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The Making of a King (3 of 5)

Mike Connell

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He said Lord, I want to help them. See, there's something in his heart, kingship's in his heart. It's in his heart. It's in his heart. He saw these people and he's [unclear 00.33.58] I've got to do something about it God, just give me a yes and I'll go help them! See, he didn't act impulsively. He asked God, enquired of God and got direction, and God said go up. His men said don't do that, listen, listen! We've got enough problems of our own. Why go making more problems, stirring up the Philistines and trying to help some people? What are they to us anyway? Listen, David had a different heart. He carried in him the heart of a king and a king, no matter what pain they're going through, is still thinking how they can do what God called them to do. I've discovered this over the years. Most people I've watched quit quit when the pain came instead of actually bringing it to God and then staying where they ought to stay and doing what God said for them to do. They quit.

Seen youth leaders quit, pastors quit, people quit marriages, people quit all kinds of things. They quit when they're in pain rather than use the pain as an opportunity to fire them into the presence of God, learn some new things and still keep looking out. You've got to keep looking out, or you'll be consumed with your problems. So he helped his family, he helped these people and did he get thanked for his help? Now listen to this. The Bible says Saul heard where he was. Now you see he delivered the city and after he's delivered the city everyone says oh, you're great. Come on in Dave, we love you. Dave, you're a great guy, come on in. Bring your soldiers, we've got a feast for you. Saul heard about it and brought his armies towards them and David did this; Lord, Lord, you know what people are like. What are they going to do? Are they going to look after me or are they going to betray me? Are they going to stand with me against Saul now I've helped them out, or are they going to turn on me like dogs?

God said they're going to turn on you like dogs. He said you'd better get out. You understand, he never needed the favour of people to make his decisions. People are fickle. People are fickle. Today they love you, tomorrow they've got an issue. Today you're wonderful, tomorrow they've said something behind your back. That's people. Get over it, it's life. But what you need to do is say God, what should I do? Now listen, in this situation he asked God whether these people would be his friends or not - quite good for you to talk to God about your friends. Some people look like they're friends, they all say nice things to you today, but tomorrow they could deliver you up just as easily. So you've got to listen to what God is saying about people. He says some things and He can tell you what's in people's hearts because He knows what's in their hearts.

I've known people go into business with someone and I think did you ask God to go into that or not? They had their mind made up, they went in, their wife was trying to warn them. Later on it was a disaster. They never stopped to listen. David listened. He listened and that got him out of a potential trap that could have taken his life. You see this comes out of in the midst of his pain and his sorrow, he came into the presence of God to learn how to express to the Lord, and then secondly he actually asked God what to do. He got involved with people, helping them, but he never let his life be delivered into their hands. And Jesus was the same. It says He didn't commit Himself to these people who thought He was wonderful because of the miracles, because He knew what was in their heart. He knew they'd deliver Him up. The people that are saying you're wonderful today could tomorrow deliver you up and betray you.

You've got to listen to God and let your roots go into God, and accept sometimes people do things that hurt us. It's part of life, but when you're set in the Lord you can get over injustice, over rejection, over these things that have happened. So we see there what he did. He didn't react. He didn't get angry with them. He didn't stand there: listen, well you lot, you know what you can do! I've just helped you out and saved you and this is how you're going to treat me? They didn't even know what was in their own hearts, but God did and He positioned David so he never had to have that issue. There's an awful lot of pain you could free yourself from and not have to face if you ask God about relationships before entering in too deeply to them. God knows how people will react under pressure, so why don't you ask Him if He wants you involved in partnerships or relationships, or ask His direction because He knows what they will be like. He knows how they'll respond. You've got to listen to Him when it comes to these things.