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Priority of the Kingdom (1 of 4)

Mike Connell

Summary Notes

Priority of the Kingdom
24 June 2007

1. Introduction:
• Matthew 6:33 - “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you”
• “Kingdom” – what comes to mind, what picture? What concept?
• We tend to interpret Bible terms through our culture/experience.
• The Western world has lost the concept of a “Kingdom” – think Democracy.
• E.g.: Thailand = Kingdom E.g.: Tonga = kingdom E.g.: Britain = Kingdom
• E.g.: When we were young we used to sing “God save our Queen….born to rule over us”.
• We need to understand the Kingdom of God or think from culture – Democracy, Tribal.

2. The Focus of the Bible is on the Kingdom of God:
• God’s original purpose for man – a kingdom – dominion.
• Genesis 1:26 - “Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness, let them have dominion”.
• Man was created by God for a Kingdom – for dominion, sovereign rule.
• God’s design for man, key to his fulfillment, to extend the Kingdom of God in the earth.
• When man sinned – he rejected God’s government and lost direction and purpose.
• There’s a search in the heart of man for
1) Purpose – meaning for his existence.
2) Power – the ability to control life and circumstances.
• Man is seeking for the Kingdom that he lost.
• The Bible is about God’s Kingdom and governing earth.
e.g.: Jesus’ Ministry - The Beginning - Matthew 4:17
- His Preaching - Matthew 4:23
- His Teaching - Matthew 5:3
- His Priority - Matthew 6:33
- His Prayer - Matthew 6:10
- His parables - Matthew 13:24
- Matthew 13:31
- Matthew 25:14
- After Resurrection - Acts 1:3
e.g.: Apostles - Preaching - Matthew 9:35
- Philip - Acts 8:12
- Paul - Acts 19:8
e.g.: End Time - Daniel - Daniel 2:44
- John - Revelations 11:15
• We need a revelation of the Kingdom of God and how to operate in its life, power and privileges.

3. Priorities – Key to Success in Life:
• Priority = Putting 1st things 1st – majoring on the major.
• Life is a result of choices, we have decisions daily.
• How you spend your life is reflected in how you spend your time and money.
• Decisions are determined by your priorities – what you believe is important.
• Proverbs 23:7 - “As he thinks in his heart so is he”.
• Priority = The principal thing, the 1st in a rank of importance.
= The primary focus, placing in order of importance.
• When your priorities are right you preserve time, energy, life.
• Matthew 6:35 - “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness…”
• First = Proton = 1st rank, time, order of importance.
• God makes it clear what should be the 1st priority of life and the benefits that come from this.

4. God’s Priority – The Kingdom First:
Matthew 6:24-34 - Jesus’ Teaching about Priorities.

1) You cannot serve two masters – verse 24
• Money – is it you master or your servant?
• People are in conflict over issue of money.
• Money = power – ability to accomplish.
• Pursuit of money competes with the relationship of God.
• God or Money – which one will be first in your life.

2) Don’t worry – be anxious over daily needs – verse 25
• Worry = to be anxious, distracted, divided.
• Everyone worries about the same things – basic needs met.
• Your life is more – much more than this to maintain a relationship with God.
• Your self worth is much more than those basic needs.

3) Number One Priority – Seek First – verse 33
• ‘Seek’ = Pursue after, to seek by thinking, meditating, prioritizing.
a) Kingdom = Highest value must be placed on the kingdom of God.
• Kingdom = NT 963 = Basileia = Dominion, sovereign rule, reign.
• Kingdom = God’s Government, wherever the Will of God is done and heavens influence and value advance.
• Kingdom = Governing influence of a King aver a territory that brings forth his will, purpose, values and desires.

b) Righteousness = Right positioning, standing in relationship with the King.
• Rights = to maintain right relationship and standing with authority so as to qualify for its privileges.
• Promise = All these things = financial, physical, emotional, relationship – added.