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The Making of a King (3 of 5)

Mike Connell

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I've been there many times. Depression comes with it, angry at yourself, angry at what's happened, feeling powerless, self-destructive thoughts come. It's a terrible thing really. But you see he didn't do that. He ran in to the presence of God. He ran in to the presence of God to hear fresh from God for his life. The one thing you have to learn to do when you face misunderstandings, rejection and injustice is reach into the presence of God. You've got to go alone with God and begin to start to worship Him, let your griefs, your sorrows, your injustice go before Him until you come to the place of rest in Him, and then ask Him what should I do? Most people angrily react. They rebel. They angrily react, they get sulky, the get self-pity. They go out and have a drink, start to drink, start to smoke, start to do things. Now you'll find - you have a look at a lot of the issues that young people struggle with now. They're rooted in rejection, injustice and misunderstanding and instead of turning into God they begin to turn in and hate themselves, then try and find a way of comforting through drugs or alcohol or sexual relationships, all kinds of stuff like that.

You have to learn consciously to choose to come with your pain to the Lord, and that was the thing that he did. In psalm - I may have it written down here somewhere - in Psalm 142:4, it says this. It says that I look to the left and the right and look at this, this is David. No man cared for my soul. Then he came into the presence of God and discovered intimacy and God's love and acceptance for him. See, how are you going to reach into the love of God when you desperately need to be loved; don't reach for people, reach into God and begin to start to open your heart to Him. I can remember hours over a period of a long time in facing emotional pain and grief, learning how to worship God and to express the pain and grief of the heart and come in and lay before Him, sometimes on my face weeping, but it just took time. And then I'd begin to start to encounter His presence, hear His words. He'd tell me what to do.

Now you understand that the situations were painful. I wouldn't want to go through most of those again, but they drove me to find and discover God in a deeper way. You have to do that, otherwise whenever there's misunderstanding you'll have to prove you're right. Whenever you're rejected you'll react and reject others. Whenever you have injustice you'll angrily try to beat the others down or prove you're right, instead of being able to come into the Lord and get wisdom what to do. God will give you the wisdom but you've got to learn how to connect to Him when you're in pain, because most of us when we're in pain we're just overwhelmed by the pain. Well get some music, go alone with God, begin to play music and select songs that will work for you. Now that's what I was talking before about songs being a way - music is a way, it's a language of the soul, so certain songs will express emotions and feelings and even the cry of the heart.

Sometimes when we're hurt it's hard to put it in words; what's wrong? Err eww I don't know. Well you've got to do better than that. It's your job to communicate what's in your heart. You've got to take time to get what's in your heart out, and so I found like for example that song Lord, You're My Healer. Now God can heal you in any part of your life, it's not just physical healing. Now the guy who wrote that song wrote it in the midst of being riddled with cancer, with death reports around his life and he wrote Lord, You're My Healer. So that song was birthed out of deep conflict where a person made a decision to come to God and arise with faith. You think he cried? I'm sure he cried. Do you think he wept? Do you think he felt injustice? I'm so young. Do you think he felt rejected? I'm sure he felt all of those things, but he decided to turn it in towards God, creatively expressed his heart in a song.

So a song like that is not like ordinary music. It carries with that something from the spirit of a man that when you begin to play it and allow it to come around, suddenly you begin to find you're weeping because it's saying what's in your heart that you can't quite get the right words for. I find I can't always get the words, but music can help. Praying in tongues can help, and spending time in the presence of God, loving on Him and communicating with Him. It helps to unload the heart and the emotions and begin to develop a much deeper trust in the Lord. If you've ever had a broken relationship and it breaks your heart, where will you go? I remember my heart being broken over a broken relationship and night after night weeping with grief, and struggling to find God in the middle of it. But this is part of the making of a person of God. You have to learn how to handle the issues of life. Instead of whimpering and rolling over and becoming a victim and poor me, you begin to pursue God in the middle of it and then you start to build in your life the qualities that are needed to prepare you for your next season.