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Apostolic Anointing and Ministry (1 of 5)

Mike Connell

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Why don't we just now, why don't we just stand up and why don't we just lift our hands and our voice and pray in tongues, and let's begin to ask the Lord for a breakthrough, that a breakthrough will start this weekend, and we'll carry on. Shall we do that? Then we'll just take a little break together and come back for second session. Are we ready? Okay, let's just start to pray in tongues. [Prays in tongues] Halleluiah Lord, we lift our voice, we pray for breakthrough, break out, release from limitations, release from hidden bondages, hidden fears. Lord, we ask for Your spirit to move powerfully and mightily upon us over this weekend as we come to worship You and honour You. Come mighty spirit of the Lord, come and flow in us and through us, in Jesus' Mighty name. [Amen.] Amen, amen.

Why don't we do this on the count of three, just give a clap offering to thank the Lord in anticipation of that breakthrough? Amen. One, two, three [applause] thank You Lord, halleluiah. Wonderful Jesus.