Spirit of Mammon (1 of 4)

Mike Connell

Summary Notes

1. Introduction
· Jesus Teachings – 16/38 parables are about finances, stewardship; 10x verses on dollars as on faith and salvation.
· Why such emphasis on finances? Key issue is your heart.
· Mt.6:21 “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”.
· Mammon is mentioned by Jesus four times – one of these is a repeat.
Mt.6:24 “No man can serve two masters – you cannot serve God and Mammon”.
Lk.16:9-13 “Make to yourselves friends of the Mammon of unrighteousness”.
· Only thing Jesus said you cannot serve this and serve God also.

2. What is the Spirit of Mammon?

(a) Origin
· Mammon =NT3126= of Chaldee Origin – Aramaic Word for riches = wealth, greed. Whatever you put your trust in.
· Came from the Syrian god of riches which came from Babylon.
· Babylon =OT894= confusion – God confused the language of the people.
· People of Babylon built their own system to get to heaven – pride, arrogance, self-confidence, independence.
· Babylon - rooted in pride, arrogance and independence.

(b) Key Verse
Mt.6:24 “No man can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will hold to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon”.
· Mammon is a spirit that rests on money and controls people through money.
· God is a spirit being – a person we are called to love and serve. Mammon is a spirit being – a demonic spirit.
· Many modern video games mammon is an evil spirit being e.g. Dungeon’s and Dragons – Arch devil of hell.
· Mammon = wealth (assets, possessions, earnings).
= greed (coveting, desiring more, idolatry)
· Col. 3:5 “Covetousness which is idolatry”.
· OT – Warfare and conflict with false gods Baal, Malech, Ashteroth, Mammon. All demonic spirits had some form of representation in the physical world.
· Money has no power – the Spirit of Mammon has power – demonic power.
· All money has some spirit power on it – Spirit of Mammon (bondage) or Spirit of God (blessing).

3. How Does the Spirit of Mammon Operate?
· Mt.6:24 “No man can serve two masters!”
(a) Mammon’s intention – control your heart and loyalty
· Demonic Spirits all work to turn your heart away from God.
· Mammon desires to have you love, serve and be loyal to him.
· Mammon is opposed to God (antichrist)
Looking for servants – slaves
Seeking to take the place of God in your life
(b) Mammon’s operation - Deception
· Mammon is a spirit – it talks to you. If you listen and believe you will serve it.
· You won’t have enough! You need this! If I had more money I could help more people.
· Mammon promises what only God can give.
- security, freedom, respect, purpose, identity, happiness.
· Mammon entices you to place great value (honour) on money.
People are more valuable if they have more wealth.
· If you believe money has power – you will want to serve it!
· Money – God is a love/hate relationship.
· Many believers don’t realise it but they despise God – blame him when lose money/provision.
· Mammon is a demon – can never deliver what it promises or bring blessing.

(c) Evidences of Bondage to Mammon
Inability to Give Impulse buying
Anxiety – fear over money Bondage to debt
Poverty mentality – can’t afford it Greed – want more
Discontent and ingratitude

(d) Personal Testimony
· Biggest struggles over call to serve God in ministry – issue of money.
· Loss of security – government job, superannuation.
· Loss of income – reduction of wages by 75%.
· Had to deal with fear, shame and learn trust, contentment, generosity.
· Fear for future provision – children, education, clothing, schooling, weddings.

4. Is Money Evil?
· 1 Tim.6:10 Love of Money is the root of all evil = from faith, sorrows.
· Having something in place of God is root of all evil.
· Love of Money is a root that grows in the heart like bitterness and defiles.
· Love of Money = fear to be without money, controls decisions and activities.
· Money has no power – Mammon does.
· Lk.16:9-14 “Faithful in least – faithful in much”.
V9 Make friends of mammon of unrighteousness = seems to imply use money to make friends.
Key Word: When you “fail” = when you die.
Take unrighteous money, redeem it and use it to bring people into the Kingdom of God.
When you die – people from other nations meet you, welcome you, thank you.
God is able to turn money into souls – money is neutral.
· True Riches = people

5. How to Break Free of the Spirit of Mammon?
(a) Repentance
(b) Honour God with the first portion.
(c) Become a good steward of your money
· Faithful in little – God sees what you do with a little and gives you more.
· Faithful in another – first portion belongs to God either keep it or steal it.
· True riches = people. Should be using resources to steward people.