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The Making of a King (3 of 5)

Mike Connell

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Now you've got to be pretty bold if you can look at what's existing and be able to say actually that's not really what God is after, there's something else He's after. It's temporary, but there's actually something different that He's got in mind. Now that, how did he find that out? Well he found the heart of God. He found what God desires. He found what God delights in, and he was able to write it down in the psalms. If you search the word of God you'll find out things God really delights in and desires. Now when you begin to discover what He desires and delights, you begin to live a life radically different to everyone around you see? Most people thought God was happy if they turned up three times a year to the celebrations and went to church every week. He said that's not the picture. God is actually after something. He's after passionate worshippers who will love Him and advance His kingdom.

He discovered what God likes and dislikes. Have you discovered that? Have you actually taken time to find out what God really switches on about? See when you do you begin to be a person after the heart of God, and you can't get it all off a platform. You've got to actually discover it through time in the word of God and time in prayer and worshipping Him and waiting on Him, and then He begins to share things with you. The Lord shared some things with me and it's like it just oh! Wow, stunning! See, this is what David was like. He was a man who spent a lot of time pursuing God when no one was looking, and he did that up to the time he was 17. So when David was 17 he was encountering God and discovering things about God that no one else knew in his day. How about that? And that wasn't just where his life started. He actually continued all his life pursuing what God is like, and then he totally reformed everything religious in the nation.

I believe we're in a season and an hour when there's a massive reformation taking place in the way people who are connected to God think about God, think about church, think about what they're called to do. Or you're a part of a group of people that just carries on, I'm happy to just do my little bit and go on. I want to be at the cutting edge of what God is doing in the hour today, because David lived back there. The Bible says David was a man after the heart of God; not only after His heart but would be willing to do what God wanted him to do in his day, and so it says the first thing was he had after God. The second thing is he served his generation by the will of God. Now he didn't serve his generation by continuing what they did in Moses' day; he served his generation by discovering what God wanted him to do in the day he lived, and then he passionately pursued doing that.

And that has not changed. We're in the 21st Century, God is still looking for people who will have a heart to know Him. You say I don't know, it all seems so hard. No, it isn't hard. You're in a church where there are many, many gifted people can help you connect with God and begin to grow in your relationship with God, but ultimately it's got to be your desire. You have to want to. He's wanting you to. He's got things to share with you see, and then out of that flows the fulfilment of destiny. He served his generation by the will of God. Destiny means I discover what God has called me personally to do; what is my assignment in life? What should I be doing with my life? What has God called me to do? Now if you can't answer that you're in trouble, you're drifting, and David discovered what God wanted him to do in his day. God had many things for him to do. He totally reformed the whole way worship was done. Even to this day there are a lot of people get upset about shouting, laughing, jumping, leaping, crying, weeping, expressiveness in the church.

But David saw that hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years before anyone else did. How did he get it? He touched the heart of God and found what God really likes. God likes extravagant worship. He likes expressive, passionate people. He loves that. If He loves that I want to be that kind of person, and so he discovered in his day what he should do. In his day he was called to be a reformer. Now you may not reform the world but there's certainly some part of this community God wants you to make a difference with your life. So we're then looking now into what David was like and we saw there were some seasons in his life that each of the cities that he dwelt in was a season in his life, so the first one we looked at was - anyone remember it? Bethlehem. Bethlehem was a season where he was unknown. Bethlehem - he lived in Bethlehem from nought to about 17.