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The Rest of Faith (1 of 4)

Mike Connell

I felt the Lord say He wanted to heal her, and that He wanted to touch others as well; so I got her up after we were introduced, and thanked her for her courage in sharing so personally, and just honoured her for being so courageous.

We just prayed for her, and the Holy Ghost just came on her, she had a massive release in her life - it was extraordinary, and was out to it for quite a long time.

Because she'd been so courageous, I just felt to reach out to anyone else who was involved in same-sex relationships, had these affections, had issues of brokenness, that had resulted in that kind of trouble. I think we were staggered.

You can't believe the difficulty for Asians to come out in the open about this, and yet there was such an atmosphere of love, that they just streamed to the front.

We had people from wall to wall. Then the presence of God came on them - even before we even started to pray for them; and just a spirit of love, and they began to break and weep and weep and weep.

A lot of women, some guys; and some of them had been abused, homosexual abuse or lesbian abuse; some had just entered these relationships; and God just amazingly set people free.

It was just a powerful, powerful time, and I haven't been in a meeting like that before, where it was such an intense love of God, that enabled people to be so open about what they were struggling with in their heart.

So we had just amazing numbers of people set free, and those kinds of meetings were happening every day. Every night we were there doing evangelistic meetings; so we had hundreds come to the Lord, and multiple hundreds come up in altar calls for ministry. It was just amazing.

We had others there that we'd ministered. Everyone we went to, we'd known for a long time, and the fruit is all starting to manifest in their life in quite an amazing way.

One guy there I've worked with, some of the prophetic words I've had over his life, it's just unraveling now; and he's in enormous favor, financially doors opening into China. His churches are growing and expanding, multiple churches since we've prophesied over him, and he's just taken the prophetic word and worked with it. God has particularly enlarged that, and so again we have extremely accurate prophetic words over him.

Then we went up into Singapore, to a range of other churches we've worked with. We worked with one, the very first church I went to, at the beginning, in about 1990 - my first church in Asia I went to. We've come back to revisit them this last year and a half too, because they need a whole number of things.

They need reviving in the things of the spirit, which has been happening; and they also need a total fresh leadership change in direction, which is similar to what we're experiencing here.

So we were able to help them in a whole number of ways, and work with them, and just amazing presence of God just coming. It was just - the thing that surprised me this time, was how easy everything was. There was no effort, no struggle, no difficulty in getting breakthroughs in every meeting; and on the last night, with the worship team, in that particular church - we had like an open heaven, and people came into encounters. They were just lying on the ground, out-to-it on the ground - a whole number of them had experiences with God.

We're seeing more and more and more of that, and in that particular time I had, as I was leading them - normally you can't sort of get involved yourself, when you're trying to lead the meeting.

But this time I felt the Lord say: “just step in”; and so I began to step in too; and then had the most amazing encounter - the moment I just stepped into where we were leading everyone, I just had an encounter.

We had two miscarriages, many years ago; and I met with both of the grown-up children; I just saw them straight away, and knew them; and they began to talk to me. Then Jesus spoke with me for a little, and He began to just lay out some things He wants me to focus on and do, in the coming season in our life. So it was quite an extraordinary time, so I saw two of the children we'd miscarried at the age they would now be, identifiable...