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The Prayer of Kings

Mike Connell

The Prayer of Kings

The Prayer of Kings

When Kings Pray (1 of 2)
No matter what I've gone through, no matter how hard it is, I know this; my life is in God's hands. I know that God is about His business of bringing me into my destiny, and I know whatever He dished up, whatever came my way, whatever troubles I had, whatever pain I had, whatever setbacks I had, he said it is working for me. It is helping me to grow into the fullness of what God wants me to be. It's bringing about in my life an increasing knowledge of Christ, an increasing awareness of His power, and His anointing in my life. That's a fantastic attitude to have isn't it aye? That's a faith attitude! That's the attitude of a king. It's a positive attitude based on the word of God.

The Prayer of Kings (2 of 2)
How many know you're royalty, you're born into a royal family? When you and I give our lives to Jesus Christ, God puts His own spirit and DNA into us. We become changed on the inside through experiencing Christ. We become royalty, part of a kingly family, and of course we need to keep remembering who we are. That's why he keeps saying here you are, you are chosen, you're a generation chosen by God. You're not a nobody, a nothing. No matter what happened last year, no matter what struggles you had, what pressures, what difficulties, what challenges, today is a new day for God's chosen people. Today and this year is a year for great things for you. I can tell you for certain as you start this year, God has great things ahead for you. He has great things ahead for us. Whether they come about, of course, relies on us making good decisions, and connecting with Him.