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Bowl or Birthright

Shane Willard

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Do we live like there's no higher calling for our life - a higher calling to be called into the image of Jesus Christ, to live what His destiny is for us?

2) This pattern simply leads us from living from urge to urge.

Is your life defined from living from bowl to bowl; or is it defined by something larger? Do you find yourself giving in to the bowl, all the time? Do you find your eye's getting hooked to things, all the time? 'edom, 'edom - and then when that wears off you get another 'edom, 'edom. Then when that wears off you've got another 'edom, 'edom, red stuff, red stuff, red stuff, red stuff, red stuff, red stuff?

Some examples: sexuality, walking too close to the line of urge to urge. The hunger drive and the sex drive are the two biggest drives God gave us; but it can also be a bowl.

How about: the urge to talk about other people badly, to slander other people, to talk about all the negative things people are going through? We profane them, when God made them in righteousness and true holiness; and they're going through something, but we profane them. It's an urge that we have.

How about taking no regard for what we put in our body? One more piece of cake, it's an urge - it's the 'edom, 'edom. Yeah, I'll start my diet tomorrow, 'edom, 'edom. Red stuff, red stuff - I'll die without that piece of cake!

And how many of us have ever been in that situation where you resisted the piece of cake - and you actually felt so much better that you did? Once we eat the piece of cake, we always say: I shouldn't have done that. When I take something into my body, which can rob me of my birthright, we simply live from urge to urge.

Esau failed to live with a sense that there was something greater to his life. Esau was convinced, and what we get convinced about is: we'll die without it! It's the 'edom, the red, the life source - I'll die.

What good is my birthright to me? I have to have what's in that bowl! He was so convinced he would die without... beans! After he sold his birthright, Jacob gave him some lentil stew - Lentils are beans

A teenage girl came to my office, 16 or 17, and she thought that if she crossed the line sexually with him, it would make their relationship more meaningful; because she was convinced she was in love with him; and he was in love with her; and she thought by crossing the line sexually, that it would make their relationship better - and plus the normal urges, the 'edom, 'edom - and so she crosses the line with him sexually. Then after it's over, she looks over at him and thinks... beans! It was just beans!

Anyone who's ever lived for the next hit in an addiction - you live for it, the 'edom, 'edom - I've got to have it, I'll die without it. Then you have it, and after it's over, it's just beans.

The husband who thinks he might die without the next drink, so he takes it, and he ruins his family - and it's just beans. The mum who thinks that they have to yell, and talk down to their child to get things off their chest - they yell, and they desecrate their child, and they take all their dignity away - but at the end of that, it's just beans.

The person who has to just have the new car; I have to have the V8. Chicks dig the V8. I have to have it, so you go to the car lot. If you're a car salesman, listen - I grew up around the car business, I’m not making fun of you. I'm just telling you, at the car lot, car salesmen are trained professionals at 'edom, 'edom.

You NEED this car! Chicks dig the car! You deserve reliable transportation, 'edom, 'edom, 'edom. You trade every bit of financial peace you have, to buy something that's going to lose 50% of its value in three years - and you're going to pay 9% interest on it. Whoa!