Slave or Son (4 of 4)

Mike Connell

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If you've heard someone saying things like this - here's a few tick offs - if you heard someone thinking like this I can tell you now it's a victim thinking. If you hear them say this kind of thing: It's not fair - victim! You should have a little - you know those gas horns? It'd be quite good to carry one around. They've got that tank of gas that's got a little horn on it and you just push the button and when you push the button it goes WHAAAAAA! Like that you see - so when someone says it's not fair WHAAAAAA! I hear victim speak, you know, or it's not my fault WHAAAAAA! There it is again, victim speak's all coming out. You've probably heard it. It says I can't - WHAAAAAA! There's some victim speak - of course you can, you've never tried! What have you done to prepare yourself? Have you got any advice? There's all kinds of ways through. You don't have to have 'I can't' - you've never tried. How much have you tried? See?

I shouldn't have done that - WHAAAAAA! Victims always speak of what they should have done, could have done, might have done, ought to have done, but people who are kings don't think that way or talk that way. Servants always live under the law. No one listens to me - WHAAAAAA WHAAAAAA WHAAAAA! Heard that one a few times! ... [Laughter] ... Take responsibility for your communications. Learn to make yourself clear. Check out whether people understand you. Don't go saying no one listens to me. It's nonsense. You have an inner belief of a victim that no one will hear you and blow me down, life works out according to your beliefs. Well done! ... [Laughter]

You know, you want to change you've got to break out of that thinking, you've got to break down that internal thinking. I'll give a couple of more. Nothing I do is ever good enough. WHAAAAAA! I hear some victim speak here again. Dear Lord. Here's another one - you'll love this one: I don't have enough time. WHAAAAAA! WHAAAAAA! WHAAAAAA! Listen, that's victim speak. ... [Laughter] ... Do you have a 24 hour day? Then you've got time, it's just what you do with it's different, that's all. Don't have enough time, what nonsense. You ask a busy person they'll get it done because they can make time because they manage their time and they don't have excuses like I haven't got enough time. We've all got 24 hour days, seven day weeks, 365 day years. You just decide what you do with your time. You don't have enough time means you just spent it on the wrong things.

Here's another one, you'll love this one. Young ones, you'll love this one. My life sucks! ... [Laughter] ... WHAAAAAA! Big long blast, victim blast. Come on! That is just so bad, my life sucks. Your life's the sum result of all your choices. Break out of victim thinking. Take responsibility. Some of you are already angry ... [Laughter] ... I can feel it. I can see it in your eyes, the look. Sorry, I'm just saying what the Lord's been saying to me. ... [Laughter] ... If I have a bad day, oh it sucks! WHAAAAAA! Sorry. Better attitude needed here, break out of that stuff. I'll give you the last one. You'll find this one in a church. This is very much in a church: no one around here cares about me. ... [Laughter] ... WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Get outta here! ... [Applause/Laughter] ... That is victim speak.

Kings don't talk like that. Nobody cares about me?! Lot of nonsense - just projecting out onto the world your own belief system. If you believe no one cares about you, great, welcome to your world. You'll find no one cares about you is exactly what'll happen. [Laughs] They'll walk past you - ha! - and they don't care, don't seem to care. Actually they do care. It's just there's something that you're radiating out that's defiling everything around you and making your world become just like you believe in your heart. See?

So we could probably come up with some more. You could probably think of a few of your own. How many know someone who's said one or other of those things? ... [Yes!] ... You all know someone. Right, just carry around and horn and if you're a leader you should get one of those gas horns and carry it around. The next time you hear someone, especially if you're in your leadership team and they do that, just one loud long blast. ... [Laughter] ... Aaghh! Snap them! Now what was that about? I heard victim speaking and I don't like victim speak! You're trying to suck me into your negative world and I refuse. Kings don't go into negative victim worlds. Kings challenge them how to break out of their slavery, so it's a matter of thinking different things.