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Ten Commandments (1 of 6)

Shane Willard

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To understand your walk with God, to have some cornerstones to your success, you cannot understand the Ten Commandments outside of this axiom: God wants to marry you, leaven and all.

Pentecostals for years have said: you have to get the leaven out your life, for God to use you!

Should you get the leaven out of your life? Absolutely! It's because it's the best life, to get the leaven out of your life; but that is pointless as to how much God feels about you. God wants to marry you, leaven and all.

The whole point of Pentecost: is oil flows through leaven. Aren't you glad that God uses ‘leavened’ beings? That the whole point of the Ten Commandments is: God, wanting an intimate relationship with a group of people, who are slaves to something.

What are you slave to? What's your slave driver?

If God touched your life tonight, what would be gone tomorrow? What would it be? What's your slave driver?

It's about: me and you, and God's determination to marry a group of people with heavy-duty issues - and make it work.

It's about: God teaching me and you, what it's like to have our dignity back; for our opinion to matter; for our image to be restored; to have dignity.

God wants to marry you - leaven and all.

No matter what you've done, or where you've been, God is determined to make it right for you; and that is what the Ten Commandments is all about.