A comprehensive guideline to how to move in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Contents include:
1. Apostolic Reformation
2. The Gifts of the Spirit
3. how the gifts work together
4. Believers can operate in all the gifts
5. believer's responsibility concerning the gifts
6. Three ways of supernatural operation
7. How miracles are released
8. How to hear the voice of God
9. Why some people struggle to receive
10. How to activate the gifts of the spirit
11. How to test revelation
12. The gift of prophecy
13. Diverse kinds of tongues
14. Interpretation of tongues
15. The word of wisdom
16. The word of knowledge
17. Discerning of spirits
18. The gift of faith
19. The gifts of healing
20. The working of miracles
21. Keys to ministering in the spirit
22. Practical guidelines for ministering to people
Contents of the manual include:
1. The Apostolic mandate
2. Understanding your spiritual 'metron'
3. How you exercise spiritual authority
4. Exercising authority in your personal life
5. Your authority to minister to people
6. Strengthening your spirit man

A. Keys to ministering in the spirit
B. Practical guidelines
C. House cleaning
Mike's complete notes on Deliverance & Healing.

Contents include:
1. Apostolic anointing and ministry
2. How demons enter and oppress people
3. Curses and how to deal with them
4. Breaking bondages
5. Casting out spirits
6. Healing the wounded heart
7. Ungodly beliefs
8. Ministering to people
9. House cleansing

Discerning of spirits
1. The Design And Functions Of The Human Spirit
2. The Need To Develop a Strong Spirit
3. The Benefits And Blessings of Praying In Tongues
4. Meditation Upon the Word Of God
5. Engaging The Presence Of God
6. Waiting Upon the Lord
7. Process Unresolved Issues of the Heart