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Ten Commandments (1 of 6)

Shane Willard

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Another example – smells! Women like sweet-smelling stuff, like: flowers and perfume, oil, candles. Two women can go into a candle shop and sniff wax for an hour. Girl, check that out! Ain't that - that is some sweet smelling stuff right there. They just can do that stuff. You give a woman some flowers - the first thing she does is smell them. You give a man flowers - he smells $70. That's all he smells! Women like sweet smelling stuff - it's in them to do that.

Men like ‘stinky’ stuff. You'll never see two men in a candle shop going: hey Billy, check that new white-lilac scent out. Now that is something special, right there! Bob, I'm gonna tell you: that is some sweet smelling stuff! You'll never see men do that – never!

Men like stinky stuff though... You have a man, and he plays a rugby match in the rain - and there's blood, and there's mud, and there's sweat - all mixed together on his shirt; and he's got to get to a business meeting really quick after it, so he runs into the locker room and showers. He puts nice clothes on. He takes all those muddy, sweaty, nasty clothes and he puts them in a plastic bag, and he ties it off and puts it in the boot of his car. Three months later... he's looking for something in the boot of his car, and he sees that bag and remembers what's in it. What's the first thing he's going to do? He's going to open it and he's going to smell it!

That's men - and if there's any other man around he'll say: “hey man, check that out. That's ripe right there, and I'm gonna tell you.” Men everywhere owe each other courtesy sniffs - if I smell Hamish's dirty clothes; and then later if I have something - he's got to smell mine, because I smelled his. That's why, if you're ever at a red light, and you see four guys in a car, and three of them have their heads out the window, and one in the back seat laughing - it's just somebody cashing in on his courtesy sniff.

That's all that is, because men like stinky stuff. There's nothing funnier to a group of men than something stinky happening. Women like sweet smelling stuff - not wrong, just different; and so to curb, to try to increase the effectiveness of marriage, we would sit down and talk about our basic boundaries before we got married - that became our marriage contract. She could put anything in there she wanted, and I could put anything in there I wanted, so long as we both agreed; because: “how can two walk together, lest they be agreed?”

Then once that was agreed on, that became the rules of our marriage; so if after marriage, if one of us broke our deal, it was called: ‘marital unfaithfulness’. You would go through a four step process to prove it: one-on-one; two-on-one; spiritual-leaders-on-one; and then discipline. This marriage contract became the ruling force of our marriage.

The whole Bible's about a wedding... After it was agreed upon, we would: sign it; then stand and face each other, and..

I would say to her: “I go to prepare a place for you; that where I am, there you may be also”.

She would say: “when will you come back, to receive me unto yourself?”

I would say: “I do not know the day or the hour, but when my father approves the wedding chamber, he'll send me back, to receive you unto myself.”

So when Jesus is saying this stuff, everybody there is going: God still wants to marry us? This is unbelievable! I want you to think about the Ten Commandments in terms of a marriage contract.

“You should have no other Gods before Me” - if we're going to be married, I've got to be the most important person in your life. That makes sense doesn't it? Let's take God out of it for a second... For a marriage to work: the husband has got to be the most important person to the wife; and the wife has to be the most treasured possession of the husband, right? It's the only way for it to work.

“Don't make idols” - if we're going to be married, you can't carry pictures of your old boyfriends around, because that's going to hurt my feelings. We’re not going to do that, alright!