God is not able to be figured out. He's too big. His word is too multifaceted for us to get our whole head around it - no way; and you know what? Aren't you glad about that? Like seriously, if we were serving a God that we could get our measly head around, wouldn't you be worried you were serving the wrong one?

Here are some good examples. You guys came for some revelation; here's a revelation. The Torah says don't touch your own poop. Pretty good plan right? Why? Because if you're going to be the light of the world, a city set up on a hill, you can't be known as a group of people fiddling with your poop. Right? Pretty unhealthy. Don't touch your own poop. Good idea.

And the word of the Lord came to Ezekiel saying: I want you to cook food, and use poop as fuel. People there would have said: God would never say that - but He did once. And the word of the Lord came to Ezekiel saying: I want you to lay naked on your front lawn, 70 days on one side, 70 days on the other - to get your tan even. God would never say that - but He did.

The Torah says: don't marry Gentiles; and: stone all prostitutes; and the word of the Lord came to Josiah saying: marry that Gentile prostitute. The Torah says: don't eat bacon. In Acts, Peter shows up at the first assembly of God in Jerusalem with a barrel of pork rinds. They say: Peter, you can't do that! Why? Because the Torah strictly forbids it! He said: but Jesus told me I could eat whatever I wanted. They said: did Jesus tell you you could eat whatever you wanted when He was walking this earth? He said: no. He said: I had a dream last night, and Jesus appeared to me in a dream, and said I could eat pork now - and we make a doctrine out of that. Do you realise that with current European Christianity thinking, he would have been cast out as a heretic?

For the church to regain a lot of its credibility, we have to lose our addiction to being right. When you're addicted to being right about something, you are setting yourself up for a disaster. Let me tell you what I mean. Let's say we're Gods, for the sake of example, and let's say I'm a Chairman of the Council of the Gods. Let me say to you: I am bored with you, so I move that we create people. Let us create people and let us use this board to create people with, so we create people on the board. He has a giant head this guy. [Laughter] Okay, let us call them Joe and Jane. For the sake of relevance and time let's say we make them in our image and our likeness. Let's say we give them a similar mental capacity as we do. At the end of the day here's the problem with Joe and Jane; Joe and Jane cannot possibly fathom our world, because they're stuck in two dimensions.

Everything about their world is two dimensional, so let's say I said let us write a book. We will call this book the Bible because we want Joe and Jane to know about us Gods. Let us tell them about our world. Do you realise that even the simplest things in our world blow their mind? For instance, what if I said: Joe, you wouldn't believe my world. In my world I can extend my arm out. Joe says no way! Unbelievable! Jane, God says in his world he can stick his arm out. That is unfathomable!