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Key Principles Related to Eternal Rewards (2 of 12)

Mike Connell

Here's another one:

“...and some believers will shine like the sun, and others will not”.

In Resurrection Glory, there will be a difference.

1 Corinthians 15:41-42 - “One star differs from another in glory, and so will it be in the resurrection.”

Go out at night and look at all the stars. There’s bright, shiny stars; and little ones, very faint ones - he uses that as an illustration. For example, there's one star there, the Pistol Star, which is 10 million times brighter than our sun! That's really big, its mass is 100 times greater.

Just as the stars vary from one another, in their brilliance and their glory, so it will be in the resurrection. The degree of honour, and glory, and majesty, that we have in the resurrection - that will be determined by the life we live now. It will be directly related to what you do, and what you overcome, in life.

No two believers are going to be the same. Everyone, while you're in this life, have got an equal chance; but once you get to the gate... then you can't make any more decisions on that one! Some believers will enter the wedding feast; some will not. We saw that in Matthew 25:10-13. Some go into a time of celebration and joy and intimacy with Jesus; some do not.

In another verse, Matthew 25:21 - some believers will be commended; some will not. Some will hear the Lord say: well done, you were faithful in a few things - I put you in charge of many; others will hear: you were ‘wicked’, and you were ‘lazy’ - and you can't be here!

Here's another one, in Luke 14:10 - some believers will receive ‘great honour’; and some will not. “When you're invited in, go and sit in the lowest place; and when he who invited you comes, he can say: ‘friend, go up higher’. Then you'll have glory in the presence of those at the table with you.” He's saying: just start off serving, and let God lift you up.

Some will be considered worthy; some will not. Some will attain the prize of a high calling; some will not. In the coming kingdom, there will be different responsibilities, and positions of authority. Everyone will have their own assignment.

Think about this... In the nation of New Zealand, how many cities are there? How many towns? There's many! All of those will require people in roles, and positions, to bring about reformation and transformation. There's going to be millions and millions and millions of roles to fill; and the role you fill will be determined by how you live on the earth now. Everyone has an opportunity! Everyone has the opportunity!

Matthew 20:26 - “If you desire to become great, become a servant. If you desire to be first, be the servant of everyone. Just like the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve, and give His life a ransom for many.”

What will make you ‘great’ in the coming kingdom, is: your heart attitude - a heart of humility, and meekness, and serving… and everyone can do that! Everyone is unlimited in their faithfulness - you determine the limit. If it's a gifting, like music; or gifting with business; or gifting with finance - if it's something like that, then we might feel: “oh man, that's not fair, I haven't got enough, and others have got more”. But when it comes to the issue... it's just about your heart; and about your faithfulness - then everyone's in the running.

Finally, there's different kinds of rewards, in the millennial kingdom. There are many! There's about 18, mentioned in the Book of Revelation; so rather than do a list of them, I felt I'll just touch on them in a bit more detail in another place, another time. Many of them are mentioned there; but perhaps the three most important ones, would be these:

1) Eternal Intimacy with Jesus - a deep intimate connection; and our level of intimacy, or connection to Him, and fellowship with Him, will be determined by our life here.

In Matthew 25, we saw the ‘wise virgins’ - some went into the feast; some didn't.

2) The second, and this one is a major one, that is spoken of, is: Eternal Authority. Of course, that also means: Eternal Responsibility, as well. Eternal Authority; and what that means is that, in the coming kingdom, God has responsibilities for us. Your life now, is just your preparatory service. Your real assignment comes in eternity - in the millennium! Whatever you're doing now - it's all about your preparation; you can handle disappointments, the setbacks.