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Legacy (1 of 4)

Mike Connell

Summary Notes

Legacy 28/01/14

1. Introduction
Gen.13:15 " Lift up your eyes now and look from the place where you are….for all the land that you
see, I will give to you and your descendants forever"
God is an intergenerational God…He thinks and plans generationally.
God intended the inheritance that was given to Abraham to be cultivated and passed on
God even established laws that ensuring inheritance was restored if it was lost. Lev.25
Both Old and New Testament abound in references to legacy.
The process of passing on spiritual inheritance is called discipleship 2Tim.2:2

2. Legacy: what is it?
Dt.29:29 "The secret things belong to The Lord, but those things that are revealed belong to us and our
children forever, that we may do all the words of the Law.
God establishes and builds His Kingdom by revelation…whatever He reveals to us ISPs to change that
way we live and to be a legacy to be passed on generationally

2.1 Definition:
Legacy is anything that is handed down from the past as a gift to us
Legacy can be tangible…money, property, buildings, accomplishments
Legacy can be intangible….wisdom, values, beliefs, experiences
Revelation…things that are revealed to us by the Spirit of God are eternal in nature and are intended to
benefit us personally and also for the benefit of others.

2.2 Spiritual legacy
Truths that God reveals are intended to change that way that we live our life
Revelation is not just for us , it is for successive generations
Jesus lived his life with the vision of a legacy left for all generations to come

2.3 Generational building
The next generation can freely receive what the previous generation built by their efforts, sacrifice, and
hard work.
The next generation must pay the price to build on, and enlarge what they receive.
Gods intention is that we give the next generation a head start…they build upon our shoulders

2.4 Legacy is for descendants
Children= OT 1129…. Builder of the family name
Every believer is called to be a builder….to advance the Kingdom of God.
God gifts all believers with spiritual gifts with this in mind 1Cor.12:7
Every believer is called to build our heavenly… fathers family. Sons are builders!
Relationship is foundational to legacy natural and spiritual
You build upon what you have received from being spiritually fathered

2.5 Legacy can be lost
Gen.25:34 "…sold his birthright to Jacob….thus Esau despised his birthright"
Gen.27:34" …he cried with an exceedingly great and bitter cry, and said to his father..Bless me - me
also oh my father"
Financial legacies can by easily lost by neglect or poor management
Spiritual legacy can be despised and traded away when it's value is not recognized.
Many fail to recognize and value the legacy passed on by natural and spiritual parents
They enjoy the blessing but fail to honor the source and build upon what they have been given.
Loss of legacy can lead to great bitterness and grief (Esau)

3. Movements of God in history
Acts3:21 " heaven must receive(Christ) until the times of restoration of all things which God has
spoken by the mouth of all His prophets since the world began"
3.1 Revivals
Progressively through history God has brought revivals. In all the major revivals truth was restored to
the church.
Eg. Martin Luther 1500s ,
Anabaptists. 1700s,
John Wesley1800s
Pentecostals 1906,
Laying on of hands 1948
Charismatic Movement 1960s
Christians paid a price to receive and live out those truths.
Many were tortured and put to death for the very truths that we can accept so very freely
Eg. Salvation by faith, water baptism by immersion, baptism in the Spirit
We need to see what God is doing in our hour and build forward upon the sacrifice of previous
generations of believer

3.2 Restoration
Eph.4:11 "and he himself gave some apostles, some prophets, some,evangelists, and some pastors and
teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of

Progressively in the last 50-60 years there has been a restoration and emphasis of different ministries to
the Body of Christ
1950s Evangelists
1960s Pastors
1970s. Teachers
1980s. Prophets
1990s. Apostles
The next great move in the 21st Century is the day of the saints.
God is moving to release his people into the community to bring Heaven to earth in the different
mountains of culture
It means change! It means activating the people of God into their callings
The church is not the kingdom….it is a community that prepares people to represent Christ and to
advance his kingdom
Problems arise when believers:
a) think the church is the kingdom
b) think they have fulfilled Gods requirements by attending church
c) become consumers expecting Church to meet all their needs
d) consume the legacy won by the lives of others instead of being productive and advancing .

4. What God has Built into Us
The things that God has built into our lives over years become our spiritual DNA and legacy
It is made up of the seen and the unseen. What is seen are the blessings and river of gods favor and life
that flows out to touch many
What is unseen is what is built into our life over years choosing to respond to God

4.1 Inward Motivation (Unseen)
Matt.6:33 "Seek first the Kingdom of God…."

4.2 External ministry (Seen)
Luke 4:18 the Spirit of The Lord is upon me…"
The ministry flow to others that comes from the secret life with God
We paid a price for this to be built into our lives….a price to obtain and to hold and build
It didn't just happen! We made choices some big, but most small and daily.
We received from men of god and build upon what we received and enlarged it
Cf. Matt.25:8-9 " the virgins….go and buy from them that sell"… pay the price

4.3 Dimensions of the Spirit that we carry
Praise and worship Deliverance and healing
Strong prayer Developing the spirit man
Hearing the voice of God Spiritual Warfare
Faith Global missions
Prophetic ministry Grace/generosity
Father heart of God. Kingdom Authority

5. Personal Application
1. What has the Holy Spirit been speaking to you about in this session?
2. What have you received by way of a natural legacy? Eg. From family?
3. How are you building this into your life?
4. What have you received as a spiritual legacy from other believers?
5. How are you developing this, and passing it on to others?
6. What sacrifices have you made to hold and develop spiritual legacy?