Slave or Son (4 of 4)

Mike Connell

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Second thing is you'll notice he blames. This son of yours wasted your money, so victim people blame everyone. You find someone blaming, they've got a victim thinking. The blame - oh well, you know, it's because of this, because of that. Oh well, you know it's not my fault. No, NOT MY FAULT! Very, very strong victim, okay. Here's the next thing. He said I've served you many years. What was he hoping? Why was he serving many years? He was hoping to be able to have a party too. He said I wanted to have that party too, I've served you many years. Notice he's passive? There's no record he ever requested anything. There's no record he ever came boldly to his father and said dad, can I have this? He just was passive, so when people have got the older brother mentality here's what they kind of think like; I'll just work and hope that God notices me and people notice me and they meet my needs. I'll tell you now, it's never going to work, never ever ever, yet people do it. I've done it.

So he's hoping. The next thing you notice is resentment. Resentment and bitterness are in the heart; you never gave me - I've worked so hard. I've been a good Christian. I come to church, I tithe, how come he suddenly got blessed and promoted? I've been tithing all these years. How come I never got - it just hasn't worked for me. There's a bitter resentment against God, bitter resentment against anyone going ahead. This is a sign of victim thinking. It's a sign of a person who has an orphan spirit, that they've got no revelation of love of the Father. So what else does he come up with? He says - here it is - this son of yours - judgemental and fault-finding. So you find when people have got this problem of victim mentality they find fault with everyone else.

You hang out with someone and they're always right and they blame everyone else and they don't tell you really what they're up to, they have no plans and they're just sort of passively waiting hoping that one day I'll get lucky? That kind of stuff isn't going to happen. It doesn't happen. It's typical victim mentality, judgemental, fault-finding thinking. Finally, he refused to take personal responsibility for his dreams.

What he had was a dream and a vision of something with his friends and he took no responsibility for that dream to be fulfilled, so when people have a victim mentality they do not own their dreams and plan how they might accomplish their dreams. They hope somehow it'll come about magically. That's victim mentality. In the church it works like this: there's dreams and desires and they're never vocalised. There's no plans made. They just pray and hope that one day God will do something and it'll all just come together somehow, lucky lucky, blah blah, Amen. It doesn't happen if you've noticed.

It just doesn't happen that way. Nothing happens that way. If you have dreams and desires you've got to bring them out into the open and talk to Father about them. Then get planning and taking responsibility and ownership for them. You make me feel so angry! No, I don't make you feel anything. Actually your feelings are all yours. That's victim thinking. Well you made me late. No, I didn't make you late. You were late all on your own. ... [Laughter] ... You understand? It's in the culture to think that way and under it is a generation without fathering that have an orphan spirit that's been abandoned and need to be shaped in their heart and their thinking to be a king.

This young man flushed the - he just flushed it out, so he failed to understand the grace and goodness of God, how to position himself to receive it. He failed to actually break out of his victim thinking. He was thinking if I just serve a long time it'll all work out good for me somehow. The result was he felt lonely and isolated, bitter, resentful. There was no joy in his serving whatsoever. Now you've probably heard people with victim speak. I want you to think about this because out of the mouth the heart speaks, so here it is.