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Download AudioThe Fire In You 49.6Mb Dave Connell 2-May-21
Download AudioDon't Curse Your Crisis 54.1Mb Dave Connell 25-Apr-21
Download AudioAuthority 12.0Mb Dave Connell 11-Feb-21
Download AudioPower to Change 73.7Mb Dave Connell 27-Dec-20
Download AudioA Starting Point for Sonship 67.9Mb Dave Connell 1-Nov-20
Download AudioStand for Righteousness 80.8Mb Dave Connell 13-Oct-20
Download AudioAwaken and Stand 57.8Mb Dave Connell 27-Sep-20
Download AudioOf Relationships: Covenant & Love 67.7Mb Dave Connell 13-Sep-20
Download AudioHold On, Hold Fast 49.4Mb Dave Connell 6-Sep-20
Download AudioUnderstand our Assignment in Life 67.5Mb Dave Connell 16-Aug-20
Download AudioProsperity, Moving Forward 80.5Mb Dave Connell 2-Aug-20
Download AudioCalled By God 71.0Mb Dave Connell 29-Jul-20
Download AudioWill You Be Ready? 58.2Mb Dave Connell 12-Jul-20
Download AudioRunning with Horses 60.2Mb Dave Connell 14-Jun-20
Download AudioPentecost Sunday Dave Connell 31-May-20
Download AudioDave Connell 84.4Mb Dave Connell 26-Apr-20
Download AudioHeavy Hearts 85.9Mb Dave Connell 19-Apr-20
Download AudioDave Connell 80.6Mb Dave Connell 5-Apr-20
Download AudioCome Together 146Mb Dave Connell 22-Mar-20
Download AudioGet Your Lean On 80.2Mb Dave Connell 15-Mar-20
Download AudioGod Strengthens Your Heart 58.7Mb Dave Connell 9-Feb-20
Download AudioThe Freedom of Faith 76.8Mb Dave Connell 6-Feb-20
Download AudioPeople of the Spirit 73.3Mb Dave Connell 2-Feb-20
Download AudioPastor Dave Connell 83.2Mb Dave Connell 19-Jan-20
Download AudioPastor David Connell 62.9Mb Dave Connell 22-Dec-19
Download AudioBreak The Stalemate 54.7Mb Dave Connell 1-Dec-19
Download AudioMake Your Life Count 78.1Mb Dave Connell 24-Nov-19
Download AudioA Shift of Power 59.2Mb Dave Connell 17-Nov-19
Download AudioWhere Are You Looking 63.8Mb Dave Connell 10-Nov-19
Download AudioFullness of Joy 104Mb Dave Connell 27-Oct-19
Download AudioRun Your Race 95.0Mb Dave Connell 27-Oct-19
Download AudioResurrection Life 89.2Mb Dave Connell 13-Oct-19
Download AudioRemember 68.0Mb Dave Connell 6-Oct-19
Download AudioEnter In 77.4Mb Dave Connell 24-Aug-19
Download AudioOur Voice 102Mb Dave Connell 21-Jul-19
Download AudioSound The Trumpet! 91.4Mb Dave Connell 7-Jul-19
Download AudioThe Trumpet Sound 96.7Mb Dave Connell 30-Jun-19
Download AudioThe Consecration Process 62.1Mb Dave Connell 21-Jun-19
Download AudioA Hope for the Lonely 106Mb Dave Connell 16-Jun-19
Download AudioNo eye has seen 54.1Mb Dave Connell 19-May-19
Download AudioA Heart and Mind to Build 70.4Mb Dave Connell 21-Apr-19
Download AudioThis is Love - Easter Presentation 74.8Mb Dave Connell 21-Apr-19
Download AudioEve of Greatness 83.1Mb Dave Connell 24-Mar-19
Download AudioThe Way Out of Despair 79.5Mb Dave Connell 17-Mar-19
Download AudioThe Impact of Giving 76.3Mb Dave Connell 10-Feb-19
Download AudioReach Out 68.6Mb Dave Connell 2-Feb-19
Download AudioA Spirit Of Hospitality 70.4Mb Dave Connell 2-Dec-18
Download AudioIt's Time To Make A Change 66.7Mb Dave Connell 18-Nov-18
Download AudioRise, He Is Calling You 57.0Mb Dave Connell 28-Oct-18
Download AudioMake It To Your End Zone 56.5Mb Dave Connell 30-Sep-18
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