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When Kings Pray (1 of 2)

Mike Connell

Summary Notes

1. Introduction

2 Cor. 4:16-18
“We do not look at things which are seen but at things which are not seen…”
Many people in 2010 experienced pressure, pain, challenges, and unexpected difficulties.
Each of us chooses how we respond – this prepares us for the next season.
Pressure and pain can lead to great personal enlargement.
Those things are “working for us” – to fashion, shape, and make one prepared.
What do you focus upon? Pain or Possibilities?

2. Prayer of Kings

1 Chron. 4:9-10
“Oh that you would bless me indeed and enlarge my territory …..”

(a) Jabez Prayer
· Jabez = 3258 = Sorrow, Grief – named because of the sorrows around his birth.
· Honourable = 3513 = Kabad, glory, to be weighty, substantial.
· Jabez stood out from circumstances and people because of heart attitude.
· Lord enlarge my territory; Lord expand my influence and dominion.
· The prayer of a King – cry for God’s favour in abundance!
· Enlarge = 7235 = to multiply (Gen 1:22) to increase in abundance.
· Kings long to expand their territory and influence – extend their Kingdom.

(b) Your Territory = your Life and Influence
· Your territory is invisible (your heart and inner life) and visible (your influence).
· Your territory includes {It belongs to you; your authority is recognisable; you have freedom to operate.
· Invisible - Heart Visible - Skills
Attitudes Family
Emotions Relationships
Hesitant Finance
· Eph 3:20 “He is able to do more exceedingly abundantly than we ask or think”
· What areas of your life will you determine to possess and enlarge territory?

(c) Simple Keys
i) Pray consistently for enlarging territory – Mk 11:24
ii) Clarify the areas of your life you desire to enlarge
iii) What must you do to make these changes?
iv) Set new priorities – develop new skills
v) Accept new opportunities to serve e.g. Caleb – Josh 14:12
vi) Fall your giants – “Bread for us” Num. 14:9 Caleb
vii) Recognise and respond to Holy Spirit promptings
e.g. Moses – Exd. 3:3 “I will turn aside and see …”
e.g. Philip - Acts 8:29 “Then the Spirit said to Philip .. so Philip ran ..”