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Apostolic Anointing and Ministry (1 of 5)

Mike Connell

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So you notice Paul encountered the woman, the woman was hanging around. Now, you couldn't see the spirit, but he could feel the influence. It was making it very hard going. Do you ever notice some church services, how hard it can be? Ever ask the question I wonder why it's hard? This is the house of God, we come to worship God, God's here - why is it so hard? Because there is spiritual pressure and resistance, and you have to overcome it. Where does that come from? It comes because people come under demonic influence through the week, and they come to church, and they're still living under it, and they haven't broken out of it, so we have to stand up. You have to stand up, and believe what God says, and learn how to walk in the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. We'll share with you things a bit more about that. So this man, Paul confronted the demon, and overcame it.

Okay then, so the last thing we want to share on this, is that the apostolic anointing is a breakthrough anointing, so that's a wonderful thing to know, it's a breakthrough anointing. Let's have a look in Micah, Chapter 2, Verse 13. Here's what the verse reads. It says: the one who breaks open will come up before them; They will break out, they will pass through the gate, they'll go out by it, and their king will pass before them, with the Lord at their head. Wow, isn't that a fantastic scripture? That word breaker, the word that refers to breaker means literally, the one who bursts out, who breaks through limitations, breaks through obstacles, and the one who is the greatest breaker of all is Jesus Christ. It doesn't matter where He went, He always broke through, always got a freedom, always got release in people's lives.

He said: the one who breaks open will come before them, or the breaker will come before them, and then they will break out. So you notice Jesus Himself, there's nothing the devil sent against Him that He didn't overcome - overcame it all. Pressure, misunderstandings, confusion, opposition, resistance, betrayal, people lying, people trying to catch Him and accuse Him, all that. He overcame everything, and it says: if we align and follow Him, we also will overcome, we'll also break out, and we just need to learn how to do that. So it says: they will pass out through the gate, and go out by it. In other words we will carry authority and dominion in our life, provided our lives are under the headship of Jesus Christ. To be under His headship means, I intentionally align my life to be in agreement with God and His word, so in the whole area of deliverance you'll find, probably the foundational aspect of it is, we have to get people back into alignment with Jesus Christ and His word, and break their agreements with other things that have given legal rights to demons to enter them. Then they can break through, and we'll show you a little bit about what's required to do that.

So the breaker anointing, is an anointing that enables people to break out of spiritual resistance, spiritual limitations, and to get breakthroughs, not only our own life, but in the lives of others. Now of course the first place, if you're going to minister to anyone, is to get a breakthrough in your own life. How many could identify there's things in your life, you feel man, I need to break through? I need to get a breakthrough in that area of my life. It could be an area in the way you think, could be a reaction you have in life, it could be some habit you have in your life. There could be something that is containing you, or restricting you. How many can identify there's something I need to break through? How man? There's a whole heap of people here. That's fantastic.