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The Making of a King (3 of 5)

Mike Connell

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I've had over the years all people say, lots of people say lovely, sweet things but the Lord said don't trust that person because there's this, this and this in their heart, and when the pressure comes this is what will come out. You say oh, that's not very loving. No, that's very wise, see? We're to love the world. That means you do what's best for them; you act in a way that's godly towards them, but trust everyone? No way. You're not called to trust everyone; you're called to give trust to people who prove trustworthy, and God has got a few things to say about that. Now I tell young people you would save an awful lot of pain in your coming life if you could handle your issues the way David did. He went into the presence of God, discovered a place of comfort and friendship with God that enabled him to get over injustice, misunderstanding and rejection.

In the middle of his own pain he still had the heart to fulfil his course and care for people and help them, and he listened to God before entering into any relationships and it saved him. The last thing that happens and I won't go into these stories, but there were two opportunities. Someone really treated him badly and he was about to go kill them and he listened to good advice, and then thanked them for advising him well. He ended up marrying the lady because she gave such good godly advice. There's a second situation where he's in a cave with Saul and his friends around him said listen, this is the day that God has delivered your enemy into your hands. Why don't you get up and kill him now, get this over with? You'll become the king, Saul's out of the way, our problems have stopped. He said God forbid that I should take his life. He refused to touch someone who had treated him [justly. 00.40.10] He said God set him in that place; let God sort him out.

God saw that [attitude. 00.40.16] You know twice David faced that same test and the crowd was saying - this is what the crowd said. The crowd said oh ooh, now's your chance, get him! This will be over. Knock him out of your way and then it'll be over! And David said no, the Lord forbid I should do such a thing. I'm trusting God to get me where He wants me to get. That brings us to the final thing and it's this. No man can steal your destiny, but you can mess it up by not responding to God. Saul was never able to kill him, in spite of trying and using all these soldiers, everything at his disposal could never kill David. There's no one can stop you getting where God wants you to get, but you can stop yourself by getting wrong attitudes and not responding right to God. The season of misunderstanding, rejection does not last forever, but it's preparing a king for his next place in the work of God.

If you're going through that why don't you make a decision, I'm going to change how I respond to it and behave differently. I'm going to do these two things; one, I'm going to bring what I have to the Lord and press in to His presence to listen to Him, to hear His words, to be encouraged in my faith. I'm going to release and bless the people that have done this, and I'm going to keep focussing on my commitment to the destiny and call of God. I will continue to help people. I won't become bitter. There have been times when I have come through that gateway there, overwhelmed with personal grief at what was happening in my life, and I made a statement to the Lord in the 100 metres from that roundabout there through to that gate. When I cross that gate I'm going to fulfil my call and I expect you to take all the grief from me and anoint me to do what I need to be doing.

See, God notices that kind of thing. You didn't notice that, but God did. You understand? You couldn't have done anything about the pain or couldn't have done anything to help about it. I could have quit and given up, been overwhelmed. But Joy and I stood together, pushed into God and said we'll still continue to serve the way we're called to serve. That's the heart of a king. That's the heart of David. Jesus was called the Son of David. That's the kind of man that David was; Jesus was even identified with him, same kind of person, same spirit.

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