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The Rest of Faith (1 of 4)

Mike Connell

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[Joy] …in their thirties...

[Pastor Mike] ...I could see them quite clearly, all the details about them; and it was interesting just to connect - I've never had an experience like that.

Three of our children have, but I've never had it, so it was quite interesting. We also met a grandchild that we'd lost through miscarriage - and he recognized me as well.

Also I met with Jesus carrying our latest grandchild that was miscarried, and so we had quite - I had an interesting time in the spirit, just as an overflow of what everyone else was getting.

It was the very last meeting, the very last night before we quit and went home, so it was quite a touch of God at that time.

[Joy] It was interesting. Even the very first meeting, even without praying for anybody, people were lying on the floor being delivered, just coughing up spirits, furiously coughing up and nobody had even touched them.

We went to 3 churches in Singapore, had known all of them for about 20 years, but all had different needs. The second guy had come out of a Brethren background; and enjoyed very strong community penetration, awesome church, done great things. But they'd also kind of gone a little back into their Brethren ways, and forgot that they need to lean into the Holy Ghost more, and it suddenly dawned on them that actually yeah, we need to be also fortified and strengthened, into not trusting in our own efforts, but into leaning into God, so that was a great connection.

Then we went to a family camp in Malacca. Again it's church events for a major transition. It was good for us to see it. They hadn't had a camp for three years, because they had a radical change, lost a lot of people, but radically changed, and now there's new life there, new vision, new direction.

The whole place is quite different, and poised for a whole new season. I thought it was amazing. One lady just had strong prophetic word over the church, spent quite a long time just prophesying; and when the pastor stood up the next day, it was like you were in their board meeting. All their big dreams and visions, were all kind of spelled out, and your prophetic word over the church.

It was very helpful for them. They got trained and equipped in how to move in the spirit. They got delivered. They got a bit of everything actually, six sessions over two days, but it was a great re-launching of that church into their next season ahead, and it was great to be part of it.

[Pastor Mike] So thank you for all your prayers, been outstanding. We just honour the Lord for what He's done. It's fantastic, but let's give the Lord a clap, just thank the Lord, thank You Jesus for all You do, we can never out give You.

Praise the Lord, but we live here so here's the place to build. Amen. I love what God's doing in all the nations of the earth, but there's nothing like our nation here. We need to keep believing God and stretching for lives and souls to be changed and touched. Isn't that right? Amen to that.

There are some great things God is doing. I got a connection with the man who took me over to Asia, and I was interested to find out what he'd been doing…

He's in his seventies now, and he said: working up in Ethiopia. We've got a whole move of God taking place in Ethiopia, massive persecution, but there's also a massive work of God.

I said: when you say massive? He said: oh yeah, there are just miracles, like the New Testament. They walk in, and they just line up in queues for hours to come, and they just get New Testament miracles.

I said: so what's your role in there? He said: oh well, we're equipping the house groups, because the church is multiplying through houses there, all over the nation.

I said: define multiply. He said: well I've got about 240,000 groups (laughter) that we're working with.

He said: that's just in that nation. We're also working in other nations, so I thought: oh man! Just when I thought I was going well, and a 74 year old man revs me up, so I thought it was great.