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The Making of a King (3 of 5)

Mike Connell

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God is not going to allow these things - you go through the water, it'll not overwhelm you; go through the fire, it'll not consume, because the Lord will help you. See, I know that verse, it comes out of Isaiah, because I needed that one time when the waters were overwhelming and the fire looked like it was going to burn me to the ground. Then I heard God saying I'm with you, I will hold your hand, I'll help you. That's not a verse for me; that's a reality. Understand that? Now that's how you become made as a man of God. You have experiences and what God is watching, all heaven is watching, what will you do with the lemon gave you? Become bitter and sour, turn away, get disappointed, rejected, overwhelmed, offended, or will you just turn into God and become something sweet for others? No shortcuts. There are no shortcuts. No shortcuts to the making of a man or woman of God, this is how it takes place. That's why we have really so few people who actually can make influence or make great changes, because there's a price to pay in your personal life.

God's looking for you. You're the one. You're the one He's got His eye on. All heaven's got their eye on you right now, in the challenge you're facing, the lion that's seeking to intimidate you, the bear that's crushing you. All of heaven is watching whether you'll reach to the Lord and overcome that through His ability in you. We can preach messages, Anna can ring you up and text you, you can be encouraged, everything. But the bottom line that comes down, what will you choose when these things come to you? David chose to go straight into the presence of God. Look in 1 Samuel 22. David then departed from there and escaped into the cave of Adullam. And when his brothers and all his father's house heard it, they went down. Everyone who was in distress, in debt, everyone who was discontented gathered to him. And he became captain over them, about 400 of them. Let me just give you a couple of the lessons you need to learn because I'm starting to run out of time now.

There are some lessons to be learnt see. He went into the cave, so the cave of Adullam is the season of your life which is like a cave. In the Bible natural things often pictures spiritual realities. To be in a cave means you've withdrawn from everyone, you're in a place you're really lonely and it's dark and it's cold and you're miserable. Cave time - and everyone in their life has some cave time, everyone. Cave time is not a nice season. It doesn't need to last. It'll only last as long as is needed for your life to turn and change and develop, and then you're out of your cave. Even Elijah went into a cave. God said what are you doing here? [Unclear 00.32.31] and he starts to come up with all these things, and then God spoke to him in a quiet voice; Elijah, Elijah, and gave him fresh mandate and direction. See, so the cave is an important time in our life. What we do means either we stay in there and rot in there, or we actually grow and come out of it, the cave of Adullam.

So the cave of Adullam is a time to deepen your dependency on the Lord. Notice that David did something else. The tendency is in rejection and misunderstanding and injustice, to become totally involved in yourself: it's all about me! And then you let it all hang out. [Laughter] Everyone knows you're in a bad place. Listen, that's not how you handle it. There's a part you must bring before the Lord, but the thing that'll get you out of it is if you do things David did. He went into the presence of the Lord; second thing was he maintained concern for others. Notice he went and he got his parents and family and brought them too, because he was concerned that they would be killed. Even in his own pain he stopped to think about what could happen to his family, and was concerned about his family's welfare. We find if you read on a little bit further there was another city called [Kealla 00.33.45] and the people were being maraudered by the Philistines.