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The Days of Caesar

Shane Willard

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In my last prayer this morning, I talked about building a throne, and there can only be one king. The Bible says that as we worship, we build a throne, that God is enthroned upon it.

Do you realise that in a kingdom. there's only room for one king; so wherever Caesar is lord in your life, when you build a throne for Jesus Christ in it, there's only room for one king - and the oppressor leaves.

Who's oppressing you? Is Jesus Lord, or is the oppressor?

3) Who are you oppressing? Who are you guilty of being Caesar in their life (maybe by our apathy)?

The last question I want to ask, and this is the most important question is:

4) What does your coin say? What does the coin of your life say?

If I was to ask the 10 closest people in your life, if you could sum up the motto of that person's life in one sentence, what would it be?

Does your coin say: my oppressor is lord? Does your coin say: my anger is lord?

Let me ask it this way: if a Buddhist monk from China, or Cambodia, an educated Buddhist monk, who had memorised all the teachings of a rabbi named Jesus (just because he wants to be educated) - if he looked at a video of your life, would he know that you're a follower of Rabbi Jesus? Or would he think you're a follower of: anger, rage, resentment, malice, slander, filthy language?

If we looked at a video of your life, what does your coin say? Does your coin say: anger is lord? Does your coin say: rejection is lord? Depression is lord? Emotions are lord?

What does your coin say, because the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ is: those things don't get to be lord - Jesus gets the last word.

Whatever the coin of your life says, is what is getting passed around your community - and that is what is affecting everybody else.

We can be a group of people that our coins say: Jesus is Lord - and not just lip service; our lives say: Jesus is Lord - and in that, we become kingdom people; because Jesus gets the last word, and not Caesar.

I bless you tonight to know that in Luke 2, when Jesus decided to be born in one of the worst times in human history - Jesus conquered death, hell and the grave. But bigger than that for us today, Jesus conquered Caesar.

Do you realise that 100 years from this point, Christians are ruling the place? By Constantine – Constantine is going: yeah, Christianity is the only way.

Christianity, the way of Jesus Christ, conquered not just death, hell and the grave - but it conquered every oppressor in our life.

I bless you today to know that you can go home tonight, knowing that whatever your coin said before, it doesn't have to say it now. You can be delivered from all those things, because Jesus is Lord, and He wants that to be on our coins. Let's pray together.

Closing Prayer

Now Lord, You're the best. You're the best, like truly the best.

We just stop and we repent for having something else on our coins. We repent Lord, for living life in a way that: we get to go to heaven one day; and phooey on everything else. No, You called us to a better life.

Forgive us God, for not being the people who carry the coins that say: Jesus is Lord. May the coin of our life communicate to the world around us that Jesus is Lord - not by necessarily tracts and witnessing and all that stuff - but by our lives, the way we respond, the way we talk, the way we act, our compassionate, gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love light. May that be the case God.

Lord, I pray for whatever's oppressing us, that it would be released now. If there's someone who's being oppressed of the devil in his entire way, I pray that just right now, as I'm talking, that You would release them from that hold, that that stronghold would be released from their life, and a deep inner knowing, of knowing that Jesus is Lord of this situation - that deep inner knowing, would just settle over us now.