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The Making of a King (3 of 5)

Mike Connell

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See that he's constantly aware that God is helping him. He's able to give honour to the Lord. Now I wonder how much you're able to honour the Lord for the things you've accomplished in your life? See having a heart that's grateful will help you in that area. Now I want to move on to the next season because seasons in life shift. People are fickle and they change, but even in spite of the fact people change, God always is so consistent. Now look in 1 Samuel 19. Let's have a look - verse 8. There was a war again; David went out and fought the Philistines, and struck them a mighty blow, and they fled from him. So notice he's still on a winning streak. He's just gone out and won a battle. Now he comes into what we call the cave of Adullam. We'll see that in a moment. The cave of Adullam is the season where you are misunderstood and rejected and treated unfairly. Misunderstandings, rejection, injustice; everyone who's going to become a king, a man or woman of God, will have times when you are in the cave of Adullam.

Notice what straight away happened. He'd just gone out and done something good and now the distressing spirit from the Lord came upon Saul as he sat in his house. David was ministering with his music and then Saul tried to kill him. Verse 11, Saul sent messengers to David's house to watch him and said kill him. Kill him, and Michal, David's wife told him saying if you don't save your life tonight tomorrow you'll be killed, so he had to get out and to flee. So you notice now he's gone from being the hero of the nation to experiencing some demotion, and now they just plum outright want to kill him. He's rejected, he's misunderstood and he faces tremendous injustices, not once but many times. Now I want you to see how he handles it because the message of misunderstanding is you don't understand me! I've heard lots of people say that. Young people say it; you just don't understand. No, you're not making yourself clear. [Laughter] Misunderstanding is a part of life and you have to be able to handle it and not need to have people understand you.

We all want someone to understand us - but you don't understand! You need to understand! What I'm saying is you need to understand me! No, no, no, no. Actually you're going to have times in life where people don't understand you and totally get it wrong. Now what goes in your heart, what happens in your life when you're having that season? You know what happens to us? We want to be understood, so we want to rise up and now begin to contend so people can understand us, rather than saying its okay, that God understands and I can rest in Him. If I need to I can communicate - I've been in times where it's like it didn't matter what I said it just got worse and worse. I realised zip your lip - but you don't understand my intentions are pure! I'm just trying - listen, zip! You're just making it worse. Just don't try and explain yourself and justify yourself. It will get worse.

The Lord's the justifier. He can come on your case and sort it out, and the same people who misunderstand you and hate you today can turn around tomorrow and think you're wonderful, and they really now think they understand you - but they don't. You don't have to be understood by everyone. Just let it go. Let go needing to be understood. Just bring your issues to God, see? [Don't understand. 00.18.11] The second one's rejection, so rejection has a message nobody cares about me! I've heard lots of people say that. I used to say it myself, inside my head all the time. You don't understand, nobody cares! That's actually not true, but it's an attack on your inner man where you experience the pain, the feeling and the grief that goes with being rejected. You don't fit in. It appears like people don't want you. That's painful. No one wants that experience. How many have had it already in their life a few times? See, it's a life experience.

How many have been misunderstood a few times? It's life. Come on, get used to it. And there's some times when God actually cranks it up and you've got all of it happening all at once! It's like nobody understands you; you're now all alone, nobody even wants to talk to you. The phone that rang, the texts came have all stopped. Now you are a reject! [Laughter] Of course that's almost like a teenager's terror of being a reject. No matter what happens I've got to not be a reject. I have to fit in! I have to be accepted! No, you don't. You just need to actually go deeper into God. You need to actually obtain your identity and your acceptance through your connection with God, and then it makes you secure so if people don't understand you it's not a problem. If they reject you it's not a problem. You're secure within from the praise of people or the criticism of people, and so how on earth is God going to put that into your life?