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The Making of a King (3 of 5)

Mike Connell

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He was born there, grew up there to about the age of 17 and the place of Bethlehem, it's always the season in our life where no one is looking what's going on. And in that season you are developing your relationship with God and learning to serve and be faithful in small things with no one looking. Now a lot of people need someone to you know, get your room done, aah aah, you've got to stand over them, try to get them to do that. Listen, that's not the deal. David learnt what to do. He learnt how to fulfil small tasks faithfully, and so we saw some things and then the second place we saw was the season of promotion. Let's go back into the Old Testament again, 1 Samuel 16, and it was his time of promotion. So they were looking - God was - it was his point where God was wanting [to promote him. 00.10.37] We learnt that promotion comes from the Lord, and how did he get promoted? He didn't say listen what I can do; someone else said look God, this is what I notice about this young guy.

Do you remember what we saw that he could do? And these were the giftings, these were the things we found in 1 Samuel 16:18. He was skilful in playing, he developed musical skill. What are you doing to develop your skills? Have you got anything to offer? If you have potentially an ability in an area and don't develop it and remain unskilled, what you can contribute there diminishes. You are called by God to become excellent in whatever skill or ability or thing He's put in your heart as a gifting. Develop it. It's your responsibility to develop. They called him out and they said man, he's really excellent in playing an instrument. He's a mighty man of valour. He's got courage. He's developed his character. He's not afraid to stand up and speak out. Notice it said there he was a man of war. He had a fighting spirit. If something rises up you can guarantee he'll stand up and challenge it.

How did they know that? They'd heard of what he'd done; a bear came, he took on the bear. A lion came, he took on the lion in hand to hand combat. We see these characteristics developed where no one saw but God, so what giants are you facing in your life where no one is looking but God? Perhaps it's a giant of lust. Perhaps it's a giant of fear. Perhaps it's a giant of shame. It may be a giant of rejection. Whatever it is, then challenge that giant and do what David said; when the bear tried to get me I took a hold of him and I slew him, and the Lord helped me. You'll never solve issues or problems in life if you aren't willing to face them and stand up to them. And then it says he was prudent in speaking. He was very careful in how he spoke. He'd developed wisdom, words that actually created impressions and touched people's lives. He spoke wisely, he acted wisely, and it said there he looked good. He presented himself well, and then it said the Lord is with him.

They were aware that he carried the presence of God in his life. Now isn't that amazing if others could say that about you? See, if your face comes up an impression of what you're like will come up, and he established credibility by the time he was 17. How about that? So what have you established about your name and your reputation by this stage in your life? If people were to use your name what would they say? Oh, he's a joker. Whoa, that'll take you a long way. Oh wow man, he's the life and soul of the party, can drink everyone under the table. That'll take you a long way too - but not on the right path. So what are you establishing in your life that you want to be known for so when your name is mentioned people say oh, I know that one? Yeah, boy he's courageous. You want to hear how he speaks. See, the Bible says a good name is more to be desired than silver or gold; more desirable to have a reputation that's good and honourable than anything else.

So then came the season of promotion and he was promoted. He came into a place of immense favour and of course that place of immense favour was also a place where everyone's eyes were on him, and we saw that he got promoted. He slew Goliath. Suddenly he's got national prominence. He suddenly emerges to fame. He has overnight success - 17 years and he becomes an overnight success. Now the thing is this, that whether - if you are impacted by the praises of people you will also be impacted by their criticisms. When people are speaking well of you it's a real test on your character as to whether you'll give honour to the Lord for how you got where you got. We need to be able to actually acknowledge what we've done, but give the Lord the credit. He enabled me - notice what David said. The Lord who helped me slay the lion and the bear will also help me slay this giant.