Kingdom Mandate (3 of 4)

Mike Connell

When I was a Catholic I thought I was right, had strong opinions. Then there came a point where I got revelation of my need to be saved. Before that I thought I was. I had an opinion and I was completely wrong - sincere but wrong. Then when I got revelation I realised actually I'm in a desperate condition and I really need Christ. I need to give my life to Christ. See, so revelation, when our eyes are open, positions us then to act wisely and make decisions that change our life and how it works. God's got a purpose for it here. He says that you may know what is the hope of His calling, so there's a lot on that but let me just say this. I'll put it - God wants you to have your eyes opened to His purpose for your life. Why are you here in this world? What are you called to do?

The second thing it tells us, that your eyes might be open to see the riches of His glory in the saints, His inheritance in the saints. So in other words God wants you to understand what He gets out of this relationship with you, wants you to understand that actually - you know the Bible says that children are a heritage of the Lord. God is wanting you to see that what He gets out of this deal, He actually is looking for a family. He's looking to express His fatherhood because He's a Father. So what He's looking for is a family. He's looking for people in His image and likeness who will represent Him see, so He wants you to understand that and to see what it means, what He's going to get out of this. God actually wants to enjoy you. He's created you for His pleasure, so He can enjoy you. So when you have a creative gift and begin to discover the creative gift, He delights in it because you're expressing His creativity. You know, there's nothing I - when [Brighton 00.05.31] came back the other day and he was telling me about what he was doing I just felt so proud. He brought great pleasure, because I saw what we'd put into him now being reproduced. That's what God - God wants you to see He gets something out of this deal, see?

He's not a power freak or anything like that. What He gets out of it is a family. He's about family and see, He wants a family who are like Him. Then it says and finally the exceeding greatness of His power towards us who believe; so He wants you to have a revelation that there are no limits on your life. There are no limits on the life of a believer. Nothing is impossible to Him who believes. In other words He wants you to live out of a revelation that whatever He's called you to do, He's going to delight in you doing it and He'll help you do it. Isn't that fantastic? That would be a message all in itself aye - isn't that fantastic? See, that God wants you to understand what He's called you to do with your life that'll give it eternal value, He wants you to understand how He gains great pleasure out of you succeeding in that, and He wants you to understand how He is alongside you to empower you to be a winner in all of that. Isn't that fantastic?

You see religion will conform people, but this isn't what this is about. This is actually about us discovering our uniqueness; not copying the crowd but being absolutely unique. Ha ha! Don't you love it! It's fantastic. Okay, so we're going to look - I want to just look again at design because everything springs off this issue of design. What something is designed to do is key to how it will operate, so we've got to look at that. Then we'll look at the mandate, so let's go back into Genesis 1 again. I want you to have a look, first of all God's design in creation. Now you've got to remember whenever you make something or create something, something of you is in it. It represents what you're like and so it tells us in Genesis 1, now in the beginning God created the heavens. Notice that's plural, heavens - more than one heaven. He created the heavens and the earth. So if you've created something you're the owner of it, you're [a soul 00.07.36] in charge of it, you do what you like with it.