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The Making of a King (3 of 5)

Mike Connell

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Come on, just think about it. Well we'll have an altar call and come up and you can pray for understanding or pray for this thing that, you know? No, no, no, it doesn't work like that. God sets up for you opportunities to be rejected and misunderstood to give you a chance to learn how to handle those things you need to be the man God wants you to be, or the woman God wants you to be. So you should be saying BRING IT ON GOD! [Laughter] Rather than [unclear 00.20.20] don't like me, they just - nobody spoke to me. Well did you speak to anyone? See when you've got this issue of needing to be understood or this issue of rejection, what you're doing is you're placing a demand people have got to come through for me. You, it's your job to understand me! It's your job to care for me! Now listen, that's actually disempowering yourself. It isn't their job to do anything like that. It's your job to learn how to face rejection and misunderstanding, and of course the one really gets people is injustice.

The message of injustice: it's not fair! I've heard my kids say that many times. You understand, it's not fair. How many have said that a few times? If I say it will I be rejected? [Laughter] See, but it's not fair, so that's actually the message of injustice, when we're treated unfairly. Now notice what David had done. David had just gone out and he'd defeated the major enemy that Israel had, and now they're rejecting him. That's not fair! He's just gone out to war, fought a battle and he comes back and now the king - he's come back to the king: oh, you should really understand me now and understand I've got a king inside me, and you should really, really love me and embrace me. And instead of that Saul picks up a spear, says I'm going to stick that little boy. Now maybe people don't throw spears but they do hurl words, and words can be like spears. They're like arrows the Bible says that come into you and hurt you. So how many can identify with being misunderstood, rejected and felt unwanted, and injustice, it's not been fair how I've been treated? Is there anyone here who's exempt from that? You're just obviously not old enough to have experienced much of life yet.

Okay, we all can see it's part of life, but actually it's part of life you must experience to grow as a man or woman of God, and God is watching in that season what you do. He watches what you do, so there are things to learn and things to [unclear 00.22.28]. I want you to see the first thing that David did, the moment this thing came and he realised he's going to lose his life if he stayed where he did. Now I believe he's in a highly - what you'd call a dysfunctional, abusive environment and he did the thing that all people should do in that, leave it. He fled from it. God does not expect you to stay in an environment destructive to your potential in your life. You have to position yourself in the place where you are actually able to grow and go forward, so sometimes we have to flee out of things. Sometimes you've actually got to say no. If you're in a group or in a crowd and that crowd - and sometimes they can be like dogs. They'll just turn on one and bite and devour and put them down.

If you're in that you've got to get out of that crowd. That's not good for your health. So there are some times you have to actually move away from situations, but this is what you do need to do. It says verse 18, David fled and escaped, and went to Samuel at Ramah, and told him all that Saul had done. And he and Samuel went and stayed in Naioth. Now what you've got to understand is the significance of this is Samuel was the voice of God to the nation at that time. Samuel carried an anointing and a presence that impacted the whole nation at his day, so what it tells us then is he ran into the presence of God when he suffered injustice, rejection and misunderstanding. Where do you go? Do you go angry and nut off? Do you isolate and get full of self-pity, have a pity party and there you are, all on your own? You've invited no one - and no one wants to come. [Laughter]