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Key Principles Related to Eternal Rewards (2 of 12)

Mike Connell

For example, with one of the churches, He commended them for many things; but He said: I've got this against you - you've left your first love. In other words, they're busy in church, and busy doing things... but the passion, the fire, the love... their first commitment to Christ had gone; and you see that with many people!

Our desire is that we understand Eternal Rewards; and that we are greatly motivated by the prospect that everything I do is seen, and visible. Therefore, because it's all visible...

What words am I saying? Are they bringing life or destruction?

What are the motivations I've got going on? Is it love of God flowing through me, or am I reactionary, reacting, retaliating?

Is there unkindness in my heart? How am I serving the Lord?

Am I connected to Him in passionate worship? Am I serving Him to the best of what I can?

Remember, it's not ‘perfection’ that He's looking at. He's just looking at a heart that's towards Him. He's not looking at the individual acts as much as - although they're all recorded. He is looking at: what is the arc of your life? If you keep getting up, keep moving back, keep reaching out, keep going forward... then you qualify for reward.

God, who knows our lives, knows what we've done in secret; and will reward us openly, before all people, and everyone will then know what kind of life you lived on earth - what kind of passion you had for the Lord, and how faithful you were in what you did.

It's an incredibly motivating teaching, around eternal rewards, because you realise then... if you're hurt, knocked back, set back, disappointed, things go wrong... then it's okay, I can turn to the Lord. He will comfort me and strengthen me. I will deepen my relationship with Him, and I'll carry on. What people do, won't stop me. If failures come, I'll just get up and keep running again. Amen!

Closing Prayer

Father, we just pray right now, that the words we've spoken, will find a resting place in good ground; that Lord, each one that hears this message, will feel the fire of the Holy Spirit burning in them - to renew their first love; and to passionately serve You; and to the run the race - to win the prize, that's laid before each of us.

I pray, Lord, for every member of my family; that Lord, they'll catch a grip: that there's an eternal prize to be won; and will live a life that honours You, and qualifies them for: “well done, good and faithful servant”. Amen!